Now that we have made our driver announcement we want to hear from YOU the fans! What do you think of our new driver?

  1. Good choice on getting a former 500 winner who is still good in Indycar maybe a win or 2 can happen. He is great at Indy so I can see some blistering speed out of the #51

  2. Behind the scenes content is always appreciated. Whether it's the normal day to day stuff or race prep and anything in between.

  3. I personally love when teams/drivers have a presence on Youtube with behind the scenes content. I follow every team/driver that has a presence and I really do have a much better sense of connection with everyone who does. It honestly does make me become a bigger fan of them when I have a more tangible idea of what they're like beyond what they show on TV.

  4. It would be cool to see some of how Taku prepares for races, maybe his thoughts on specific tracks and how the car behaves.

  5. Driver’s eye, uncensored radio comms, fly on the wall videos, all-access race day or full weekend documentaries. I’d rather watch a 20 minute documentary with dawn to dusk BTS footage from the whole weekend than a 5 minute standard-question interview or a 3 minute highlight reel.

  6. Try and convince him to expand his social media presence. Just about every driver has an Instagram except him.

  7. Great decision and great marketing. Haven’t seen anyone use Reddit as a platform to connect with fans more effectively, and we enjoy it.

  8. We realize that the fans are the most important! Sure we are just a small part of Indycar, but we do everything we can to give everyone a behind the scenes look! Be on the look out for some exclusive 2022 coverage!

  9. I've followed Takuma quite a bit. Got to see his '19 Barber and Gateway wins in person with the later being a great memory considering his circumstances around that time.

  10. My boy! I've been cheering for him since his debut, wore my Super Aguri shirt to see him in 2010!

  11. A good choice for ovals and especially the 500. Hopefully he can up his road course game.

  12. Sato's race pace has been up there with the best last season. Get good qualifying performance and you are looking at a top 5 drivers championship finish.

  13. Looking forward to seeing Sato in a DCR/RWR car. I wonder what the livery will look like and who the sponsor is, if it is not nurtec.

  14. Absolutely love to see it as he’s one of my favorite drivers to watch race! Will be cheering for him again this year and wish you all the best!!

  15. I love Takuma’s enthusiasm, spirit, love for the fans, and aggressive race craft. Very excited to see him remain in the series and contend for another 500.

  16. I had to look it up and it looks like Foyt, Big Al & Bobby Unser all won for 3 teams. If you want to split hairs, Bobby was the only one to win 3 with 3 teams (Foyt & Unser won their 4th on a 3rd team).

  17. Good signing picking up "No Attack,No Chance" Sato.How about something for fans at the track/races?Maybe a chance to go beyond the rope and tour the hauler and get up close with the car,driver and mechanics?

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