Chapter 395 — Official Release Discussion

  1. Not that I think it would really be going anywhere but does anyone else think the presentation of childhood Chrollo (resourceful, determined, pure, happy) is reminiscent of Gon? I don’t think that is an angle Togashi would be going for but it would be cool if he went that route for some kind of comparison arc in the future.

  2. These days (as in the last 7 years of hxh reading), i just skim (as in barely read any text) every chapter so Togashi gets those fat numbers, and then binge it again when he inevitably goes back on hiatus.

  3. Speaking of nen, im interested to know how did the PT activated or know about their nen. Unlike Gon, killua, Kurapika and the others, they went with a teacher. While Hisoka and Illumi, they already know and use their nen without needing for hunter exam.

  4. I feel like this flashback confirms that this arc we’ll see the conclusion to the Phantom Troupe storyline one way or another.

  5. I like how this is like the 3rd time Nobunaga uses his ability/swordsmanship and it’s completely overshadowed by the phantom troupe flashback.

  6. Yeah hearing people talk about the recent chapter having a big reveal, I thought that was Nobunaga using his ability to cut a portal through space. Turned out he was just cutting through the wall...

  7. I find it extremely funny the possibility that Nobunaga might just not have a specialized nen ability and just uses en to enhance his sword technique and power

  8. Also Hisoka was previously number 4 in the troupe. Could that be a double meaning also indicating that Hisoka is near/watching them?

  9. Since reading this chapter, anyone else kinda been wondering how Canary ended up at the Zoldyck Manor? I know Kikyo is also from Meteor City, but I think Canary is around Killua's age. So I have a hard time believe Kikyo would have brought Canary with her there.

  10. "I love you Paku chan"... I reread the hostage exchange scene and I was really about to cry. Who would have expected that the flashback would hit this hard and make the Yorkshin arc more dramatic? sigh Also I find it abit weird that Nobunaga is the one who remembered the flashback yet he didn't appear in the flashback! Maybe in the next chapter? I can't wait to find out what happened to make Chrollo's personality change so drastically and the spiders in general.

  11. Nobunaga is there in the flashback from YorkNew. So I wonder if he was a captured child that the Troupe end up freeing. I have to assume young Nobu will show up in the next chapter.

  12. Its implied paku was in love with chrollo, when she dies and the rest of the spiders gain her memories they realise this.

  13. My theory is that he will show up next charpter and either he will be a Meteor City resident like the rest of them or he was a ctually part of the mafia and joined up as a founding member due to Meteor City's pact with the mafia. Nobunaga has always had very good knowledge about how the mafia works makimg very accurate deductions during Yorknew.

  14. Wow am I the only dumbass who thought the first kid they showed was Nobunaga? Since he was the first guy shown in the flashback that he was shown to be remembering, and also because he was fighting Uvo.

  15. Honestly I don't really want the Kurta massacre to be "justified". I feel like it would take away from the scene where Uvogins shows his indifference to it. Id rather see what happend to these people, for them to become so jaded that something like the Kurta massacre is just another Monday for them.

  16. I thought the Kurta massacre happens because people paid and ordered for the scarlet eyes. Hence the Spiders were doing whatever they could to make them mad and get the redness going before killing them. It was a paying job and Terror Sandwich just turns out to be one of the collectors, as Kurapicka recollected the eyes from all the other collectors.

  17. I really doubt it was a misunderstanding and I dont get why some people are now thinking the Troupe are a superhero team merely looking to avenge Meteor City.

  18. I think everyone is jumping on kurta massacre too quick. The right question to ask right now is how such innocent kids came to be the monsters they are now.

  19. There's another possibility is that the Kurta were killed due to extreme religious reasons. The reaction of the old Christian woman from Kurapika's flashback and the fact the Meteor city is strong tied with Christianity and religions open up for cleansing

  20. Reading this chapter I started to think that the PT got involved in a deal where they had to kill the Kurta clan in exchange of something they couldn't be allowed to lose.

  21. No. It was absolutely not a misunderstanding. It was planned and premeditated. Uvogin said Kuroro liked the eyes until he lost interest and sold them. Not to mention they tortured every pure blood member and their families, women, elderly and children included, to preserve the hue of the eyes. That’s not an accident. The Kuruta were a secluded clan, with strict rules to prevent their member from leaving as the outside world was dangerous to them. If leaving were so easy then Kurapika wouldn’t be the last. I don’t see how they could possibly have a connection with Meteor City. If anything I think Sheila gave away their location after she encountered Kurapika and Pairo.

  22. I really hope the spiders don't end up becoming typical misunderstood good guys, it would take away from the yorknew arc and the overall complexity of the characters.

