Is there any value in the original PS2 releases among fans? Or have they been left behind for the better HD versions?

  1. Kh2 non-final mix has lucky lucky on the winnie keyblade so there's actually a reason to use it. Without limit form some dm skipping cheese is gone.

  2. The original PS2 release is dubbed in german, the Final Mix only has cutscenes in english and I'm actually really sad about that because of nostalgia

  3. Another note about MP Gift, not only does he get it earlier, it also only costs him a single MP, and still restores 3. It's crazy broken, you can basically spam Ars Arcanum the entire end of the game

  4. And cut scene skipping. Especially on proud mode. Nothing worse than watching a 7 minute cut scene to get mowed down in 3 minutes over and over again.

  5. I don't even care about the difficulty of the Ultima Weapon Synthesis. Make do more grinding or secret stuff, whatever.

  6. It's more confortable to play on the remaster, but I'm french and the french voices didn't make it on the remaster... It's literally the sound of my childhood, so when I want the full flashback experience I use my good ol' PS2

  7. You can probably find a mod for pc to use the french voice clips in final mix versions. Though any final mix exclusive versions wouldnt be changed to french since they were never made in french

  8. Same for me with the german version. I really miss the german dub, for many Disney characters they used the original voice actors from the movies. For me as a child, that was awesome.

  9. Nostalgia? Original colors of heartless? Not much else. Playing at 30 FPS without all the content isn't really preferable for me.

  10. European versions were dubbed in the original release, but not in the Final Mix. So that could be a factor too. Otherwise yeah, not much reason to go for the original.

  11. The one aspect in this version that I value more than anything else is that the Ultima Weapon is a million times easier to synthesize than in the FM lol

  12. It's the version I grew up with and loved. Before the HD Remixes got a PC port, this version of KH was still notable for its midi soundtrack and unaltered faces of Sora, Riku, and Ansem that were changed to their DDD models. Of course, now that the game can be moded legally, the midi soundtrack can be restored with a mod in the HD version. Not sure if anyone made a mod about the original faces.

  13. There's pretty much no real reason to go back to the originals besides a few facial presentations in some cutscenes.

  14. I play the original PS2 releases pretty often, actually! I prefer the original soundtracks and they’re still perfectly playable. Also…nostalgia

  15. I wish there was a PC mod restoring all the KH2 OG stuff. Some additions are necessary but I’d love to play it with that soundtrack again

  16. I still play the ps2 versions of KH 1&2 every once in a while because they actually got a German dub! So that's a lot of nostalgia for me. The old versions of the songs also play into that. I love the new versions but the old ones will always have a special place in my heart. But admittedly, the old graphics are blurry and irritate my eyes nowadays, which is why I play the remaster more.

  17. Well.. The OG has some SFX that doesn’t appear in the HD versions due to having it reverse engineered vs ported. Good example is a LOT of sounds in Merlin’s cave in KH1. There’s also differences between games like KH vs KHFM has different ability learning levels and some treasure chests… Ultimate Weapon is easier I think.

  18. Additionally…if you wanna use a CRT or nostalgia? OG. Heck you can get translation patches for FM and FM2

  19. I didn't know about the lost SFX, do you know of any more examples? I haven't played the PS2 version in well over 10 years so I can't think of anything.

  20. Thanks to Square Enix still selling the ps2 versions of 1, ReCoM and 2 on their website, I got a copy of each. Even if I never actually play those versions, sometimes I'll open up 1's case to look at the disc I saw a lot in my childhood. Reminds me of simpler times.

  21. I prefer the PS2 versions because it has french localization for every Disney characters with their original Disney voice ❤️

  22. Honestly, for me it was one certain sound effect that I cherish in the originals over the remixes. When facing Final Xemnas, the sounds of his Ethereal blades shooting from his hand are more frequent when he uses them compared to the final mix use of the sounds, it makes the fight seem harder for some reason.

  23. For KH1 specifically, original colors of heartless. That's how I first played it and those designs are still the norm for me.

  24. The original versions were translated with all the original voice actors for French, Spanish, Italian etc...

  25. My wife only had the first one on PS2 and got stuck on Clayton in the Tarzan world for a long time before we met. I had never played any of the games. I helped her get past him and she eventually beat the game, I bought her KH2 so she could beat that as well.

  26. One thing a lot of people are leaving out (and maybe don’t realize) is how the Final Mix version rebalanced KH1. The FM team for 1 made a lot of changes to the game, but a lot of them were bad. I think the worst offenders are the inclusion of Leaf Bracer and the ways they changed Synthesis. Overall, the original KH1 is a better experience unless you specifically want the couple of extra scenes and one new boss fight.

