1. I keep mine cut very short, too. He loves the heat, but hates getting chilled. I bought him a fleece sweater on Amazon and he absolutely LOVES it. He gets so excited and does his best to sit still while I put it on him. This year, I'm knitting him a few. Don't tell my kids.

  2. yes! we have a vest and a few sweater. it helps her stay warm for sure- i kept her hair on the shorter side. this one is my fave- it is so cute and it has pockets!

  3. My little guy loves his sweater. He gets trimmed every month or two. He seems to be more relaxed when it’s shorter. And he doesn’t enjoy the cold.

  4. Some love them, some don't. As an aside, my dad's dog practically lives in his sweater from November till April.

  5. I give my havi a short cut (1 inch hair) right before summer since she gets really hot but then we grow it back for the rest of the year. She gets really cold during winter months (like now) so she's a big fan of sweater weather!!

  6. My boy Happy loves his outfits, he wags his tail anytime he knows he’s about to be dressed. I like the brand Fitwarm on Amazon, it’s reasonably priced & the measurement guide is accurate. I like how most of the outfits have four legs rather than just the front two, here in Michigan I avoid the outfits that don’t fully cover his midsection when it gets super cold out.

  7. I have two havies and I keep them both with short hair for the same reasons. One of them loves the sweaters and would keep it on all day if I let him, the other one hates them and will wiggle out of them in the first five mins. We live in Australia now so they don’t really need them as much so I only put them on the one that likes them in the winter, but when we lived in Boston I had to put them on both, at least for walks, cause it was just too cold in the snow for her to be without a sweater, no matter how much she hates them.

  8. I use quite a few different ones. They are warm weather dogs even full hair they don’t have a thick undercoat and if they get wet it doesn’t stay off the skin like fur.

  9. I plan to do that when it finally turns cold. I bought him 4 sweaters a puffer vest, and coat with a hood. We take him everywhere except the grocery store. Oh yes a night shirt too.👩‍🦳🧑‍🦳🐶💕

  10. Mine will NOT tolerate even a coat. If it’s cold and raining, the only way to get him outdoors is to pick him up and take him out there. Unless it snows. If it snows he leaps around like a Jack rabbit and will not come in until snowballs have completely covered him.

  11. Yep! Although Frankie (also kept fairly short) prefers sweatshirts to sweaters, it turns out. I’ve gotten him a couple hoodies on Chewy that he will happily stick his nose right into if I hold one up for him when it’s cold out.

  12. Ours loves sweaters. As soon as he sees one his tail is wagging like crazy. But we typically keep his hair shorter. Not that I think it would matter, His favorite spot is whoever has the heating pad. And he will do anything possible to lay any part of his body on it.

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