  23. Chrollo saying “I love you” to Paku is heartbreaking to read—whether that’s platonic or puppy love on that specific time.

  24. Wait wasnt the Sheila girl mentioned on page 18 the same pro hunter Kurapika and his friend found in their backstory?

  25. i am convinced the kurta massacre was meteor city revenge so this is exciting to see it could be have parallels with the inspiration

  26. Oh oh, there are 9 spiders left excluding Chrollo. So is that an indicator for Chrollo dying 9 times as the others fall dead on the ship. Since some troupe member dying = Chrollo dying inside.

  27. Maybe there is more on the tape than we realize. Chrollo had to fast forward for 10 minutes to get to the Power Rangers Cleaners episode. So maybe if Chrollo were to play entire tape, he may stumble on Chapter Black.

  28. I have an apparently unpopular opinion / theory of the reason the PT went after the Kurta clan. A lot of people are thinking Kurta clan was framed or did something to wrong the troupe, possibly involvement in the human trafficking. But to me, it seems like the Kurta had isolated themselves long before the trafficking so it's unlikely they would actually be involved. And using them as a scape goat would also not be very convincing to anyone for the same reason.

  29. I really never would have thought we would see the troupe as kids. That being said Chrollo really lost his friends when Pakunoda and others died😢. Granted they're all killers but I do admire the friendships that were portrayed

  30. Uvogin says "you'll die 9 more times" after hitting Shalnark with a stick, the panel of which kinda resembles the way he died for real. Maybe I'm overthinking stuff, but I can't help but wonder if it might foreshadow how many out of the current 10 troupe members will be left by the end.

  31. Franklin will be the last man standing. Everyone dies including Kurapika, Hisoka, the Zoldycks bros, etc. Mf be eating and wondering where tf everyone is.

  32. Amazing chapter. How sad to see the history of Meteor City. I’d assumed for a while that the Phantom Troupe had been victims in some previous sense, but it was tragic to learn that mass child abductions were the norm for a while. Did the same thing happen to Kikyo Zoldyck and the Zoldyck butlers? Or were they trained by the mafia?

  33. I really like how Togashi seems to have a trend with paralleling the protagonists with their designated rival/antagonist. In Gon and Hisoka’s case, both are pretty reckless with their own lives and get lost in the action - even finding a bit excitement in it. In Kurapika and Chrollo’s case, both at some point held a childlike innocence and curiosity for the world and feel deeply when losing someone they care about and/or consider family. In alternate circumstances they could’ve gotten along and even became friends.

  34. Chrollo and Kurapika both are intelligent, were full of life then became more sad and emo as time goes by some circumstances. Their weaknesses is also their bonds. Notice how Chrollo seems angry when he lost his two buddies, just like Kurapika who is calm and collected 99% of time , but became volcano when Gon and Killua got kidnapped!

  35. I really appreciate the thankless job fans undertake to translate this series and they might have better prose, but they also take too much creative liberty sometimes. The official translation might be drier but they are closer to the original text. There was a mention on the meteor city citizens not being recognised, which TCB omitted.

  36. I don’t think there’s any other group of villains that’s going to match the phantom group after these next couple of chapters

  37. Damn, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers reference hits harder now that this chapter was released the same day I found out Jason David Frank passed away yesterday. RIP

  38. The PT maybe dead , but I like that we got some flashbacks that will make the deathes hit the readers better, there is no justification for what happened to Kurta clan children at least even if it is revenge even if Kurta did them wrong, two wrongs don't make it right!

  39. I guess next chapter we will see all the kids coming together to watch the Power Cleaners, getting inspired to become the group that eventually became the Phantom Troupe. Who would've thought their origins to be so pure and innocent...

  40. The theory that i saw makes a lot of sense. Practically, the theory consists in the Kurta clan as possible customers of the human trafficking that happens in the meteor city. Since, of the 128 members, only 37 had scarlet eyes. It is likely that Sheila knows this too, and became a Hunter to seek out the Kurta clan. Idk, this shit is dark.

  41. YES, also what if it’s like Midsommar, where they lure men for sex to repopulate the clan. Then they kill the men bc they can’t have outsiders join with their outsider ideas. We know not everyone has red eyes and that’s if they aren’t full blood Kurta. I hope we see the Kurta doing some extreme and creepy cult shit

  42. They butchered the entire clan.Even if the Kurta clan buys people to increase their number it doesn't make sense to kill them all.They tortured the ones without scarlet eyes to make the pure blooded member's eyes more red.What message does this send ?