  27. Keep in mind the Japanese version didn't have some of the extra bosses. So for them they would be missing Ice Titan, Sephiroth and Kurt Zisa for their original PS2 version. We probably had one of the best version without all these extra synthesis materials and keyblade nerfs but still keeping three of the four extra bosses.

  28. There were many new Heartless variants added to FM, as well as some completely new ones. Defeating them is integral to gathering the necessary materials to craft the Ultima Weapon. That said, the forging of UW was considerably easier in the original KH.

  29. Original KH1 is more enjoyable on a replay because the changes to the crafting and enemy system in the original Final Mix make the game far too tedious

  30. Other than nostalgia and the old color palettes that some prefer there isn't too much. I did go back and play PS2 KH2 a few years ago and it was kinda fun experiencing the game before some of the balance changes that later versions got. Getting explosion for beating Agrabah 1 was wild.

  31. Sure, they’re still great for what they were. But the final mix’s and the remasters on PS4 are truly the definitive versions of these games. Everything great about them was plussed, to coin a phrase from Walt.

  32. I haven’t played it in over a decade, but the thing about OG KH1 and 2 that I appreciate are the original Heartless colors. I honestly hate the Final Mix colors and wish they would have changed them back or had an option in the HD versions.

  33. Yeah, the annoying thing is that the OG colours are used in pretty much every other game. Re:CoM, Re:Coded, 358/2, KH3, MoM, need I go on?

  34. i still play mine! luckily my ps2 still works, my ma actually took care of it when i got older since me and her used to play video games together when i was a little kid.

  35. I like the ability progression in original kingdom hearts 1 a bit more since they changed what abilities you get each level in both the remixed versions

  36. Playing the original on crt is worth it for the visuals, the first 2 look amazing. Also if u speak Spanish the Spanish version is only available on ps2, bought it for my wife's birthday as she's fluent and it's really interesting to hear the translations. (She translates as I'm still learning...)

  37. As someone who still has the PS2 versions of KH1 and 2, tbh the final mix versions are just better. You’re not missing out on anything major or critical playing it on a PC or a PS5 vs a PS2. The extra content and better gameplay makes it more fun in the newer versions.

  38. I love the original PS2 version, it was my first KH and, when another German is here I hope he/she will agree, that the dub in German was fantastic and never put in the HD series

  39. think the only reason that I know people still play the original KH2 is to exploit that one bug to get a nohit bossrun on the lingering will.

  40. PS2 2FM is still the GOAT, and I prefer KH1 and KH2 PS2 start screens. Additionally, BBS PSP uses different menu sounds than BBSHD and sometimes they legit hit different/evoke different themes of nostalgia. Lastly, DDD3D has some jank to it that DDDHD doesnt and better reality shifting on account of it beibg dedicated to the second screen

  41. It's a lot easier in vanilla KH1 to get the Ultima Weapon and in all honesty the added content in KH1FM is not totally a lock to get over the original.

  42. Right? KH1, KH2 and ReCom are like $35 total max. Even buying Japanese copies is super cheap, I just got a KH1 FM on PS2 from Japan the other day for $15

  43. I will always prefer the og KH2 because the Sephiroth fight is harder, the game in general felt more difficult, final mix felt like baby mode

  44. I only played the ps2 versions until recently when the hd releases came to pc. It was like playing a different game, in a good way, the games look absolutely gorgeous in HD.

  45. I only replayed kh1 and 2 as much as i ever did because i didnt have a next gen console. Finally got a ps5 last year so i didnt need to replay vanilla anymore. Nostalgia may pull me back but not rn

  46. Some fans will enjoy it. But if you really wanna play this game just emulate it or make a repro disc. Only die hard collectors or people who this game meant a lot to will want an original physical copy.

  47. Gameplay, and nostalgia of course. The original versions are balanced differently. Final Mix added a lot of content and made meaningful balance changes but some were kinda dumb

  48. I play my PS2 copies every once in a while for the nostalgia. Not being able to skip cut scenes sucks, but Ultima is easier to synthesize

  49. No real reason to anymore. Its inferior. Proud is the highest difficulty, you get fewer secret bosses, and you can't skip cutscenes.

  50. Thats definitely the case for all titles, but I find the extra content in KH1 isn't as significant. kh2 Is a whole other beast though.

  51. I know my friend REALLY prefers the original Heartless colors (I, frankly, don't get it). Also I think I've heard the occasional person saying they liked the camera better in the original? *Shrugs*.

  52. They are harder to go back too. Especially kh1. Not that the camera is great in the final mix version, but it better then the original imo

  53. The lack of up/down camera movement does indeed suck, but its not as bad as you think. Makes platforming in Deep Jungle horrendous though.

