Apprentice left my gauges behind on a job last week and couldn't remember which job. Turns out it was today's install!

  1. I thought someone stole my gauges out of my truck awhile ago, didn’t notice for 2 days either. Went back to my last install and sure enough there they were still hooked up with clamps and everything. Customer said he thought they were just part of the newer units so he didn’t think to call.

  2. LOL that's funny. Imagine systems having their own gauges built into them. Same though. I had asked my apprentice as always if he got everything. He's like 'I think so.' And then I didn't need to use my gauges for a couple days.

  3. I just want to distance myself from this HVAC_Sam. My tik tok handle is sam_the_hvac_man, but I don't sign my units on the outside...I do it inside the panel like a normal person

  4. Liquid tight rolls are the best. Usually I'll use one roll per install since I almost always run the stat wire in liquid tight.

  5. Shouldn’t you be double checking you have all your tools before leaving the site, instead if blaming your apprentice? You forgot them too.

  6. Yeah how narcissistic do you have to be to sign your name openly like this on something someone spent thousands of dollars for

  7. Ho-lee shit. Connections on the house side instead of an extra 3 feet of of line set. You keep posting this shit. We’ll get you sorted eventually.

  8. I did it this way cuz there was already a good two feet between the wall and the AC. I have another install tomorrow that'll be panel facing out cuz it's in a flower bed.

  9. That's usually something the customer decides if they want to pay for it or not. It's not something the installer has an option to leave out or include.

  10. Yeah. It was the last call that day and as always I asked him if he got everything and he's like 'i think so.' And then the rest of my calls for a day or two were plumbing calls or ones i didn't need my gauges on.

  11. If I hired a carpenter to replace my front door and he signed it, he'd loose teeth over that. A tile guy signing his tile, same shit. You are an asshole with an ego. Stop signing other peoples property.

  12. THE sam spicer!? Your work is great and you can sign your name on whatever the fuck you want, fuck the haters. Most homeowners don't have a clue about their filter let alone your signature on an access panel.

  13. I left a set of gauges on a unit with a nitrogen holding charge after a rough in, returned for a service call after installers had completed a few months prior. Gauges still hooked up, definition of not my job I guess. 🤷🏻

  14. Strap the lineset to the building with pvc conduit 2 hole straps either 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 depending on lineset size and insulation thickness. Make sure the liquid line is not touching the brick.

  15. Imagine posting exposed lineset completely unwrapped and being proud of it lmao. Ever heard of speedichannel? Holy shit

  16. Got a question, my old capicitor has a ground wire and the new one doesn't. does this matter? Do I need to ground the new capicator?

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