What Kingdom Hearts Opinion do you have that would leave you like this?

  1. I would've unironically been okay with I See the Light as well. Both of those songs should have gotten in over Let It Go and Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

  2. The fact that most characters that die dont really die not only undermines dramatic moments, but is also part of the reason so many people feel a "character bloat"

  3. Oh my god yes. I know KH is technically still a kid’s game but since KH4 seems to be going a darker route I think they should actually kill characters off. It would add so much more weight and tension to the story if there were actual stakes involved

  4. I feel the "character bloat" wouldn't be so bad, if we actually got games to play as the characters causing the bloat. They should give us a game where you get Axel, Roxas, and Xion. Another Ven, Terra, and Aqua game. A Sora, Kairi, and Riku game, etc...

  5. I think this is becoming a less of a hot take after the Remind DLC and the critical update. The combat is great and it's version of critical is my favorite in the series

  6. I mean, I did! I even liked the story regardless of it's flaws. I thought it was a great game and great story. My only iffy thing was the interactions at the end with the Organization members: Xemnas, Ansem SoD, and Xehanort all went out a little too... Happy? They all "died" basically saying along the lines of "it was great being your nemesis, I had a great time, I feel like were besties!" At least young Xehanort was like "I'll be back mofo!". Old Xehanort legit killed Kairi (in KH terms), Ansem literally tried to destroy the world in KH1, Xemnas had no issue having others harmed to further his goals, but then at the end everybody's like "hey, it's all good" lol

  7. Re:Coded was a good and underappreciated game. Don't get me wrong: it's not great, but they made a fun little adventure where every world had its own gimmick, meaning if you didn't like the gameplay of one world, it wasn't going to last forever. They even tried to improve on bbs's command system, which I always thought they did a good job with that overall. It hurt a bit to me that it ultimately was only mentioned once in 3 where you found out Sora already understand "hurt."

  8. I agree, many people dismiss it because it is "unnecessary" but I appreciate how honest of a spin off Coded is, it is just that instead of keeping important bits of the overall plot hostage behind a random game (MoM, Mobile...) I even think that Coded can be of a good refresher of the actions of KH1 because the game is relatively quick.

  9. Kingdoms Hearts is dumb, cringey, awkward, silly and at times I feel like I should be embarrassed to be so into as a 32 year old adult... but it just works. Everything that makes it bad makes it charming. Its like a really lovable himbo.

  10. I like Kairi, I love how "sassy" she is in the first game. She is strong in her own way and it's actually impressive how fast she gets people to trust her, (specifically talking about Traverse Town in kh2

  11. Kairi in Kh1 felt like a completely different character. Like bruh wtf happened? Lol. She used to be alot more assertive and sassy and would likely fit more now that she wields a keyblade

  12. I like Kairi too. She’s a great character that’s being so underutilized. It’s like we the fans keep getting teased when it looks like she’s going to play a useful part in the game and then nothing happens

  13. People don’t like Kairi? I’ve literally only just finished KHII so I can’t say anything about her in future appearances but I’ve loved her from the beginning

  14. I’m actually shocked on how many people don’t like Kairi. I just assumed she’s a character we all loved. She was always good character and give strong Aerith vibes. She’s also so crucial for Sora. Sora always used her or the thought of her as a driving force.

  15. I can never understand the people who call KH2 story "goated" like I love KH2 and I really enjoy the story but the plot just dissapears during the first Disney visits. Alot of people criticize KH3 implementation of the world's but then act like 2 was perfect implementation when it felt like filler there too. At least KH3 had org members in every world. KH2 has an amazing Beginning, Middle and End but outside of that it's good/alright. Nothing too crazy

  16. I’ve never understood it either but KH3 just didn’t even HAVE any plot progression during the Disney worlds. KH1, while very simple, easily had the best paced, most cohesive story. It’s been a downhill slope since then. I play KH for the gameplay and music, the story isn’t really much to write home about imo, and I say that as someone who’s been playing this series since I was 4

  17. Roxas (though I love him, he's my favorite character) had no reason to allear in 3, his arch finished in 2 when he reunited with sora. He had no loose ends, everything about him was wrapped up nicely before 3.

  18. I do agree. But I think the reasoning was more for the "happy ending" approach. Every trio was reunited, so Xion and Lea needed Roxas to return to complete their trio. The fact Xion and Namine continued to exist even when their original selves were whole kind of justified Roxas' return (Xion being made of Soras memories and Namine being Kairis Nobody, they both shouldn't really exist either)

  19. I disagree. Roxas not returning made sense if the notions of Nobodies being hollow beings without a heart remained that. But the narrative regarding Nobodies shifted from 358/2 Days where we see Roxas making meaningful connections with Axel and Xion until 3D where Xemnas outright states that Nobodies can grow an heart.

