Express Entry draw: all programs invited

  1. Holy, I just got ITA!!! My score: 570 [FSW]. No Canada exp. Max age score + phd + 3yr experience + max test score for ielts & TEF Canada. I'm so thankful that I've gone the extra miles to spend an hour every day studying French, which ends up bumping my score a bit. To those who really want to move, I recommend spending some time studying French. It really makes a difference.

  2. my boyfriend's is 555...the frustration was palpable on Wednesday. I'm confident you will both get called next week though!

  3. How did you get such a high score? I have a score of 413 and I have a masters degree and top English language scores.

  4. Ooof. That’s a high score :D When do you all think the scores will get back to “normal” (460-490 range)?

  5. Probably a dozen draws or more if the number of ITAs remain like this. The higher the number of ITA the less time it will take for the cut off score to lower.

  6. I thought this was coming, but I’m also super disappointed… I have 514 and who knows when we’ll get there..

  7. I feel you, I have 501 which ordinarily would have been quite a good score, but feels rather disheartening right now given how many people still in the pool have 500+ points.

  8. I'm not even mad about the low numbers of people invited. I'll be happy and hopeful as long as they get back to doing draws every 2 weeks.

  9. I'm hoping it goes down to normal levels but it does make sense that after all this time, the score was gonna be high. But this was surprisingly high.

  10. 486 CRS , currently I am doing a full time job in my field, but am worried about getting ITA before the IRCC starts its shenanigans with Bill C19.

  11. I agree with you. Thank God for this draw. I am praying for more consistent draws this year for Federal Skilled Workers.

  12. I'm sitting on 483 and hoping that with the frequency of draws being every 2 weeks that I might get to apply before the end of the year since I have over a year left on my work permit

  13. Invited today! 613. I highly recommend you pursue the French path — up to 74 points. But I’m not sure how long that’ll last either if they start doing NOC targeted. That said, they may also do French targeted draws.

  14. Any opinions whether there’s a chance for someone with a 467 to be invited by the end of the year? Or is it pretty much a nah? I’m learning French but it’s a struggle and I lose 5 more points the end of the year. Congrats to all who got an invite :)

  15. The fact that they did not invite a lot of people is probably reflective that they still have that huge backlog to deal with. Its a good sign that the draws resumed, but I assume they have to wait until they somehow reduce the backlog more (they did say they were going to hire more ppl, modernize things) until doing draws like before with 5k invites.

  16. Do we know if CEC candidates draws also happened? What is the timeline to get the ITA if we are in this draw?

  17. This is a very funny joke. CRS score 76 2 years ago and 557 today after almost a year without CEC draws. PGWP extension in “coming weeks” since April.

  18. Serious question as I'm new to all of this, but is a PNP out of the question for you? It seems like most of the draws lately say that a PNP is required and apparently gives you something like 600 points extra.

  19. Can someone please clarify - was this draw also for CEC specific pathway?? My score is at 489 and 557 seems insane… I’m worried I have no chance

  20. 489 here also. CRS-wise we’re in a good spot, and I hope that as long as invitation numbers increase in the next few draws we should be okay. CRS cutoffs should hopefully drop pretty quickly once applicants in the higher brackets become scarce, it’s just a matter of how quickly the government decides they want to clear out those brackets.

  21. This was basically a draw for PNP with a few elite applicants (PhD, maxed out IELTS,TEF, and several yrs of experience)

  22. It's a ridiculously high score, yes. But not necessarily any of those things you mentioned were required to have such a score. A valid job offer and Canadian experience goes a long way. Consider that someone with:

  23. People with 557 + CRS score won’t be worried about draws or work permits. They are elite and in demand workers who are no short of an LMIA. This is ridiculous and just not worthy of a draw. It’s like big companies gifting their products to celebrities.

  24. Yes but work permits aren’t the same as PR. This draw rewarded highly qualified people with a chance to obtain permanent residency which is a good thing.

  25. A very ridiculous take on this - you thought Canada should invite people with lower scores instead because somehow you know best where to draw the line and what people's life situation is? Should the cutoff have been a point below your score?

  26. A young English/French speaker who came to do a master's degree in Canada, only worked abroad and has a brother in Canada would get 600 points. That doesn't sound very elite to me. Is the shortage of English/French speakers, master's grads or people with siblings in Canada so bad that companies would bother going through the hassle of LMIA+WP for someone like that unless they had other qualities that make them stand out?

  27. 499 is very high. If they do all-program draws with any sort of regularity then you should get drawn.

  28. Depends on what your route is, 500+ is possible. My CRS: Canadian master degree + 1 year CEC + 3 year foreign exp + 7.5 IELT + 33 yo = 520

  29. I have 551. Perfect scores on CELPIP and TEF tests, I have a BA and an associates degree, two full years of skilled work experience in Canada, 28 yo.

  30. I believe they will still continue the PNP draws? That is separate from the All Program (FSW, CEC, GST) draws? The score is so high but hoping that score normalizes sooner than we expect.

  31. Well…Time to learn French lol…I’m at 470 and my wife is at 474…I have 2 more years left of my PGWP so we’ll keep our hopes up for now.

  32. We managed to get ITA on the seventh draw at 550ish score on the first year of Express Entry on 2015. We applied around May and we got ITA around September. We got our PR Visa on November 2016. This was at the time when the system was being abused by applicants entering bogus answers just to get high scores only to cancel when proof was requested. Its a very good thing they decided to improve the system by adding a phase and a non-refundable entry. That basically removed the abusers

  33. So no chance of it getting to the 490’s this year at all? Signing up for TEF first quarter of next year then. All that hard work hoping when draws resume they’d pick up at 480’s only to see this. And 2 years before I turn 30 and start to loose points for age

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