My (27F) husband (33M) is at a concert right now while I’m at home with our kids (6,7)

  1. My husband spent this past weekend playing the Call of Duty beta with his brother and friends. The only time I interacted with him was during meal times lol.

  2. My wife is currently 2,000 miles away from me at an all inclusive resort where she and her friend have unlimited top shelf liquor and an ocean view room. She'll be there for another 4 days or so. Then, she'll be with her friend for another few days after they get back from the resort to unwind and have some time to reconnect (it's been 6ish years since they last got together).

  3. My husband is going to a gig of a band he absolutely loves and making a weekend of it with his brother (I can't remember if he's seeing them live before) at the end of November. I'll be 4 weeks away from my due date for our first son and he was questioning for days whether or not he should go incase something happens like spontaneous labor or something. I've insisted he go and I'll keep my legs firmly closed until he gets back. He more than deserves to have one more wild night before parenthood hits him. I'll be more than happy at home with a big bar of chocolate and all the tv I can manage lol

  4. My husband got offered a work trip for three weeks out of this month to freaking Alaska!! Baby is 4 months tomorrow so it's been a bit difficult for me here, but he gets back on Saturday and we survived lol! He got to see some beautiful trails, and moose up close on those trails! I grew up north of 60 and haven't gotten to take him to my hometown yet, so I'm beyond excited he got to experience some of my childhood

  5. I kind of have the opposite problem. My husband and I have been married for over 20+ years and I love him. We’re both introverts. He works from home and doesn’t leave the house unless it’s with me. We have mutual friends but neither of us has ‘buddies’. I’m grateful that he’s not out cheating or doing crazy things, but I do wish he had friends to go have a good time with.

  6. I can totally get that. I get time to myself too of course. I spent 2 days in Vegas with my sister in law (his sister lol) and we just spent the day shopping and pampering ourselves and chit chatting. We make sure to give each other some of that alone time we need. I’ve not done a girls night out yet because I am so involved with the kids, and I work 2 jobs remotely right. I don’t have a whole lot of social time, but when I want it, it’s never been an issue. :)

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