How to lane as Kogmaw?

  1. Use W a lot, poke with W, try to use your superior range to bully them away from the wave when possible, be mindful of minion aggro when poking

  2. You can't answer this question without knowing your matchup. Laning is highly dependent on your support, the enemy support, the enem adc and then also all of their actions/playstyle. If I lane against a Cait and I have to leash and she doesn't, I know for sure I won't hit lv 2 before she does, so it's gonna be an afk farm lane at tower until I reach Level 3/4. If you play against a short range adc and a melee support then you can try to push for lv2 and harass them with your Q and W. If you're not really confident in your mechnaics/kiting etc. then I would suggest you to play really passive and only cs when it is safe. That way you can and will still be valuable for you team in mid/late game without feeding to much.

  3. Is it okay to use W for poke/harass when you are playing with an engage support? They would be entirely useless for like 10 seconds and that’s assuming they even play around your cooldown, is that worth the poke or would it be better to maintain high threat and let them take the lead?

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