  20. While i absolutley agree, I think it has to do more with Sora than Roxas. Sora wanted everyone to be happy. He wanted Roxas to be his own person, even if Roxas himself gave up on that.

  21. Ansem the wise: A boy like him who touches so many hearts--- he could open the right door, and save all those people whose lives I managed to ruin. So many are still waiting for their new beginning, their birth by sleep. Even me.... and even you.

  22. Buuuuut now that he and Xion are back, I think they should retire so we can get a slice of life anime with them living in Twilight Town. No more keyblades. Just Roxas and Xion trying to live normal lives

  23. Would that not be a popular take? Sure some people dont like him but I thought he is atleast decently popular among the fan base

  24. Surprisingly, I never hated Deep jungle. It was fun, and getting lost sometimes dropped you in a familiar place, so it wasn't as hard to navigate as people make it seem. I absolutely despise Wonderland and NeverLand

  25. I think Ansem the Wise and Yen Sid are both jerks and don’t do enough to make up for the way they treated the Nobodies. I have been downvoted for this opinion multiple times before, but no one’s ever tried to change my mind, so I still have it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  26. Interesting take on the keyblades. I don't disagree on most the world keys but I'm interested in your thoughts about oblivion and oathkeeper as they are 2 of the most loved keyblades.

  27. Kairi sucks and shouldn’t suck. KH3 she was really on the verge of being a plot device and not an actual character. And after all that build up from the previous games.

  28. I second this opinion, I understand that FF versus 13 was nomura’s baby and he still wants to put that idea to good use, but the design is just too close to noctis for me, and I already don’t care for FF15 all that much. Not to mention everyone’s outfits are starting to use aspects of noctis too! Might as well make a sequel to FF15 if they like the design so much

  29. Same, I honestly don't care about Yozora or any of the Quadratum stuff, it's literally Nomura being salty and petty because his pet project got cancelled, and now he forces it here.

  30. I agree with the Repliku bit. I prefer the idea of Dark Riku being either Riku-Ansem, or KH1 Riku high off darkness.

  31. Anyone who has lost themselves can be found again by their ties to other people... except Xion, because [EFF] her, apparently.

  32. Arendelle was nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. Yeah, the whole musical segment was a little annoying on sequential playthroughs, but its nowhere near the WORST world in the series.

  33. I dont think Arendelle is bad because of the things you mentioned, actually I was impressed to see how technology advanced so far that a movie scene was rendered in real time with very little loss in quality. The issue is that the events of this world feel disjointed because of the corporate meddling it suffered.

  34. I would rather Aqua had not shown up in KH3 at all than for her to show up as she did, with her ass kicked three different times.

  35. Kingdom hearts story as a whole is written like a fanfic from a 14 year old anime fan girl who’s really into Disney movies.

  36. I really missed the little animations of KH1 Sora transitioning between areas like opening doors, climbing ladders, warping onto moving platforms, instead of the Looney Tunes transition out in every other game

  37. The story makes perfect sense for anyone who just makes sure to consider the themes of connections, doesn't make up their own rules like Nobodies returning to darkness somehow kills their real selves, and doesn't immediately give up on it just by hearing the words "time travel".

  38. I love Kingdom Hearts but they did such a disservice to fans by making UX and Dark roads a mobile exclusive. I understand from an accessibility standpoint it made sense and I would say that the stories in terms of world building and lore that were told in these games were fantastic. I had zero motivation to play these games and ended up watching plot summaries on YouTube only to forget a week later. The story for KH is so complex that it’s not really accessible to new fans. It’s such a massive undertaking for anyone looking to get into KH

  39. I love Little Mermaid's world in KH2. The music minigames are way funnier than that horrible world in KH1

  40. I've played almost every Kingdom Hearts game at least twice, Kingdom Hearts 3 is my favorite one, and I have 0 interest in Re: Mind

  41. In my opinion, Xion is the most pointless addition to the series and was created in order to justify 358/2 Days being a full game with a gripping storyline. You could erase her from the series (no pun intended for what happens in Days) and everything could have reached the exact same result except she wouldn't be there. I think they could have done more than enough with Roxas and Axel's friendship alone.

  42. BBS Trio is probably the worst Trio out of the Original Trio and Days Trio. Terra is just Anakin, but even more boring and gullible. Aqua is just a babysitter for the two and somewhat more boring.

