The man who recruited migrants for flights to Martha's Vineyard says he feels betrayed | CNN

  1. If what the man in the article states is truthful, then this is not LAMF territory. From what he says, it sounds like he was misled and lied to as well. I hope this whole sordid affair is able to be revealed in detail and those who perpetrated this abduction are punished. At that point it may be that this man indeed was appropriate for LAMF, but as of right now, I don't see it.

  2. I mean, its called a conspiracy for a reason. You just happened to be too poor and too unimportant to not face the consequences.

  3. Not LAMF. Article itself says the recruiter didn't know he was helping a political stunt and was convinced his actions were helping migrants get food and lodging. The opposite of LAMF really.

  4. I couldn’t even finish that article. This is beyond awful. That poor man and those poor migrants. This isn’t LAMF. He was lied to, manipulate and betrayed. It’s just sick.

  5. No leopard supporters are having their faces eaten. It's not an unheard of tactic to lie about giving support to someone if they get others to play along. This guy was used as a tool unknowingly. Not his fault he was lied to.

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