Last year I got a FUE hair transplant and it was the easiest most simple procedure and it was honestly very affordable. I don’t understand why people don’t just do it and be done.

  1. Zero scars. FUE transplants take individual single follicles at a time. They just shaved my head to see the follicles clearly and then carefully gathered them.

  2. The back of my head was completely healed within a week. My hairline was slightly red for a few weeks. But all in all extremely easy.

  3. Not true. The hair they harvest from the back of your head is DHT resistant follicles. Most people who do this keep their transplanted hair.

  4. If I’m gunna get a transplant I’m gunna make a better hairline than that. Idc how unreal it looks, if I’m paying for that, I’m gunna get a squared up hairline.

  5. A natural hairline isn’t a perfect crisp line, you dingus. A dead give away of it being unnatural is it being a perfect line.

  6. i’m a norwood 2 at 22 years old and it’s honestly not even that bad. sure i wish it was a bit lower (which is why i’m about to hop on min/fin) but the fact of the matter is that as far as hairlines are concerned, there is a very broad spectrum. most people don’t have some sort of artificial looking straight line across their forehead. and when you get a transplant, you want it to look as natural as possible in terms of your age and what your hairline was like before.

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