  43. I detest Chain of Memories. Just everything about it. I hate it's horrible gameplay, I hate its story, I hate how 99% of it has no bearing on the rest of the franchise, and I hate the most how absurdly it is overhyped by the KH fandom.

  44. Saying you can't skip entries is completely dismissive off the recaps which are extremely effective and placed appropriately also the worlds are better when they aren't following the Disney stories and instead deviate

  45. Chain of Memories is actually one of the best in the series. From the story to the music to the gorgeous pixel art, the game is fantastic. And the card system which was so confusing and hated, while not immediately intuitive, is in practice not too hard to pick up, and is actually quite fun, and very innovative. (I currently am working my way through a slightless run.)

  46. Disney shouldn’t be so anal with their properties and give Square full creative freedom. Additional, final fantasy characters ARE just as much part of this franchise as Disney and shouldn’t be undersold because they want to deviate the two all of the sudden for original KH characters.

  47. Certain characters should have stayed "dead". Roxas, Xion, Ansem the Wise and Namine to be exact. Don't get me wrong, i love these characters to death (except Ansem) but i don't really understand why it was so necessary to be brought back

  48. KH2 may have stolen everyone's hearts, pun intended, but KH1 is superior in world building, Disney license implementation, and most importantly, World Traversal and the impact of leveling progression.

  49. KH1 is the only one that I’d consider a 10/10. The story flows so well, it slowly gets bigger and bigger. You start a boy in an island and end up fighting a huge heartless ship monster. I mean talk about development.

  50. not my opinion because I love him, but if I were to say Roxas is a bad character, then everyone would be at my throat. understandably.

  51. This happened to me once and it baffled me, when I said online that “SoRiKai is my OT3.” People were mad for some reason??

  52. KH3 was an awesome, fun game. It nails the KH feel and I think a lot of normies hate on it because KH started to become mainstream and they don't get it.

  53. 3 basically out did 2 nearly in everything yeah the sub is still trying deny it and act like 3 is the Kingdom hearts equivalent of Sonic 06

  54. KH3 is a better game than KH2 in so many ways, and the people who disgree are more than likely KH2 elitists who just want every game to be KH2 again.

  55. this is why I think 1 is ultimately the best game - 1 was masterful at integrating the Disney worlds into the greater narrative.

  56. Birth by sleep while a good game of its own is when the plot jumped the shark. It is also the game that makes the majority of the mainline games worse by adding hairdability to keyblades. In fact, a lot of the major plot points brought in birth by sleep make a lot of the symbolism and powerful emotion moments in Kingdom hearts 1 and 2 worse.

  57. I enjoyed the musical sections of Atlantica in Kingdom Hearts 2. Sure the songs were really dumb but I like rhythm mini games!!!

  58. Terra, Aqua and Ventus are forced into the story, are quite boring both in concept and execution, and you only like them because you simp for Aqua.

  59. I personally don’t care for the Riku and Sora ship. I only see them as really good friends. Then again, I’m not big on shipping in general.

  60. Blah blah blah, story is not that complicated. But that doesn't mean it's great either. I know it's a lot of people's "baby's first" shounen, which tricks younger/new to the genre people into thinking it's deep, but it's really not that serious.

  61. KH3 is the pinnacle of the series. It blends awesome gameplay mechanics from every previous installment perfectly to create an awesome combat system that far surpasses every other game in the series.

  62. Kingdom Hearts 2 is so overrated that it hurts. It's nowhere near the best game of all time, that a lot of people claim it to be.

  63. What makes the story of kh successful is the story themes as opposed to the characters because there’s not much to them.

  64. Yozora is out of place for me. People tend to not understand what i mean by this but yeah. I think he is not that interesting

  65. Physical storyline transformations are incredibly enjoyable. Lion Sora was super fun and adorable, shrunken Ventus was cool for exploration, the Wonderland mechanic too. Monster Sora was awesome too. At least two transformations per game would be perfect. Clothing sort of counts I guess but that's just cosmetic. I want the changes to be important and usable mechanics for the world.

  66. The wait for KH3 was 13 years long. Doesn’t matter when development started or how many games we got in between.

  67. Everything outside of 1, CoM, Days, and 2 have all been bad. The only reason I kept playing past them is for story and the story has come up short in comparison for every single one. Am I gonna stop playing them as they come out? No. But man, that original arc was really something.

  68. The Disney villains plot against Sora was perfect arch that just worked. They should have just continued that theme. Not having a Zurg apart of that simple villain plot was the biggest miss of the series.

  69. Waiting so many years for the game to come out and how modern game development short you with DLCs made me lose the mystique I had for it.

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