Monday Madness! - [2022/11/21]

  1. Fantastic show. Completely came out of nowhere for me and became one of my favorites for the year. Of course I like the zany, weird humor so I can see how it wouldn't be for everyone but I loved it!

  2. i’m loving it! on sixth episode and it has been a hoot so far (minus the short toilet humour in one ep 🤦)

  3. “I mean why did he show up? I just wanted to put everything behind us because past is just past. Gosh I hate him so much but he’s so hot.”

  4. My favorite line was when Eun-sang asked Kim Tan if he was some kind of criminal after coming to his place in LA, and he deadpanned: "You still have both kidneys, right?"

  5. Hubs and I are so thrilled that another, and very convenient, H-Mart is opening tomorrow! He's hoping for a food court and I'm hoping for sale-priced Shin ramyeon and tteokbokki and and and and so many food items.

  6. I just finished flower of evil this morning and all I have to say is wow. Definitely in my top ten. Also am now a fan of Lee joon gi.

  7. Flower of Evil is an extremely good show and I was actually thinking about re-watching it sometime soon. And yeah, Lee Joon Gi's performance was top notch!

  8. i don’t know if it’s just the fact that i’m back from my drama hiatus but i feel like so many dramas that i’m interested in watching just suddenly started airing within the past few weeks?? kinda overwhelming but it’s also a dream come true 🤩

  9. I feel very out of the loop right now when it comes to airing dramas. The only airing drama I'm watching is Love is for Suckers. I've been on this sub less these days due to being busy and I don't think I appreciated that this sub is my lifeline for figuring out what airing dramas to watch! Once in a while, Netflix will pop up a new airing drama to my profile and I can check out the front page of Viki, but I really find airing dramas from other user recommendations, posters/trailers on here, etc. I don't follow other social media either, so I don't follow fan accounts there.

  10. Haha, same! Chef and writer-nim, Sang Woo the adorable yet competent, the married couple! And of course the show within a show bit.

  11. Weak Hero Class 1 is absolutely fantastic, just so you know. Even if your not a reader of the WEBTOON, it’s a great watch. Choi hyun wook is at his best. Have fun!!

  12. It's incredible and well worth the watch imo, great pacing and char development. I wonder if you will be the 'binge all at once' crowd or 'have to split this up to mentally recover after every episode' crowd (I was definitely the latter)

  13. I find it really violent so just a heads up on that but other than that, as mentioned by the other user it has great pacing and characters. Choi Hyun Wook has some really amazing action scenes as well

  14. It's perfect for binge watching (short, simple, fast-paced and action packed, quite lovable lead characters) if you can handle the fact that it's a little more heavy on violence compared to most kdramas and it will make your blood boil quite often because bullying is the main topic

  15. I just feel like I need to voice my appreciation as well and to add to those praising Weak Hero... I hadn't felt such a rush while binging since King of Pigs. Like ... OMFG that was brutally awesome!!!! I must admit though, having watched King of Pigs, I kept on waiting

  16. Episode 1 was a bit slow because it had to set up the story of SJK. But by episode 2 you’ll be hooked

  17. And Lee El is supposedly going to be in it, she was amazing in My Liberation Notes and I thought about how I’d like to see more of her in future dramas. 😊

  18. some weird things I noticed in dramas… but May S it could be something lost in translation. Is it common in Korea to say “I’m going now” or “I’m going first” ?… Is there just no casual way for them to say “hey I’m out of here, see you later” or “Got to go, bye” ? Maybe it’s a silly observation I made.

  19. Not silly, it's something I noticed as well. I think in Asia many people say "I'm going first" out of politeness. Kind of saying "I'm going first, but you may stay here and take your time to chat/enjoy yourself". Saying "Got to go, bye" may sound rude/abrupt to them in a way like you're just going to leave them there with no explanation. Other people may be able to explain it better, but basically you're not wrong and the translation is accurate. People do say "I'm going first/now" in Asian languages (at least in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, and some Malay/Indonesian languages).

  20. A wild guess, but I wonder if it has to do with two ways of saying goodbye in Korean: 안녕히 가세요/annyeonghi gaseyo/"goodbye, go in peace" and 안녕히 계세요/annyeonghi gyeseyo/"goodbye, stay in peace." (I'll have to pay closer attention to the spoken Korean next time I see this translation in a drama.)

  21. Does anyone else feel like Netflix is kinda ruining how clean Kdramas are? I can no longer confidently watch it with family or friends. I also despise nudity and sex on screen and it's ruining things for me. I'm moving slowly to cdramas now but they're not remotely as good.

  22. Netflix originals cater to international/ Western audiences. In one way it's good for Korean writers/ directors who want a chance to create work that doesn't strictly adhere to home audience's expectations. It gives them creative liaisons and a chance to explore. And netflix originals don't follow the traditional drama structures either being shorter series and all.

  23. Ott dramas are usually less "soft" than local kdramas, but that's hardly something to blame on Netflix, it's simply related to the fact that ott platforms (like Netflix, tving and Disney+) have less restrictions compared to local tvs as they are not subject to any censorship from the government, which means that they have more creative freedom.

  24. I see your point and how it can be hard as a viewer to find dramas that are very "clean" of sex and sexuality these days. I can imagine people who used to freely have them on around their children think twice about it now. Perhaps college or high school dramas will tend to have less of this?

  25. Another thing to note is that a lot of the K-dramas being produced on Netflix and other OTT platforms are being made by movie directors so they’re accustomed to the freedom of not being censored on sex and violence. For instance, Squid Game is made by Hwang Dong-Hyuk, director of “Silenced”, “Miss Granny” and “The Fortress”. The upcoming Jung Hae-In Disney+ drama “Connect” is being directed by Takashi Miike, a Japanese movie director known for extreme graphic violence. The type of dramas they want to make would not be able to air on network or cable channels.

  26. The maturity ratings in Netflix state whether there is sex or nudity. Instead of shying away from kdramas altogether, why not read the maturity rating and avoid accordingly?

  27. No. The majority of Kdramas are not aired on Netflix and I can’t think of a Kdrama that has actual nudity in it besides My Name which was unnecessary.

  28. I think that everybody has different taste and there will always be entertainment that will just not be my cup of tea and it is OK. However, I find it sad when mature scenes are unnecesary and are only inroduced to give this extra adrenaline boost to the viewers.

  29. I'll upvote you! I totally agree that Netflix is taking away what a lot of us love about Kdramas. Or rather, they are providing a platform for Korean writers/directors to do stuff unavailable in their usual platforms. For me it's the profanity. Korean only has 1 (2?) "Swear words" and even when I hear no sekki, I see f bombs on the subs.

  30. Well, I’m just enjoying the development of the plot. Not worried about romance or not. I’m more interested in how he will take down the company and whether he will survive. In an earlier episode, his current mother (in the future), asked „ the family“ where they took her son. Which son is she talking about as in theory she only had one?

  31. I went down a rabbit hole a couple of years ago of PSY music videos, and I noticed that a surprising majority of his videos have him either sitting on the toilet at some point or including some kind of allusion to him peeing. It was enough to be notable. I guess he found it a funny thing?

  32. In episode 1 of One Spring Night, it seems that they agree to meet "the next time it snows" (as per the English subtitle). However, in the next scene, they appear to be meeting on the same day as they are wearing the same clothes and there's no real transition.

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