I can’t decide what looks better & I need an opinion

  1. If they wanted to use the warped planks , I'd recommend changing the log type on the floor with more blue tones (but not nether trees). Maybe dark oak?

  2. I'm building a project in my survival world with around 1000 blocks of tunnel so might have to steal your design

  3. (Not storage) I chose the barrels bc I like that there’s more design in them with the black lines, I will try the stripped logs later

  4. Barrels look better in my opinion. I think it helps connect the room with the log strip in the floor.

  5. I mean they both look great, but the barrels could be used for storage too, maybe for some random blocks that you don’t really have a specific chest for ;)

  6. They both look alright, your floor design clashes HARD. White floor edges with dark everything else looks odd. I think replacing the diorite with andesite would do the trick

  7. I personally vibe with the warped planks but it's really up to what everybody else thinks! It'll look good in the end because you built it and I believe you can always build amazing things!

  8. Unrelated, but you can place an item frame and an anvil on said item frame on the same space as a torch to create a torch holder.

  9. Depends if you need storage or not. If you need storage 1 is great, but I really like the warped wood version.

  10. They’re both quite nice, why not combine the two and have a cross of barrels with warped planks surrounding them? Throw in a couple of stripped logs also

  11. I really think barrels it just fits the vibe but if you do the planks you would have to change the floors and if you change the floors you have to change the colums on the wall and in my opinion that way too much work so i would stick to the barrels

  12. I think it’s really a matter of preference… I personally like the look/feel of the warmth of the brown… especially with the dirt ceiling…

  13. So I’m not done yet, I was gonna pick the ceiling once I finished the walls, so the dirt isn’t staying. I am leaning more towards the barrels

  14. Ya gotta figure out your roof along with it. Barrels look good as it currently is but thats because they go with the dirt.

  15. I’m making a ravine into a base so this is going to be the tunnel throughout the whole thing. Probably will go with the barrels

  16. Warped wood IMO. I tried to exclude the dirt ceiling. The diorite and spruce combo makes it a weird combo. If you use maybe stripped warp logs with the warped wood it would look way cooler

  17. i prefer the second one bc it’s one of my favorite colors and i love the contrast but personally i would change the type of log (maybe try acacia bc i think the grey would fit perfectly). I guess it also depends on what you’re planning on doing with the roof. i noticed it’s dirt and if you’ll leave it this way, barrels might be a better option.

  18. What i would do is change the pillars to bottom block barrel and 2 striped spruce on top change stairs to spruce and do warped planks mixed with warped logs as walls and change the spruce line on the floor to striped warped log and change the diorite to spruce planks and the ceiling I’d make and arch using spruce slabs and on every pillar add a spruce stair as support ( but that’s how I would do it but you do you man )

  19. I really like the warped planks but I’d suggest switching out the middle logs for something like colored glass or sea lanterns to match. The barrels look very nice :)

  20. It's the warped wood for me. Pair it with an interesting ceiling and you have a cool hallway that leads to an alchemy/enchanting/Nether room

  21. I think it comes down to the overall design of the room. If you’re going for a more rustic vibe, barrels. If you’re wanting something more fantasy/mystic then warped planks.

  22. I would choose barrels, and if it was me, I would add spruce signs across barrels, and put the barrels sideways.

  23. I think the first one, the deepslate and barrels look really good and go well together as opposed to the deepslate and warped fungas. It also depends on your roof aswell.

  24. I prefer warped if you're mixing it with deep sleep but since the ground uses like Spruce logs I think the barrels fit better

  25. Barrels feel better, plus you can hide your precious stuff there. Maybe add a sculk sensor far behind one of the barrels surrounded by wool to make a secret entrance, that would be neat asf

  26. Both are pretty different. If you’re going with a medieval/more normal vibe then definitely the barrels. If you want something crazier or more colorful then the warped planks. You gotta change up the floor though the diorite doesn’t really match either one

  27. if you go with the barrels, please for the love of the gods, makes sure they line up. The top row of barrels are facing down which makes them not line up with the ones facing up

  28. Maybe try a top and bottom row of barrels with a center row of warped planks too… I have no idea how it’ll work, but it seems intriguing

  29. One is good. Maybe change the roof to arches though so it feels more spacious and looks slightly better. Also, maybe add some texturing to the floor such as adding some calcite, smooth quartz and white concrete powder.

  30. The barrels would be perfect especially in the sense that you can also use it for storage. And I think it’d look better if you added spruce trapdoors on the top and bottom in each section of the wall

  31. I don't know if you're keeping the dirt ceiling, but if you are: barrels imo. If you aren't, work that in before you decide if you are still on the fence.

  32. What are you talking about? Warped can work so well with this depending on the ceiling, which is dirt rn. I’d pick warped and make a ceiling that works with that

  33. I think either the barrels w something on the wall occasionally (as it is kinda plain w so much similar brown everywhere), or the warped and change the floor log. Though neither look bad as is, thats just whatd id prefer if i were doin it

  34. go behind the wall and place the barrels against the stairs. making the bottom texture face the hallway. One of my favorite textures in the game

  35. Oohh I think the blue looks really nice!! The barrels are a good idea though I’m sure you could find somewhere else to use them

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