wtf did she say?!

  1. Bad enough that she cheated, worse still is letting her current boyfriend do that with no thought of him, made more horrible by the fact she thinks it's funny.

  2. She’s for the streets dawg. She was never yours. She selling onlyToes and UberMeats from an Altima while Lil Aiden in the trunk crying for Kool-Aid

  3. Take notes lads. I’ve dated girls like this. You don’t want to date girls like this. You run the opposite direction of filth like this.

  4. My roommate once dated half of a twin set. They were absolutely gorgeous but one evening they were all having drinks at their house. Everyone had a few too many and he ended up sucking off their dad. It tasted like his girlfriend’s pussy.

  5. I really hate the fact that I've had some experiences that make this just not all that surprising lmao. she's not even the worst kind of person like this, at least she seems like the kind of person who gives off a million red flags a minute, the ones that get ya are the ones that seem trustworthy and great but then you find out they act like this for real.

  6. Yeah I am not one to slut shame, but damn she deserves some shaming. She just exposed her boyfriend to STDs at a higher risk level than most cheating (which is already bad enough).

  7. I was just thinking that, the caffeine hasn't even got yet and I already have someone that I want to punch

  8. Like, not even focusing on the end - the lead in is that her bf was just asleep next to her and she drove to the gas station, late at night, just to get plowed. Like, this dude could've fallen asleep at 11pm with his girl next to him and gotten up at 1am to pee and never, ever realize she had even left their place. Stuff like this will make you hyper-paranoid.

  9. She got up in the middle of the night from her bed to go fuck some dude at a gas station in the middle of the night, what a classy human being

  10. You missed the part where her "bf" was right there, but her first option was her ex at the gas station.

  11. Poor guy having to live with that knowledge going forward. I'm not sure i could recover from that betrayal and self inflicted shame.

  12. Look at her, how proud she is telling the world what a big piece of shit she is. Feel sorry for her bf, after that statement I hope he's an ex

  13. I'm sure the dudes shes banging are no winners either. Just from the way she talks and looks i can picture the type of guys that are blowing that out.

  14. god i hate this when it happens. this is like, toxic positivity but instead of positivity it’s tanking women empowerment haha

  15. Well, she's not really in the "normal" dating pool. This is a porn actress. As despicable as her actions here are, at least she is now in a career where she can indulge in her desires without hurting anyone. Sucks for her boyfriend though.

  16. Our civilisation is crumbling. When the machines eventually gain sentience and take over as the main source of intelligence on Earth they will look upon such remnants of data and wonder how a species so stupid survived for so long.

  17. Honestly watching robots and shit terrorise my neighbourhood would be much more productive than the shit we've done the past 2 decades

  18. Only if he knows, and yes I know she’s announced it to the world but she’s definitely had more than one boyfriend. So all her ex’s are sitting there going “nah, that wasn’t me”. Plausible deniability.

  19. I don’t understand how this “type of personality” is popular these days. I don’t even know how to even describe it. I don’t want to say slutty, I don’t want to say skank….it’s none of those….

  20. Things like this, and the things my ex has put me through, makes me honestly wanna avoid any relationship or even sexual relations with anyone.

  21. This is beyond stealthing and it should be punishable from the low if he somehow gets an STD if he has a cut lip or her cut pussy or something this is just fucking bad holy shit.

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