Drop Giveaway Day 7 - 3x Expression Series Prism Keyboards

  1. Edit: Aaaaand winners are now selected!! Thank you all so much for participating in this week of giveaways - I had a blast doing this and hope it was fun for you too. :) Alright, winners! Congratulations to

  2. This is the final giveaway. And I would like to thank this opportunity to thank you for doing this kind of activity. Thank you for giving us a hope of winning something. Even though I didn't experience to win one of your giveaways I still thank you for doing this. Thank you for your generosity. Hoping and praying that God will bless you more sales and so on. Thank you for sharing your blessing and thank you for being a blessing to each and everyone who participated to your giveaways. Boss Drop, you are appreciated. Thank you so much!!! 🤝 Till next giveaway

  3. Dear diary, it’s been 7 days. I’m tired and parched but the rng gods have yet to bless me with a giveaway win. When will this end? When will they be satisfied?

  4. Y'know what? Last day of giveaways, it's time to get a little crazy. I'm gonna go ahead and give a DCX BoW keyset to the first five comments today. :)

  5. Just snuck in with number 5! :D Congrats! Doing the first five comments today since it's the last day of giveaways. :) I'll PM shortly for details on the DCX BoW keyset!

  6. Just to try to predict the rule thingy. I've been listening to a lot of gorillaz and arctic monkeys lately. Specifically rhinestone eyes and do I wanna know.

  7. I commented on stjh's response - going to do the first five comments today. :D It's the last day of giveaways, need to celebrate in any way I can! I'll be in your inbox soon with details on the DCX BoW keyset!

  8. Eyyy, you're number 4! I commented elsewhere, going to do the first five today in honor of the last day of giveaways! :) I'll be PMing you shortly for details on the DCX BoW keyset!

  9. My dream outdoor/weather experience is honestly visiting an ancient forest while it's foggy and so atmospheric! There is a crazy beautiful one here in England, Dartmoor! I hope I get to experience it one day and the stars align for me and bring the wonderful misty weather while I'm there 😍💞

  10. Hi! It's always good to see a new keyboard! I'm having my pc upgrade later this year so it would be good to get a new keyboard

  11. I thought I had a really good chance at winning the previous one, but I don't think it worked out, Hoping this is my lucky entry!

  12. It's hot and humid here - yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far. We're drowning in our own sweat, but looking forward to thunderstorms tonight that will break the heat.

  13. Current weather is sunny with a high of 30°C. All week will be rain with a chance of thunder showers. My ideal weather is mid twenties with a nice breeze and sunshine.

  14. Currently in Korea visiting family, and it’s peak monsoon season in mid to high 30 degree heat. Its been pretty unbearable tbh

  15. Current weather: hot and dry, with almost no rain the last month. But beautiful. Only thing better would be if we had A/C!

  16. The weather here in seoul rn is absolutely drab. Its forecasted to rain for 10 days straight and its 30+ degrees Celcius ): I really want to go hiking outdoors. I wanted to go up the dobongsan trail (a famous hiking trail) here but alas the weather doesn't permit me to. Hopefully it becomes dry and pretty cool weather soon!

  17. current weather, well stable I guess 23-25 celsius, haven't really checked because I am literally looking at keyboards online all day lmao

  18. Decently warm weather if I'm inside a house, but not too warm - like around 20C, if I'm outside, especially on the beach I'd hope for about 25C

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