Well I’ll be damned!

  1. Awe man, I missed out. I came to the comments for the link but from the comments I figured out what it was. I was totally falling for it.

  2. Holy fucking shit! This info is wild AF! It’s impressive that they were able to dig this much up on him. It’s like the time

  3. Does that still count as a rickroll? I mean, technically it’s called a RICKroll and not a nevergonnagiveyouuprole, so I guess it still counts? I’m midnfucking myself.

  4. Not really a hol up. Concern is supposed to go up over time. This starts with high concern and then goes down to rickroll. Please consult the diagrams in the future.

  5. After my all defensive years for this, after spending so much time crying out my eyes at the bathroom while I eating sandwiches with salt. You got me. I feel like dirty who…

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