Karen at the game

  1. Fucking bitches like this that can’t act right really push the boundaries knowing that they will likely not get knocked the fuck out really make the blood boil.

  2. Exactly too many mfer's male or female are entirely too comfortable talking shit. Other mfer's are quick to pull out that phone too. Taddle telling ass mfer's

  3. Don't bring your fur coat to a game then. There's a much higher chance of getting beer or anything else on you at a sports game than virtually anywhere else

  4. I’d be pretty pissed if someone spilled on me once but three separate times is kinda ridiculous. He should get thrown out if he’s that drunk/messy.

  5. Bro, I don’t blame her AT ALL, get any food on me repeatedly and I will beat the living shit out of you, no fuckn questions asked

  6. Thanks for the warning. I'll remember not to get any food on you repeatedly so that you don't beat the living shit out of me without even asking me some questions.

  7. Guys don't take his side we don't know what happened before the video and remember context always matter!! Cheers!!

  8. i almost knocked out a Bruins fan in Detroit who brought her four young children to the game. She leaned down and screamed in my ear, and ended up pushing my brother and falling on me in the process. Could've hit her with a 10 year major for elbowing but I saw Rodman's jersey in the rafters of LCA earlier, and knew I had to box her out. I did call her a cunt, rightfully so. Don't come to Detroit and pick a fight with the white hippie. I'll wheel kick you into next week if you push me. Lets go LIONS!

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