  43. Why is little kuroro so cute I can't take it, also Togashi is so amazing. When you read Pakunoda scenes back in york shin arc you knew what she felt for kuroro was something special now we know they were really close.

  44. My theory is that the Kurta massacre was a professional job. Sheila was the PT's scout, and their employer was none other than Tserriednich himself. Consider how the 4th prince of Kakin ended up with not only the majority of the scarlet eyes, but also with Pairo's head. He's also around Chrollo's age, which means he was a young adult during the massacre.

  45. Tserriednich could even be a few years older than Chrollo. We don't have an exact age rundown for the princes, but he's between Zhang Lei and Tubeppa's ages and neither of them look young. I'd put him in his early 30s. (The one that always surprises me is Halkenburg, who's probably like 20-24 max since Kacho and Fugetsu are his next youngest half siblings).

  46. It's also possible that Tser's mafia kidnapped someone special from meteor city and forced the elders to send in their "trained criminals aka the spiders" to do the kurta massacre because Tser really likes the scarlet eyes, in order to return their kidnapped friends in exchange. And that's why the spiders were created which may explains "in the beginning...we just wanted.." line.

  47. Amazing chapter. In case anyone interested i pointed out the references to the Meteor city elders from previous chapters

  48. I don’t want the spiders to die here but unfortunately it might happen. I have a theory about Nobunaga. Although all of them are smart and have crazy high inductive and deductive logic, Nobunaga doesn’t seem to have the best judgment and might be leading them to their death. As we saw back during the YS arch, Nobunaga was the one who wanted to hunt down Kurapika and avenge Uvo.

  49. Don't you think the spiders origins flashback being revealed in this arc and having the mafia involvement in meteor city child trafficking might as well lead to Tserriednich involvement in the kurta massacre somehow, whether directly or indirectly? Since the kurtas are known to have the most beautiful eyes & he's so obsessed with human art then this seems like a set up for his involvement, maybe it's not a coincidence that he "just happened" to have Pairo's head and several kurta eyes!

  50. Yesss I was starting to think that as well. Especially with the previous chapters how his character is developing more than just some guy with the eyes.

  51. Does anyone think we may finally learn the full troupe backstory and maybe what happened to the two members that died maybe we will find out why Silva was hired to kill one and how hisoka killed the other

  52. As a huge troupe fan, this chapter was really a shock to me. All the speculation and predictions aside, I wanna talk about seeing the little spiders

  53. I think Chrollo was designed to be a fallen angel. That's why his surname is Lucifer and he has the inverted cross motif. It makes sense that he is a cute angelic boy as a kid before something happened that forever changed him. He has a lot of similarities to Sensui of Yu Yu Hakusho.

  54. And it's possible that Pakunoda used her ability to erase some part of his memory at his request after being kidnapped, (she can do

  55. This is interesting point, Sheila either would make a surprise appearance and might shock both Kurapika and Chrollo by clearing the misunderstanding between them.

  56. Best chapter of the entire arc so far. We finally got our Phantom troupe flashback , that was so unexpected. Seeing Sheila shocked me more than seeing Hisoka in the previous chapters 💀

  57. They weren’t more “evil” per se, just more disillusioned with the world due to having no successes and no prospects and seeing mad shit go down every day. As they got older they likely worked out what they want from life and saw more of the world and found new goals

  58. So with the law of retribution, is it safe to assume that the Kurta Clan took something from Meteor City, those Elders or that religion?

  59. I have to believe Meteor City THOUGHT the Kurta took something. I don't know what the Kurta would have taken tho, since they seemed very peace-loving and wanted to be left alone.

  60. Any of the kids we see during these flashback chapters who we haven't seen in the present are probably f*cked. It's definitely gonna be tragic to make the Spiders become so evil.

  61. I’m convinced the Kurta massacre was revenge and we’ll see that confirmed in the climax of this arc

  62. I found the scene personally interesting. I think the depiction of Nobunaga cutting the wall into squares is an homage to a manga called "Hyouge Mono".

  63. Shout out to TCB for great fan translations. With that said, it’s been 4 years we’ve received HxH chapters. Has Viz or Togashi (or whoever is in charge of the translation for x manga) changed translators? I don’t remember being bothered by official translations this much before. Please provide answers.

  64. What if the Kakin empire/mob framed the Kurta as the ones behind the Meteor City kidnappings, and this is what lead to the troupe massacring them?

  65. Last week it's a pro wrestling character, and now Togashi hits us with a Power Rangers reference. Mighty sweepin' hahah, incredible. Great chapter, cool seeing the Troupe as kids.

  66. Meteor City made the law to say "we're a trash heap, whatever you give us we'll accept. But don't you dare try to take anything from us." That law works in conjunction with "only life can compensate life" meaning that the Phantom Troupe had reason to believe that the Kurta had taken a life from Meteor City.

