I feel like aftercare is more annoying to do than relaxing. I still do it because health, but I don’t really enjoy it like some people here seem to

  1. Ever since my parents found my care kit and took it away I’ve just resorted to yeeting then pulling down my sleeve. Whatever happens with those cuts is between them and god

  2. I’m like 5 months clean but man last time i yeeted I just went at my legs, put some pants on and let Jesus take the wheel for the healing 🫠 don’t be like me kids

  3. i don't know if it's because pretty much all my cuts are cat scratch level but sometimes the only reason why i relapse is bc i wanna take care of myself in a medical way??😭 idk it's kinda weird, but as a child i was obsessed with doctors/nurses, hospitals etc so being a nurse to myself and not being afraid to mess up someone else's body is kinda fun to me- but for deeper cuts, other than getting stitches i don't know much about the aftercare process so i would really like to learn more abt it!!

  4. I don't even do that lol. I just keep an eye on things until the bleeding stops then I completely ignore it. I rarely even hit styro so I don't think it's a huge risk. I should probably be more hygienic with tools though, cause I reuse them a lot and don't sterilise anything.

  5. its kinda annoying when the steri strips dont hold cuz its too deep and gaping, or when the strips dont stick because it wont stop bleeding...but i remember times where i used to enjoy the aftercare idk why but yeah, now its just annoying

  6. Yeah my strategy these days is wait for them to mostly dry, stick a bandaid on em, and wait a few days to take em off. It's worked for me

  7. i love aftercare it gives me more to distract myself from whatever but fuck anything that isnt shitty kids bandaids costs so much. makes sleeping a bit more comfy too with the right stuff idk. also dont wanna freak people out at work and school

  8. I don't even wash my cuts when I'm relapsing because I figure I. Not suicidal but if my immune system isn't strong enough to survive an infection it's just natural selection and I'm ready to go

  9. I don’t have any medical equipment at home so the most care I can do is shove two pairs of cotton boy shorts (they’re unisex Idfk why they’re called that) on because it’s tight enough to stop the blood running down my leg.

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