  54. I prefer the original soundtracks for sure, plus it was much easier to synthesize the Ultima Weapon. I grew up playing the original, so of course I prefer it...

  55. Gonna be a contrarian and say no, there's almost no value in the original compared to the Remix. Like, are we really not gonna talk about the absolutely fucked camera controls in the original?

  56. I play my all old games on their original consoles. Obviously this isn't an option for everyone, but my husband and I were lucky enough to have been able to hold on to our old consoles and games. We currently have :

  57. Its definitely up in the air which is more accessible. On the one hand PS2s are still relatively cheap second-hand because there were so many produced and KH1, KH2 and ReCoM are all very affordable games for that platform.

  58. The Ultima weapon is significantly easier to get in the original IMO, but it's worth the grind in final mix just for the sheer dedication it takes to fight the pot scorpion 70 times for the equivalent of 4 mythril

  59. Not really any point in the originals, especially for 2, KH2FM is almost an entirely different game with way better balancing, a lot more content, and the HD collections add 60 fps and 120 if you're on PC

  60. I kept my ps2 copies from childhood out of attachment. But recently let them go as I was getting out of collecting for ps2 and sold them for someone else to enjoy.

  61. I was okay with KH on ps2, but after playing KH2 for so long then jumping to the first one, I could never get used to the camera and had to relearn all over again. Getting KH final mix on ps4. I would replay that more than my ps2 version just because of the camera being on the stick than the L and R buttons. KH2 final mix, albeit happy to see the newer stuff, about the same as I normally would play on ps2. I never saw the newer cutscenes (or have and never saw the translations) before they got dubbed in english, so once I got final mix, the minute those cutscenes came up, I immediately sat up and paid attention. I still do have my ps2 versions of those games and hold them dear to my heart… even keeping a save file on kh2 just to practice against Sephiroth.

  62. For me personally, next to nostalgia and the original heartless colours; The PS2 Games had beautiful German voice acting! (Obviously, I'm talking about the German USK/PAL Version since I'm from Austria) I am still salty that they stopped dubbing to German when the Games came to PS3. Took me a while to get used to the English voices. So they have a very special place in my heart.

  63. The originals are products of their time and are still enjoyable. The HD remasters are far superior quality of life improvements and content. I still have the classic games. Nothing beats booting up your PS2 to play these classics again.

  64. I value it. I still own OG copies of Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 7. These games literally were my childhood. I didn't make my first friend until I was about 14-ish

  65. I miss some of the OG heartless colors. For example, I still believe OG soldier looks infinitely better than the recolour. Other than that though, I don't see a reason to play it over the rereleases.

  66. So, not really lol. At least in my opinion. PS2 isn't really around anymore, those disks were so prone to scratching imo. One thing I will say though: I will forever like the OST over the FMST. Night of Fate, Hand in Hand, and several other musical pieces sounded so much better in their original form, the FM versions just didn't have the same vibes

  67. I had fixed my PS2 and gotten a PS2 to HDMI adaptor to be able to play, not just Kingdom Hearts, but Kingdom Hearts 2, the Jak series, Metal Gear Solid, the X-Men Legends series and so many more great games. I have over 100hrs in KH1 and still have my save from when I was a kid.

  68. The original german synchronisation was super good. It had all the original disney voice actors. The Remakes doesnt have it :( My guess would be that this is similiar to other countrys

  69. Well I think the soundtrack for KH2 on ps2 sounds as good if not better than the new remixes. I actually prefer land of dragons music and tension rising on the ps2 than on PS4.

  70. On my birthday. I boot up my kh1 and 2 files and just walk around twilight town and traverse town in my first 100% files :)

  71. I honestly just don't really feel the same gameplay experience when there isn't Sora reciting the "Thinking of you" poem each time before I start playing

  72. I have original KH & KH2 with my ps2 in storage. To me it’s priceless. I also have the HD versions and while I was so happy to pick them up when they released, there’s something about having my original copies that makes me giddy. Like my emotions and memories are attached to KH but like… they’re also attached to the controller I used for years that’s missing the cap on the toggle, and the game case that’s dented, and my giant ps2.

  73. Personally KH2 on the PS2 will always hold a special place in my heart. It was my very first game I owned of the KH series. The Remixes are wonderful don't get me wrong but I love myself some nostalgia and I always think that the original will be superior. But that is just my biased opinion. 😁

  74. I used to play 1, 2, and Re:CoM at least once a year for years on the PS2, and i probably still would if I had a tv to hook it up to. The games are still good, but they are missing the enhanced content so you have to just accept them for what they are.

  75. I was recently forced to sell my ps3 and ps4, but I still have my ps2 and 1,2, and re com, so I’m really glad I can still play these masterpieces

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