  67. A lot of ppl have put theories that the PT used this quote as a form of revenge against the Kurta clan. Idk if that's true maybe we will see in the next chapter. But it seems they created that quote bc of the kidnappings that were happening

  68. Goooodddd shitttttttt, never got around to watchin the older anime, but holy shit this song is good I might have to, or atleast listen to the soundtrack.

  69. The TCB translation made it more clear that during the time of the flashback the collaboration with the mafia is something that was just getting started, hence why there's still a lot of kidnappings.

  70. So the mafia takes kids as part of a deal to protect Meteor City from people who are hunting the residents. It's very likely the mafia aren't perfect in that duty, or don't care THAT much to fulfill said duty in full, which leads to some people still dying.

  71. I like Troupe backstory but I hope it won’t water down the Kurta massacre. It’d be such a letdown if the Kurta were evil all along or something and somehow Kurapika had no idea

  72. True. The Kurta were probably framed for something they didn't do. At least that's my theory. That massacre should not be understandable or justified

  73. A lot of people try to defend PT or at least humanise them wrt the Kuruta massacre, but let's not forget that the PT has never really shied away from meaningless massacre. Remember Hisoka vs Chrollo? It was a straightup massacre thanks to Chrollo.

  74. In short - Togashi is Genius, Backstory of Phantom Troupe win everyhing(They looks so cute!!!!!), have a nice reading and thanks for sharing :3

  75. (C&P) The Phantom Troupe’s backstory in the midst of the mystery room was refreshing; created connections between Sheila and the Troupe, who might also have been included in the extermination of the Kurta clan. It was an amazing chapter; waiting for the sub-plot to continue.

  76. How do these post never get taken down but when I asked about why a chapter was taking so long, it gets scrapped in like 3 minutes? I didn’t spoil anything. Or the time I asked what people thought about the story of the hxh being basic in comparison to JJK? What rules do these even break??

  77. Imagine if the phantom troupe had to steal the scarlet eyes so they could get a child that was kidnapped by Tse’s tattoo artist in order to get the child back

  78. So headcannon theory is that Sheila was staking out the Kurta clan for terror sandwhich got found out, and maybe killed or something than obviously this caused the phantom troupe to seek out her killers.

  79. Heres what i thought why the phantom troupe massacre the kuruta clan…theres a theory about the kuruta clan crest being the gate keepers of the dc if beyond or pariston notice it they probably have something to do with it either ploting with the 4th prince since the mafia have control of meteor city (nobody knows after they develop there powers if the mafia are still in control of meteor city that time) knowing he was a collector of a very rare body parts and getting rid of the kurta clan is one of the stepping stone for a free voyage and sheilla is the key to all of this either killing sheilla and putting the blame on the kuruta clan knowing that they will avenge a comrade especially a friend of theres…the other is the 4th prince hired the troupe and sheilla went and investigate where the kuruta clan is hiding

  80. Are we in a triple tangent now? We took a break from the dark continent arc to follow the succession war, then took a break from that to follow the kakin mafia, and now we're interrupting that with a flashback to the spiders' backstory. As much as I'm enjoying each new chapter, I do hope we get to see more of the succession war by the end of the batch.

  81. I re-read Kurapika backstory, and after his clan massacre the troupe left a note that with Meteor City's motto. They don't do that with all of their hits, so maybe this one was personal?

  82. Phinks and Feitan murdered a couple guys to steal the Greed Island game. They were probably employees of Battera. Do you count all the audience members Chrollo killed during his match with Hisoka? Or people Hisoka killed during the Hunter Exam while he was a "member"? We'll likely see some of the Kurta murders soon enough.

  83. Wow the viz translation is so wooden and awkward compared to the fan ones. Were TCBScans the guys that did the fanlations of the beginnings of the Dark Continent arc? Fanlations have certainly come a long way :D

  84. People trying to deny that Pakunoda had a crush on Chrollo like it wasn't obvious in YS arc...of course as kids her perspective were more innocent (brother/sister) than romantic. But the little panels on

  85. Yeah, it started as a crush when they were kids, but it was quite clear that she straight up LOVED him when they were adults.

  86. So, the tree thing people were talking about for chapter 196 is not the ship arriving at the dark continent, but a flashback chapter about the troupe's origin?

  87. Okay, so my theory is that the Phantom Troupe brutally attacked the Kurta clan not solely for their eyes, but because that might be the last place they knew Sheila was. So, I’m guessing they thought the Kurta clan killed her - because of the message they left after the massacre.

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