Which character(s) would you like to see have a solo song next season?

  1. I’d be surprised if Gina didn’t get a solo, as the new female lead. I hope she gets to sing more than the past 2 seasons in general tho

  2. As much as I hate Lily I will admit she has a beautiful voice. I think Lily should sing “Monster” from Frozen the Broadway musical regardless if she is cast as Elsa or not I think she should sing it.

  3. Olivia Rose Keegan's voice is so beautiful. I'm kind of disappointed her character is a guest star and not recurring because she probably won't sing again...

  4. Corbin will be singing at least one song because he posted about it on his story months ago I don’t know if he is getting a solo or not.

  5. We don’t know for sure if it’s his last season as a main character he might still be a main character in Season 4 if we get a Season 4 because he might end up going to local college at the University of Utah.

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