[Tenant - Canada - Ontario] landlord trying to change lease terms during lease renewal

  1. Just refuse to sign the new lease. There is zero reason to sign a new lease in Ontario once the one year initial lease has run its course since the landlord can't end it unilaterally except for a very short list of reasons. Your landlord attempting to skirt the rent increase rules in this way is illegal. They can't stop reimbursing for the bill components you aren't responsible for because that was part of the original agreement.

  2. You can choose not to sign, but once you go into month to month then the landlord will have the opportunity to terminate your tenancy depending on your local laws regarding terminating month to month. Your lease would be a good place to start on what might be a follow up action once in month to month.

  3. In Ontario, the landlord can only end the tenancy for a very short list of reasons. Landlord wants to move themselves in, or significantly renovate or demolish the unit. If the tenant isn't doing anything wrong, they can basically stay living in the unit until death.

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