Driver takes the turn too fast

  1. At least they made it through the yellow light, just think of the time they would have lost if they stopped

  2. It’s only a Nissan patrol… if he didn’t roll it it would have broken down up the road… and please excuse the bogan filming..we think she fell out of the car previously

  3. I've seen someone do this exact same thing in a lifted 4runner except starting from a stopped position at the signal. Blew out all the glass and all their junk spilled out over the roadway. To roll a SUV within 20 meters from a stopped position, I'm not entirely sure I could accomplish such a feat on purpose.

  4. I'm just dumbfounded by how someone driving a lifted 4x4 doesn't know high centre of gravity + Yanking the wheel to the right at moderate speed = a bad time....

  5. Remember kids, tap brakes to enter the turn (to shift the gravity to the front), then about half way through you can start applying gas to boost outtve the turn 😏 … Don’t come in hot and gas it even harder at the start of the turn like this idiot.

  6. I love my SUV because it was from my grandma and I can fit my entire life in there. That said. I have to take round highway on ramps at like 30 mph and STILL feel like I'm gonna roll the car.

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