This is what I think of microdosing.

  1. "dude, why would you want to trip balls on your only day off? All you're going to do is lay around while staring at the ceiling and listen to music. "

  2. Same. Macrodosing is awesome but logistically tough sometimes. Microdosing just enhances whatever im already doing (chores, museums, social event, whatever)

  3. Same but I would just consider that a light dose then, a micro dose has a specific meaning and it’s supposed to be sub-perceptual (usually under 10ug) I often take a quarter tab or half tab to enhance whatever in doin

  4. I don’t understand why people can’t microdose for whatever reason they choose. People that have taken psychedelics are supposedly “open-minded” but most of them just end up thinking they’re enlightened and shitting on anyone that wants to go down any other “mainstream” path in life.

  5. I'm noticing more and more stirrings of people who are into psychs disliking microdosing and honestly it bums me out so much.

  6. How about "microdose to maximize productivity at a worker co-op and then tumble spheres once per month to free your mind or whatever"?

  7. in my uni, the minor wants to raise awareness on drugs and crime. Watch me give the best speech while on lsd

  8. I always do this on shrooms, comes in bursts one moment to another it's like the worst thing just happened to me but I'm not sad mentally it's like my body just wants it out

  9. I just went too far man, I can perceive my existence as the 4D construct of soul and no 3D experience satisfies me anymore because they're all literally illusions to me now.

  10. I felt the nature of emotions during an intense trip, and now I WANT (not force myself to want) to put my experience aside, just to make sure that others are happy. I don't think they understand the importance of happiness, so I feel like I should grab their hand and help them see that good matters. And that not being happy is more scary than one might imagine it to be.

  11. Wasn’t there a study that came out recently that showed evidence that microdosing was at best a placebo effect?

  12. I view it from a therapeutic perspective, it's been proven to help getting rid of depression, anxiety, increase mood, productivity. And yes that can apply to productivity on the workfloor. But isn't it the ultimate goal to do something you love in life?

  13. Id love to drug every silicon valley bastard with like 2000 micrograms in their coffee all at once. Honestly everyone in California hahaha. They'll forget all about their stupid corporate goals

  14. Dude, everyone is already way ahead of you. CEOs be doing ayahuasca now. California is psychedelic as fuck.

  15. I’ve heard of quite a few tech startup CEOs getting arrested for LSD use a little while ago. They use it for exactly what this post is saying lol to boost productivity and get new insights.

  16. I mocrodose that I feel better and to help my brain change faster not for anyone elses Profit! Bit do whatever you want ;P

  17. I do both. I love big doses, and I also love feeling “flow state” productivity. I’m aware it makes a large corporation money; at the same time the joy I get from absolutely destroying my job responsibilities (and more), while building deeper connections with my coworkers and direct reports is worth it. It’s certainly a performance enhancing drug at microdoses, and also has the ability to free your mind at larger doses.

  18. Hey, if you get geeked before work, but the drugs make you more productive, bosses ain’t gonna say shit unless it’s obvious.

  19. By doing small amounts of lsd/mushrooms, I maximize my happiness, level out my bipolar disorder, and my brain is better equipped to repair the damage done by depression.

  20. What annoys me is I want to do both,but can't because I have way too much tolerance to microdose after tripping

  21. Using any kind of drug to enhance your productivity is abusive behaviour and as bad as using drugs to escape reality.

  22. The people who escape reality get nowhere in life and the productive people reap the benefits of their productivity There are literally people who macrodose recreationally I’m sure microdosers will be fine especially if they are actually working towards something in life

  23. i feel somewhat similarly about those tech guys you hear that did acid before their success. like damn you had that experience and then proceeded to become a capitalist nerd? kinda lame.

  24. sure some people do that but a lot of people do it for a buzz. my homie took a cap before we went snowboarding last time and we had a great day

  25. I love tripping my non existent balls off but microdosing works for me as well. Tried tons of meds for my depression and anxiety but found that microdosing works better than any of them. I like to do a cycle from time to time. Fuck being productive for someone else, I just want to not succumb to stress and fear.

  26. Cherrypicking extremes, while entertaining, is not necessarily representative of the spirit of a movement. Are all microdosers trying to optimize their output for their tech jobs?

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