This scene seems like Madhouse made an error. Gon turns around here no reaction. Previously Killua established if Gon saw Palm in ‘that’ state he’d lose it like he did against pitou

  1. Even so he said Gon doesn't care about appearances. He was talking about her mental change but that's fixed then.

  2. Well, keep in mind that Hunter x Hunter is the kind of story where the characters aren’t always omniscient about everything. Just like real people, they’re all influenced by their own emotions, biases, and knowledge limitations. So they can all be unreliable narrators sometimes, just like you or me.

  3. I don't know. Theres not scene of Gon seeing Palm because that would need some explanation. Gon wouldn't see half monster Palm and go "oh ok, lets focus on Pitou". Look at how he reacted to Pitou "experimenting" with Komugi.

  4. Killua was bluffing to buy time iirc, but he had a real emotional breakdown at the moment and that helped palm regain control.

  5. Looking what others have said. Killua's was mainly referring to Palm's state of mind. In retrospect I've change my mind thinking this is a valid inclusion by Madhouse. Or you can just go witth the headcannon 'gon didn't turn around his auro to focused on Pitou' lol

  6. Actualy it doesn't happen when she looks at with both eyes. She need to close her one eye to activate the condition as I remember.

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