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  1. PepeLaugh people saying the courtroom is biased because Judy, the stenographer, came out to see Johnny at a party or something, delusional turd supporters

  2. What's the point wasting years doing that? Johnny already won and Amber lost, both in the eyes of the public and in the Court.

  3. It would really be a bad idea. The optics would be horrible if they lost a case because he couldn’t prove he lost more money because of the statements.

  4. Agreed. But what everyone has to understand is that for thousands of years men have been the end all be all of the world. What we said went and women had to be seen through their man who a good part of the time they had no choice in picking. Things went our way for so long that it only makes sense it would have to swing far in the other direction for awhile before settling in the middle. Those that choose to cry and whine about it (not saying you are) should be very happy that it definitely won't take thousands of years for things to settle somewhere around the middle. They don't understand that their neanderthal knuckle dragging views only prevent things from finding a middle ground. It's sad to see someone today not wanting equality for everyone. They have no one to blame except themselves that they lack critical thinking. They would rather convince themselves that in today's day and age where every part of our elections are scrutinized by both sides that one side was able to hood wink the other. Wondering how 3 new voters could vote blue but look the other way when 70k appear out of nowhere and vote red in Miami Dade of all places. It's sad they get behind the biggest liar and cheat our country has seen since the robber baron days and truly believe he can walk on water because he says what they want to hear. It's even sadder that they turn on Jeb Bush and call him names even though he took a firmly blue state in Florida and solely because of his job as Governor all of the good he did for people made that state safe red for a couple of decades. Jeb Bush would have actually done most of the things Trump promised but didn't. But because he didn't get a good ol "lock her up" chant going and was a bit of a geek you turned on him. It amazes me how people shoot themselves in the foot and constantly work against themselves because of fear which the politicians they vote for gave them in the first place. Because believe me those ghettos and places the Dems what to send funds are not in blue states.

  5. You have to remember that in this socialist planet of the apes we live in women are the apes and men the humans.

  6. It terrifies me that the mainstream media is still on AH side even after the verdict. How dumb do they think the jury and the people are?

  7. The fakestream media is socialist. THEY NEED TO ALWAYS SIDE WITH A WOMAN OR LGBT+ AGAINST A HETEROSEXUAL MALE. That is what their superiors (Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Astor, etc) pay them so much money for.

  8. After seeing what they did during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, this does not surprise me one bit. I'm deliberately ignoring the MSM because I would just get too frustrated.

  9. If you were on JD side, you don’t really care about articles. If you were on Amber’s side, you’d read articles that agree with you so you would feel better about what happened. How many articles on JDs win have you clicked on today?

  10. Anything to sell a headline and try to get a comment. Positive and negative comments/likes, etc on social media both up the ratings and popularity.

  11. He did the exact thing I would've done. Left to relieve his anxiety. There's no way I would've sat there, with the cameras zoomed in on my face for the verdict. He did his 6 weeks of trial. Let the cards fall where they may.

  12. Half expected Johnny to burst in when they read the verdict and say “today is the day you will always remember, as the day you almost caught cappin Jack sparrow”

  13. I think she can appeal the amount, I think they were saying that on Court TV. But crap, can she afford the lawyers? And the hassel after all of this? Idk.. maybe.

  14. It's definitely not because it's about domestic violence and standing with men and true victims who deal with fake accusations and abuse or anything.

  15. NYTimes, WaPo, The Atlantic all continue to side with Heard and focus on her alleged injustices. The people running these media companies should be fired.

  16. Ridiculous that Instagram influencers like Ashley Louise James also believe Heard and are posting stories about how it's unfair. It's crazy.

  17. We are in the age of greedy corporate interest, extra wahmen empowerment, wokism. How can Turd be wrong? She is a female.

  18. I think they have to pay their own legal fees. Doesn't matter though as she cant afford what she already has to pay if what her reported net worth is accurate and I don't doubt that it is.

  19. "You think this is bad? This? This Chicanery?! He's done worse. That Movie, you're telling me a man just -happens- to be a pirate that gets the Black Pearl?! No, he orchestrated it! Johnny! I defecated on his bed! And I left it. What was I thinking? He'll never change. He'll never change, ever since he got that role. smiling and people loving him?! And he gets to be an Actor?! What a sick joke!" - Amber season 3 episode 5.

  20. *as it pertains to celebrity issues. I happen to know most journalists care quite a bit about truth, but ratings issues get in the way of sharing those stories. In such a system, the ones that have no problem sacrificing integrity for better profits are the ones that will rise to the top. We definitely need to move away from thinking people sharing their opinions about the news is the same as news.

  21. 'Merica,fuck ya, youll forget mass shootings and move into celebrity litigation! Never change. Provides such folly

  22. The fact that the jury initially forgot to fill out the damages section and that they didn't know that punitive damages are capped at $350k is worrying.

  23. They probably just forgot to add the 2m for amber because they wanted to give her 0 or didn’t know they have to give her any since they only had one of her points as „yes“. They took 10 min to come up with the 2m so they prolly just went with what she would’ve gotten for her next movie she was cancelled from

  24. Point being that she lost those monies because of what she did,JD has nothing to do with it. But even if he did make a call to WB to tell them to cut her, he did the very same phone call to get her in. The little ungrateful easy slut and all their freeloaders friend got what they deserved. The 2 millions are very wrong. She is already one expensive hooker no need to add up to the bill.

