Kim Tan's Talk Time (Thursday) - [2022/12/01]

  1. Lee Min-ki’s character’s cat in Because This is My First Life would have to be the cutest cat I’ve ever seen in a K-drama (and this is coming from a dog lover!)

  2. The downpour of Spotify Wrapped posts on social media is making me look forward to MDL's stats of my own watch habits. There is something so satisfying about arranging my watchlist by year and ratings to see what I've enjoyed.

  3. as the airing dramas that i’m watching are combing to an end (love is for suckers and under the queen’s umbrella), i have no idea what to watch. i guess that’s the only good thing that came out from cheer up’s delays. i’m also in a rewatching type of mood, which is odd for me bc i usually hate rewatching stuff. but the urge to rewatch just between lovers, CLOY, happiness, etc is so strong

  4. For those wondering about THE FABULOUS, a release date has been confirmed - Dec 23. An early Christmas present (for those that celebrate).

  5. I had been excitedly waiting for Weak Hero to drop, and when it did I wasn't in the mood to watch anything dark, so I decided to put it off and watch it later. Yesterday, I was watching FMV’s and I somehow came across one from Weak Hero, and unfortunately ended up reading a major spoiler in the comments!

  6. I had only seen him in Moment at Eighteen and AOS(don’t remember him in DP.) I love him in AOS!! He really shines in WHC1.

  7. Do you need a lot of romance? Bad and Crazy only has a little romance, but it's pretty funny (for a thriller/psychological drama) with amazing bromance and both MLs are so hot I can't even.

  8. The Glory, the new drama with Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun just had a starting date announcement. Reading the premise, I immediately think of Lee Do Hyun's prior kdrama, Melancholia, with Lim Soo Jung. That also involved bullying in school, some revenge themes, and Lee Do Hyun with a noona love interest. I liked Lim Soo Jung's acting in

  9. her not very expressive face - no wonder, she has to be botoxed to the max. There’s no way she could get more beautiful as she ages without help. So she has chosen beauty and picks roles that don’t require too much facial expression. At least, that’s my theory.

  10. Same. I get melancholia vibes from this synopsis, and I am disappointed that Lee Do Hyun chose two similar themed dramas back to back. I can't say I have much of an interest in this drama, even though i love LDH.

  11. I’m currently watching If You Wish Upon Me and I really HATE the character Ha Joon-Kyung (played by Won Ji-A— no hate to the actress). She’s so annoying. I hate how she’s so manipulative and emotionally draining to Yoon Gyeo-Rye to the point she’d harm herself if he leaves her. I can feel Gyeo-Rye’s frustration.

  12. I'm warching Revenge Of Others, its better than expected. So much angst suspense and I actually don't know who the killer is. Also good actors, Shin Ye Eun is killing it!

  13. I watched the first episode of J-drama "First Love" and it is very confusing so far with the different timelines. Does the show get any better? I also found it kind of slow.

  14. LOL I am watching exactly the same as you. Took a break from Bloody Heart and finished Wednesday yesterday. Loved that they used Edith Piaf with no regrets and La Llorona as songs.

  15. Finished Do do sol sol la la sol I did NOT like it in the end. It’s mostly just goofy overall as a show, very silly melodrama and saccharine. It gets more serious as it goes. I was just interested to see where it went.

  16. I remember when the drama ended, there were 2 theories. 1. As you mentioned, she was imagining things. 2. She died and was reunited with him (the monologue makes this infeasible, as you alluded to) I wish the drama ended where

  17. Kim Hye Su has become a fave of mine and I've watched 3 of her dramas so far but she has that one acting tic I find kind of annoying, that one where she kind of cocks her head downward, raises one eyebrow and looks from left to right. I've seen it in UTQU and Signal so far, I'm sorry she's an amazing actress but it's so distracting for me

  18. Yes! I know the exact look. It’s funny you say that because Lee je hoon, her fellow co star in signal, has a weird tic too. I’ve seen him with it in more than a couple of dramas already, like 4. The only exception was when he guest starred on hot stove league, which was the hottest I’ve ever seen him.

  19. Just manage to catch up to Reborn Rich's latest eps, why does it feel like we are watching a villain backstory? haha just feel weird about the main character motives and moves

  20. I don’t know if I’m the only one but I find myself really rooting for Gramps. He’s cold hearted, but there’s still something humanizing about him. Maybe it’s because I love the actor.

  21. Might get flamed for this but did anyone else have issues with the editing of My Mister? I started the show a few days ago and while I really like the narrative and performances the editing is very distracting for me. They keep cutting to a different shot every 2 seconds or so for seemingly no reason and it honestly reminds me of that infamous scene from Bohemian Rhapsody except it's the entire show. It's my only gripe with the drama so far but it's a pretty annoying one to be honest. Can anyone tell me if it gets better at some point?

  22. I love IU and ML. I had to drop that show after the first 4 episodes. I usually love slice of life/slow burns. But that was a major slow burn. Also the camera cutting too. There too many side stories going on that I was invested in but kept on getting cut off.

  23. Oh yeah. I wasn't so much put off by it myself, but I know what you mean. Kind of a verite sort of style. Like lot of handheld cameras wandering around so the editing just overlaps in weird ways. It makes it feel more raw. I would imagine that your brain would just kind of accept the visual language as you go on, but if not yeah could be annoying. I'd stick with it. I really like where the show goes.

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