MAGA Nazis love to paddle kids

  1. Yup, I was frequently paddled in school as a kid for not sitting still or for "having a stupid face" when I'd grimace. I have Tourette Syndrome but that wasn't diagnosed until I was an adult.

  2. I think they just want to touch kids’ butts. I mean it’s pretty obvious that’s the goal here, they’re just legalizing their pedophilia and I will not be convinced otherwise. Feel free to spread this around thank you

  3. Just look at what they want to do to little girls using trans kids as an excuse. Wake the fuck up, idiots, your politicians know that children don't get sex reassignment surgery, yet they want to lift up little girls' skirts "just in case".

  4. “I got hit as a child and turned out fine” * literally the most unstable person you know who is given to fits of rage with no emotional self regulation *

  5. That would prolly be assault 🤷‍♀️ but not when teachers do it to little kids, apparently? 🤷‍♀️

  6. USA never stopped abusing kids with disabilities. There's a school that uses cattle prods on autistic children. My only hope is extreme laws like this which effect groups not typically oppressed might trigger nationwide bans on child abuse.

  7. When I think about teachers spanking kids I think back to my high school. A boy from Afghanistan joined the school. 16, spoke almost no english and he was STRONG. He had been doing fairly extensive hard labor almost all of his life, he was a builder and a goat farmer/herder so he had the stamina to trek up pretty hard to climb mountains without issue. He was strong and he had stamina. One day a bully decided to punch him, so he proceeded to beat the shit out of the guy, while 4 teachers, not old, and all pretty healthy tried to pry him off, and even then he only gave because he saw the guy was already messed up.

  8. I mean they never seriously believed masks are traumatic for kids. With these people, their objection is always “but I don’t wanna!” but then they pretend it’s about some noble deeply held value they have.

  9. They just want to groom your children with paddles for their underage Christian themed sex dungeons.

  10. You know this was done just so they can have an excuse to touch kids and for when the pictures of them beating trafficked children show up. I was molesting them or beating them, I was just being a good teacher.

  11. They just want to touch kids legally. MAGAts are perverted scum that have no place in our supposed to be civilized society. That is the REAL reason they can abuse kids in school for “disciplinary reasons”

  12. according to these weenies, masks are an oppressive, government over-step that violate our individual autonomy. however, forced pregnancy and forced birth, stripping women of their bodily autonomy, and criminalizing reproductive healthcare for women, is all well and good and is in no way an oppressive, government over-reach. these maga weenies’ contradictions make my head spin.

  13. They're too stupid to understand that if you teach kids you deal with your problems by using violence that you end up raising them into violent adults.

  14. I wasn't spanked as a kid. I was beaten. The end result turned me into a violent psychopath, by the age of ten. At thirteen, I put a sophomore in the hospital, simply for making fun of my friend. At 16, still on juvie probation, I snapped and broke my abusive father's arm and rib with a bat. In the Corps, oddly, I finally realized that my abuse was turning me into the abuser.

  15. If a teacher touches my kid with anything other than her hand to pat him on the back in encouragement I hope she has a good lawyer.

  16. They need to apply holes in the paddle to account for wind resistance. That way they can ensure maximum effort with the least resistance.

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