  25. Amber was awarded $2 because Mr. Waldman’s statement defamed her. Mr. Waldman was Johnny’s previous attorney and said that Amber & her friends “spilled wine & messed with furnishings” and called police back a for 2nd time after first set if cops saw nothing amiss in Johnny’s penthouses 1-5…. Technically, Johnny was Mr Waldman’s boss as Johnny employed him. Therefore, when MrWaldman misspoke Johnny was liable.

  26. I love how the dirty UK newspaper The sun.co.uk hasn't printed a single word of today's verdict! They labelled him a wife beater based on her cruelty! Not one word of truth yet they labelled him a wife beater anyway!!

  27. JURY GOT IT RIGHT! kinda restores your faith in our justice system. Also, a good reminder that the media's spin on things is often crazily distorted.

  28. They got it wrong they should have never given a dime to the bitch, not even a win, not even a dollar. She was the cause of the consequences she faces, no JD.

  29. We are happy for you Johnny. So many of us love you. We request pls don't get into these types of relationships again.

  30. It's crazy how the media STILL manages a way to spin the narrative to make Johnny Depp look bad.

  31. But he abused her too? I don’t understand how the public has fallen hook, line and sinker for Depp’s manipulation. They’re both as bad as each other.

  32. It's disgusting to be honest. Lots of publications I'd expect better from joining in too. Like, JD has proven his innocence in court and is still getting dunked on by these hacks. What more can you do?

  33. Do you say this in every non-Ukraine/gun related topic on the frontpage as well? Such as the pokemon trailer, the newly homed puppy post, the guy throwing urine in the crowd, or the picture of the guy holding all the books he wrote?

  34. Use it as a list of people to block and avoid online. There is no changing the mind of a fanatic, they will not give up the argument and they will never, ever change the subject.

  35. As a personal victim of abuse, as well as my mother, who devoted the last 20 years to working at women's shelters, we both saw so many things that were crazy with Amber's accusations!

  36. it’s a win for real abuse victims. Now there is finally a well known legal precident that ultimately discourages women from getting away with just pretending to be abused with no evidence. Before this, it was super easy for women to destroy man’s life and career by lying without anything to back it up.

  37. He suffered domestic violence and wanted the world to know, which gives rare insight into a less talked about DV situation. He also won a defamation claim. These are rare situations that have nothing to do with being a celebrity. He had actual evidence to prove both.

  38. The first time I saw Johnny Depp on TV was when 21Jump Street was out, first film I saw him in was nightmare on elm street, the first film I saw him as a lead was What's Eating Gilbert Grape. This man has been a huge part of my life growing up and I'll be 40 later this year. I burst into tears when my wife sent a screenshot of a thank you letter that Johnny wrote to his fans. He's helped me smile when I went through the toughest of times. Thank you everyone that showed your undying support for a man that was wronged by a woman who thought she could get away with making real victims look bad. Now let's go after the Sun and show me that horizon.

  39. Camille showed more genuine emotion at the verdict than AH did during the whole 6 weeks of testimony. You literally felt it through the screen.

  40. Hear me out. A tv show. Comedy that runs along the lines of parks and Rec or the Office. It’s about a rag tag team of incompetent lawyers who never turn a client down. Meanwhile across town is the eagleton type lawyers with hearts of gold and ties slick as ice. Add in some crazy witnesses and an up and coming stripper turned actress.. I want to see a series like that

  41. You should check out Trial & Error! Pretty good satirical mockumentary series that parodies real life true crime cases. The only downside is that it was canceled after two seasons :(

  42. This was a truly cathartic moment. My wife and I don’t agree on anything - except this trial. We were glued to tv and super happy with the outcome.

  43. Yes blessed too Johnny' depp 🙏 is free man now from deceivable maiden heard who ruin his life away especially the other mens she has been too Did it unpurpose to how to getaway cause we all know .

  44. What’s worse is that JD’s money got reduced: “The jury awarded Depp $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages in the trial. However, the punitive damages were immediately reduced by Judge Penney Azcarate to Virginia's statutory cap of $350,000.”

  45. This is insane. So many turd supporters are here trolling and spamming, but DeuxMoi gets to restrict comments. I also keep seeing “why do you care about celebrities? Get a life” posts, but then why are they here? Let’s be civil, people!

  46. I just wanted to say, I don’t know your situation, but it’s very human to feel this way after long periods of stress. Whether you have personal investment in this by relating to your own experiences or whatever, your feelings are not cringe. Don’t worry what strangers think. Today was a good day.

  47. From my understanding the UK Judge didn't want to hear what JD had to say because the Sun(the one who called him a wife beater) is a known parody/gossip publication and while Amber was a Source she didn't write it so it didn't count under the UK courts.

  48. Not only that, but the UK trial was against a newspaper and the ruling was that they were within their journalistic rights to call him a wife beater. That doesn’t mean he was a wife beater, just that publications can basically say whatever they want

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