Does anyone here work two WFH jobs?

  1. I don't have 2 full time jobs. I have 1 full time wfh and still have consulting clients on the side. Scheduling meetings gets complicated. My full time job adds me to meetings automatically. I don't know how people with 2 full time jobs navigate meetings.

  2. Same, and I have scaled back my side-hustle consulting because scheduling meetings gets complicated, and it also got overwhelming to have days full of meetings at my day job and then roll into a second set of meetings in the late afternoon/evening or on the weekends. I enjoy the extra cash from my side hustle but don't want to put my health or relationships on the line to get it. Fortunately, my side-hustle money is "fun money" - we don't need it to pay any bills - so I can scale it up or scale it down more or less at my convenience.

  3. This is my situation as well. My consulting client is my old employer, and they know that I'm only available for a set amount of hours and that I am unavailable during 9-5 bc of my FT gig. I needed approval from my FT gig's ethics dept to have the consulting gig. I try to cap my consulting hours at 6-8 hours wk so that it doesn't take up all of my free time.

  4. Tbh I barely manage my meetings with my 2 jobs 😭 I just cancel or have quick meetings that I can take during my workday during my lunch break

  5. In addition to the overemployed subreddit to get more info about pros and cons, I will mention that my current job did a background check on me which included verifying past work history. Could they have uncovered other employment had I been trying to hide it? Not sure. Keep that in mind!

  6. There's a whole overemployed subreddit that would give you plenty of resources and advice. It seems like a common theme for someone to have a primary role and pick up a secondary role that they kind of half ass for a few months before getting a new secondary role.

  7. While this is an excellent idea there's a world of difference between juggling two jobs at home during regular business hours, and giving up some free time to physically attend a job in a thankless industry and the worst season (this is Karen season...)

  8. I do not, and I would not have two full time jobs. My actual career job is way too busy (client-facing, so tons of meetings on short notice and an expectation of very quick responses).

  9. As a hiring manager, we just had someone try to do this. We said: we like you, but we need you to be working for us for 8 hours a day, and be available for meetings around this time. If you have a second job that is totally asynchronous and you can work at different hours, we can’t stop you, but we will make you sign a second employment agreement. Second employment agreements will become more common if people abuse this.

  10. I did have 2 jobs wfh. Different timezones though. Maybe that’s an option for you? If you are in the east coast, finding a job in Australia or New Zealand can fit your schedule pretty well. That’s my case.

  11. Feel free to ignore if this is too invasive but how much do you make at each job...? This is fascinating to me - glad its working out for you!

  12. thank you for sharing! this is exactly why i believe i can make it work — i am so good at my current job that i end up with a lot of downtime. i've always been very professional and great with deadlines and time management, so i truly believe i can pull it off. it's very helpful hearing from others who are actually doing it!

  13. I have a FT job and a sidegig (about 6-7 hours a week), but it pays so well I essentially bring an extra paycheck in each month. They know I work FT and that I normally do not answer slacks or emails right away. They also don’t care when I do the work just as long as it gets done. My only conflict is one weekly meeting that happens during normal workday hours. It’s great bc I do the second job when I am usually chilling on the couch at night watching tv!

  14. I would take on a side gig instead. There are lots of contract roles out there, some where you can get close to FT hours, without it being as sketch. Or just normal freelance work allows you to scale up and down depending on your free time.

  15. This is my dream but I can't do it right now. But when I can, I 100% am going to. Lookup the overemployed reddit for tips on how people are managing/responses they have when things go haywire! I think it's genius. These companies don't care about us. So why should we care about them? (within reason)

  16. Yeah go for it. I’ve been doing it for a year. Stop telling people about it though especially people who know where you work.

  17. I currently work two WFH jobs, but my second one allows me to set my own hours so I never get too overwhelmed. I usually will work my second job two times during the week and then on Sat/Sun. It hasn't been bad but like I said, I only work it when I want to so that helps. My first main job is M-F 9-6

  18. I have been working two full time jobs for just over a year. Both are wfh, and both are senior software development roles with similar skills/tools.I originally had the idea at the start of the pandemic, but it took me over a year to gather the courage to take the risk. Of the select group of people I told, most thought I was crazy for trying, a few were intrigued, and some assumed that it would be impossible.

  19. I have 3 WFH jobs. I'm a single mom with 2 kids and I've always worked 2 jobs always both in office. After COVID hit i knew i wanted to wfh so I landed a WFH job with a lot of flexibility. A fews month later i saw that could work around that schedule so I found another job in my field that allowed me to WFH 24/7 up to 40 hrs a week. Then i saw on twitter about all these ppl in tech working multiple jobs from home making a bag lol. I found another job on the west coast which I've been at for a month. So overall I work my 2 FT during the day and my other job whenever I want. I personally think that if you work from home you absolutely should work 2 or more jobs. My work load isnt crazy at all, but i guess it depends on your field ( i work in clinical research).

  20. If you are going to do that please don't take a job where your work is billed to a client or a specific project, while timesheet fraud is something that not often prosecuted it gets very messy when you have a client that got billed for those hours.

  21. Legit curious - how could it be timecard fraud to work two jobs? Especially if OP is exempt and does not track her hours?

  22. The overemployment trend will bring about the end of WFH, and I am here for it. I dislike WFH and I think it is unethical to hold more than two jobs that you’re doing during the same working hours.

  23. I think you’re being downvoted because of the disliking WFH comment. At least, I hope that’s why. I am kind of shocked at the no. of comments here that say “oh yeah go for it”. I agree with you that it is extremely unethical to work two jobs during the same hours. Of course, if you have a flexible schedule that allows you to fit in multiple jobs in the hours of the week, that’s fine. But to tell 2 employers that you’ll work for them in the same timespan? Unless all parties know about it and agree with it, I think it’s taking it to a next level of deceit. Very unprofessional.

  24. Oh gosh, I am so bloody busy, exhausted and tired from one job, can’t imagine managing 2. Even when I was just ‘on call’ when someone was taking over my old business while I was moving into employment again, my primary job was all consuming of my time.

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