Refund in store credit unwanted

  1. A department head or ASM can do a paid out and put the money back on your card. They can get reimbursed by corporate for the merch card through the cash office.

  2. It has to approved first now (apparently) my store lost $5000 because a similar situation happened. Purchase was pushed to a Lowes store credit but ASM didn’t get the okay from corporate before doing the “paid out”. Money from store credit was not given back to store and store was out $5000 cash. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  3. Technically a department supervisor or above can do a paid out for it but then they’ll get their asses chewed bc we really not supposed to do that. As far as corporate goes, you’re SOL, bc corporate gives much less of a shit than local stores.

  4. Isn't performing an R/R with store credit without customer knowledge or consent in the first place worse than overriding a refund to the original form of payment? Lol

  5. My question is why wasn’t the refund/rebill done through the exchange process as to avoid the customer not being able to get their money back? refund, F6 save, rebill should have allowed the original card to still be credited. Sounds like whoever did it was lazy or didn’t know what they were doing.

  6. If it's anything like my store, only two or three people even know how to do that (because no matter how many times I try to show people how, they insist on doing things the dumb way), and even if they did, half the sales specialists will pitch a fit if you try to do it because they had one issue with it three years ago (which was their own fault for not putting the new invoice under the right customer info) and now just assume it'll be a problem every time.

  7. Nah, we need a variety of complaints. This is legit. I'd say on average customers have more legit complaints than the employees on here. The ones that want to use ebay coupons are just funny

  8. As long as your original payment was made by cash or check, then you absolutely should push for a cash refund. The fact that they refund/refilled on a merch card and thus will cause a little extra work is on the store, not you. Ask to speak to a manager and then if store management will not do it, then get the ph# of the district manager and run it up the flag pole. In the end it WILL be approved.

  9. This is why I always told people, if they do a refund rebill they need to invoice the return credit and use it to rebuy rather than doing it the lazy way and refunding to a merch card and then using that merch card.

  10. They can give you cash instead of the merch card but it's 100% not possible to put it back on the card you paid with. That's the end of it.

  11. They absolutely can.. they just don’t want to do the work of finding the original invoice since they rebilled it without ur knowledge.. it will most likely need a ASM override but it can be done. They’re just being trifling about it. Don’t take no for an answer.. ask for the overall manager of the store, not an ASM. If finding the invoice to refund properly is too hard for them, they can also do a cash out payment under customer satisfaction reason.. don’t listen to them. As a head cashier I’ve seen it done all the time.

  12. Call customer service, they can find the original receipt. Someone knowledgeable can find the refund/rebill receipts as well. C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E. Not corporate. Your issue isn't that important.

  13. Clearly the customer service desk doesn't have knowledgeable people, otherwise they would have done it correctly. Also finding the receipt isn't the issue. Sounds like they found it. The problem is the receipt says it went to a merch card instead of credited to the customer's card. We already know this, they don't need to look up a receipt.

  14. Dog, did you read? They did a refund rebill without the customer present so they saved the funds for the rebill. It's no longer possible in any way shape or form to refund back to the original payment. Best we can do is give them cash instead of store credit.

  15. Appreciate all of the responses. To answer a few of your questions. I used my own personal credit card to make the purchase. The special order range was supposed to take 3 weeks to get to the store. This was back in February. Sometime in March they realized that there was a mistake and the range was never ordered. They tried to explain to me that the sales associate used an old system to ring up the transaction instead of using the newer "redvest". The ASM said that the old system did not order the range so they had to refund my original order which was put on a merchandise card and then they used the merchandise card to reorder the range using the newer software. This was not made known to me until this past week! Now the same range is on backorder with no ETA.

  16. They are BSing you. They can pay you on cash. Someone at the store will end up getting in trouble cause they got caught not doing it right the first time. Not your problem. Don't settle for any less

  17. If there's no store manager, ask for the number of the district manager. If you told us the store number, I'm sure someone here could find that number for you.

  18. Refund/rebills should always go back to the original method of payment. It sounds like someone went through with the process without fully understanding what they were doing. I have to process window treatment reorders all the time and never have we put money onto a merchandise card. And we NEVER process refunds without first being contacted by a customer’s installer or informing the customer what needs to be done. Something went wrong here, and contacting higher management might be a good idea

  19. Crazy, this exact same thing just happened to me. 3 week delay, finally cancelled. Waited for the refund and didn't see it. I called in and they said "it says shipped". I was like what?

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