at lest the comments won't be men telling me to shave here.

  1. Other subs are wild... Like have they not seen porn from the past? Shaving only became a bigger thing in the 90s... So the men or should I say boys commenting this stuff are extremely immature and young and dumb.

  2. I’m not too old myself (< 30), but hair is completely fine with me and you’re gorgeous. I’m completely with you, OP, F… the other subs. I mean, if a guy has hair anywhere else than his head, nobody bats an eye, but if a girl isn’t spotless like a little baby / the way it’s shown in porn, people loose their minds. Usually you (as in general) don’t shave your head bald on purpose everyday, so why your body? It’s just hair, it doesn’t do any harm.

  3. Shit I love hairy pussy!! To me it's more attractive than a shaved/waxed pussy! Love to feel the hairs around my mouth and nose when I'm eating the hell out of it

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