Yield sign? What yield sign?

  1. Wow I don’t agree with anyone here. A yield sign means you can continue if the lane is clear, stop otherwise. Personally, I would have moved over if I were in the situation bc I’m a defensive driver.

  2. You're right, being considerate unfortunately isn't required. How dare another vehicle end up on a road at the same time as this person? Being a little understanding and considerate goes a long way, and by doing so, neither person ends up annoyed with each other. Instead, the driver who let them in would probably feel good about doing something nice, and the driver who was merging would probably be thankful and feel good because someone did something nice for them. I don't see a rational reason for the driver to act the way they did in this video.

  3. What's with people not changing lanes when they see someone merging? Yeh they need to yield but you also need to be smart.

  4. Normal driving vs defensive driving. OP fucked off a little bit, but who even knows where the other driver's head was at?

  5. The rules are they have to yield to traffic already on the highway. Those going straight the right of way. How about if there was a semi next to the guy, he would move even if he wanted to.

  6. In my jurisdiction if there is any traffic in the left lane it would be illegal to move into the left lane to allow a vehicle on the right to merge (and vice versa). In practice this means it’s hardly automatic to pull over.

  7. In this case I would have just lifted or tapped on the brakes. Guy merging was clearly in front, just needed a little more room to confidently merge.

  8. I once was in this situation, the car coming to merge was a cop car and on my left there was a car coming really fast. I was going at like 90km/h so it was a bit late to break so I had no idea what to do.

  9. “It’s a courtesy, it’s not required by law!” - that guy probably. I feel like the merging car did yield once the realized the cammer was going to make it more unsafe. There was a whole empty lane next to OP and tons or reaction time. Just signal and move over and let the other person merge. I swear some drivers think someone is watching and will deduct Billy Bad Ass points if you’re courteous to other drivers.

  10. It's such a puny move to make. Probably low EQ, not having the capacity to think about others, and being so selfless that they want everything for themselves.

  11. usually it would require me to drive over someone, or my favorite: "no vehicles over 12,000 pounds GVWR in left (2) lane(s)"

  12. Some states have a "last clear chance" clause. You have the right of way, but if a car is running out of room to merge, and you can move over and don't a court might rule that the accident was equal liability, or entirely your fault.

  13. It doesn't appear there was any one in the lane next to you. If that is indeed the case, then you should've moved over to give them room to merge safely. You may have been right by the letter of the law, but you could've avoided the issue all together, and it's the courteous thing to do.

  14. Or hell, just take your foot off the gas for a couple of seconds. You slow down a bit while the merging car presumably gets to full speed. Instead, now he has to try to speed up with no merging lane left from basically a dead stop, that's even worse.

  15. If there was no traffic on his left, dash cam guy should have moved over, acts surprised when the guy joining a lane joined. If there was traffic he could have let off the gas and given a courtesy flash.

  16. Obviously the law is on your side here. But in the UK you rarely get anyone stopping on a join like that because the person on the priority road moves over into the free lane so that both people can continue without incident or stopping. Is this not common practice in the states?

  17. If you look at his mph he sped up intentionally so the other car couldn't merge, didn't switch lanes, and posts like he was completely in the right...

  18. The white SUV didn't even change lanes, but OP matched speed and slowed down so as to stay in the way of the SUV. Pretty pathetic.

  19. All that and you didn't once consider trying to avoid the situation into the other lane?

  20. Yes we get it they had to yield, but the road was completely empty so you could’ve just went to left lane…

  21. Don't get it wrong. Would it be easier to just change lanes? There was no one next to you. Anticipation is the key to avoid road rage.

  22. It’s a merge zone - the idiots are whoever put a yield sign on an on ramp & the guy who wouldn’t work with the entering driver. See this shit all the time in Ohio

  23. I guess you proved your point lol. I would’ve switched lanes and went my way…dude had to merge either way, you had 2 lanes… equivalent to driving slower on the fast lane

  24. Yes, he has to yield. Still, you could have sped up or down beforehand to avoid this situation. Your honking was good to avoid him swerving into your car. Next time imagine you being in his situation: what would you do and what would you be thankful for?

  25. I have strong feelings about this one. If no one is in the lane next to you, get over and let them merge.

  26. Seriously what is wrong with you? You could have switched lanes and let him merge over and then go back in your lane. You're clearly looking for trouble.

  27. I agree with this. If I’m approaching a merge point I move over if possible or exercise caution if I can’t. Probably the same type of person that paces vehicles in or near blind spots and does a sarcastic brake tap next to stopped emergency vehicles in a state with a move over law because “well I couldn’t move over and I technically slowed down, so no laws broken” 🤷🏽‍♂️

  28. Technically the white car has to yield to OP, true. But OP is still the idiot by not moving over or slowing down slightly to let them merge.

  29. This is child behavior. There is nothing stopping you from using the left lane and letting them merge. What's the point of picking a fight about something so insignificant? Road rage is childish

  30. You were in the right. These people have zero idea if anyone was even in the lane next to you. They can't see behind you. It's not your responsibility to help them get on.

  31. No, it's your responsibility to avoid dangerous situations as they clearly develop in front of you, which the OP did not do. Either but moving over has there been room (which it does appear to be the case, since no one shows in the lane after the OP comes nearly to a stop) or but simply slowing down a little too let the car merge in front of them.

  32. Even though the white car failed to yield until the last second, the car with the camera could have slowed or changed lanes, rather than aggressively protecting "their" territory. I see two idiots in cars.

  33. This exact thing happened to me 2 days ago as I was heading onto a freeway entrance ramp. I normally don't honk the horn, but at that moment the honk just came out of me, almost like a reflex. So aggravating!!

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