Cranbrook, British Columbia

  1. Disrespecting those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom and theirs? They don't deserve to live here!Dump them in international waters and tell them to swim to another county of their choice. GTFO Shitbag.

  2. Personally, there's no evidence it was them, more likely to be someone setting up a false flag type move - either way it's a horrifically poor, this week of all weeks

  3. A generation that has lived too long, grown too soft, and become utterly foolish under the freedom that the people whose names on that wall sacrificed themselves for. A pathetic shame.

  4. I hope they catch the vandals that did this and have a sit down with them, because any punishment other than teach them (that the memorial here has nothing to do with Covid and their are other things in life than just the virus) would have no effect.

  5. I’m left leaning and fully vaccinated but this is disgusting. I hope they find those vandals as much as you do- disrespecting those who sacrificed themselves is terrible.

  6. This is fucked up on so many levels. The person who did that is should have their hand cut off, they don't even deserve to be able to write. I wish we had more severe corporal punishment. Maybe then fuck heads wouldn't do things like this.

  7. This is the word to describe this act - it’s more than vandalism, rather a complete lack of disrespect for whole communities and cultures.

  8. Nothing like dishonoring the people who fought for you. Need to start making examples out of people like this when caught to make a point I think

  9. Remember in the nineties when they beat that kid in Singapore (or somewhere) for spraying graffiti. Other countries get some things right.

  10. This does not surprise me at all, living in Canada. A lot of the vaccinated here like to jerk themselves off 🙃

  11. I saw this post on mildly infuriating. Most of the comments were saying it had to be a right winger trying to make it look like a lefty. Aside from the fact this was in Canada according to the article I saw, their belief that “nobody is that stupid” I found to not be based in reality. Yes, people are indeed that stupid.

  12. Vaccination was never about health or safety for the vermin in the Left. It was always about claiming moral superiority so they could feel better about their sad, myopic, superficial little lives

  13. Someone that couldn’t just keep their fake opinion to themselves and hold it in any longer they had to go commit a crime to scream it even more.

  14. I can't imagine the stupidity of this person. The real heroes left their warm comfy homes and their families to fight against an enemy hundreds of miles away from everything they have ever known. Some faced loss of life, being torn apart, burned alive, harmful chemicals, or maiming. This is disgusting.

  15. You know what’s wild in the discussion on the leftist sites about this they’re saying it was conservatives who did this just like how “proud boys were pretending to be antifa at protests.” They’re so fucking delusional it’s actuslly scary. Do they not remember how known antifa members were dressed up as trump supporters on January 6? They’re the ones that do this kind of shit not us.

  16. I would like go say things that would probably get my entire account removed. Let's just say this makes me.... upset.

  17. Global News quite literally ran a segment this morning where they said that anti-vaxxers were responsible for this. Anyone else hear that?

  18. This was posted on awful everything and as you could imagine, the vaccinated are saints and would never do such a thing. That it was an unvaccinated just trying to make the good guys look bad....

  19. Wtf are you talking about. Why all the down vote do you honestly believe that someone who is unvaxed did this to make the vaccinated look bad. Like that’s is some big conspiracy against the vaccinated. This was some left wing nut that did this because they believe there are heroes.

  20. While the image of this makes my gut twitch, my eye brow raise, and telling the people over this "we should really install a few hidden cameras at this place" now come to mind... Honestly, I am getting tired of this whole debate. People are people. We are taught in society that everyone is equal, everyone is the same, all people have rights. Now with COVID, it's turned into a medical civil war basically.

  21. The KGB did some studies in the 60’s about how long it would take to brainwash the masses… 2 months 🤯 it took only 2 months but I’m pretty sure in 2020 we beat that by like 6 weeks Insanity at its finest!!!

  22. And they’re prob no cameras to have identified the person who did this either. Why would there be? In a day when National monuments get vandalized regularly by liberals .

  23. The punishment for this wannabe hero is giving them boosters 4 thru 10 in one afternoon since there are no vaccine side effects. Thanks for your service “hero”

  24. Canada is a dump but BC is something else. This is literally the land of the wokest wokes. On the other side in Mtl I've seen similar graffiti but a bit different : "in Canada you can change your penis for vagina for free. Fuck Trudeau". That one was great.

  25. Just bide our time folks. When power transfers we can do things that will pass Constitutional muster so we don’t ever have to deal with these bullies and Marxists ever again.

  26. I wish memorials like this had a permanent guard like the tomb of the unknown soldier. Keyboard warriors like whoever did this act tough and revolutionary on Twitter or in the middle of the night, but face to face with a real person, they won’t say or do shit.

  27. This isn’t left vs. right. It’s just downright disgusting. For people who do this sort of thing there is no debating with them or arguing on the merits. They are just hateful spiteful people. And they call us deplorables SMH.

  28. So taking an experimental vaccine jab somehow makes you a hero... I hope these stupid fucking people isolate together in their band of la la land of insanity and leave everyone else alone who want to experience freedom

  29. Guess natural immunity from having survived the disease is <<< heroic than mindlessly submitting to be a guinea pig to a vaccine that barely works at all

  30. Its a fucking flu you retards! I wish they would be told that jumping off the highest bridge would destroy the right hahaha

  31. Yeah these “heroes “…remember your a hero for getting your dick chopped off. At least in the medias eyes. Ignorance is now appreciated. They can be told how to think, when to think it and of course how to vote! Ignorance is the only disease we need to worry about.

  32. Im from bc. Alot of us are wondering if it was actually pro vaxxers or the anti ones we have here doing that. Were hoping video footage will give us something to go on soon, and yeah we all want this person or ppl to be found cus fuck them

  33. This feels like a false flag or someone trying to stir shit. Another attempt to keep tensions high and have us at each other's throats. There has to be footage of jerk that did this.

  34. Just to play Devils advocate, seems like it would be a great hoax crime perpetrated by someone against vaccine mandates. Someone could have taken a page out of the Smollett playbook here. For the record I have not gotten the jab. Holding out for a better option than the MRNA vaccines available in Canada. Has anyone looked into the Nova Vax here? I feel like it shows promise if I ever want to be able to join in the fun again.

  35. People who are anti vaxx are that way for a reason, the same reason that makes them see the value of people whose names are on that wall.

  36. Whoever did this succeeded in what I can assume is their only goal, to perpetuate animosity between the common people. Keep everyone bickering while the "elite" turn every single aspect of our life into a commodity.

  37. Hmm perfect spelling.. that's signs of a phony leftist. The real lefties can't spell vaccinated due to the stress of spelling such a long word, so they tend to abbreviate.

  38. I so wish the highest upvoted comment would be from a lib/leftist who trolls this sub that would say something to the effect of: “While I believe in mandatory vaccination, I don’t condone the asshole(s) who vandalized this memorial of ppl who sacrificed their blood for our country. That’s just shitty behavior.” I expect too much.

  39. Don't fall for it folks. This was most likely just a POS troll who is trying to stoke further division. Most liberals and conservatives I know are decent people and would never do such a thing. This was almost certainly meant to encourage hatred against an entire group of people and not some statement of morality from an idiot liberal.

  40. I mean, there’s a solid percentage of the left that actually support the vax being literally forced on everyone

  41. There’s a subreddit with 400,000 people who enjoy bullying people dying of covid...there is a lot of not so decent liberals out there

  42. Its sad because i dont even blame them, I blame the people who convinced them this is the right thing to do.

  43. Can someone explain to me why the white pole on the right looks shaven down when it gets close to the graffiti?

  44. Watch this be basically a staged event, they will get caught and turn out to be in the anti-vax camp, allegedly attempting to frame the vax lovers...smearing us further.

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