21F [Friendship] is anyone out there?🌺

  1. This is just my opinion but if you just got out of a relationship maybe just focus on yourself for a bit and find out what it is you really want to improve about you’re life, while having a partner is always nice it shouldn’t be you’re cruch ether.

  2. Seems like that's what she is looking to do. Having a friend to talk to doesn't mean she's focusing less on herself it means she is looking to move forward with someone to help her navigate and someone to possibly vent to and share with that won't judge her and isn't in her inner circle. Sometimes a stranger is better than your best friend when it comes to sharing the personal stuff. My opinion ✌️

  3. I got out of a long time relationship not to long ago. Support is always amazing I would love to help support you. I’m a great friend and I’m in need of a friend as well.

  4. Im going threw my own little heartbreak nd after 5 years i should move on. I feel like we have some stuff we coupd vemt to each other abut hit me up sometimr

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