Spookiest Mike Patton songs??

  1. Yep this and The Director's Cut are prime Patton horror esque albums. Also his work on John Zorns album IAO: Music In Sacred Light, but Zorns made it very hard to find any of that stuff, all taken off youtube which sucks.

  2. Bridge to the Beyond from John Zorn’s “The Gift.” Between Patton and the eerie theremin, it’s a winner.

  3. DEP and Mike covering Come to Daddy is a good one. "I WILL EAT YOUR SOOOOUUUUUULLLLLL!!" (Irony is a dead scene)

  4. Don’t forget the entire album “A Perfect Place!” That’s the definition of Halloween right there!!! It won’t let me link the album itself so here’s the search link for the album! 😉

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