Those that make over $150k a year - what is your job title, education, and years of experience?

  1. 30/f Merchant Mariner on deep sea cargo ships (deck officer / navigation officer) I am not in the navy I sail for merchant American ships. I work 4 months off and then have 4 months completely free (other ships have shorter schedule).

  2. This is what my grandfather did and he eventually worked (and studied) his way up to a captain position! For most of his career I think he did 6 months on and 6 months off, so he ended up starting an agricultural business in his “spare” time.

  3. Wow this is amazing! I agree with the others, I would love to see your money diary one day. I was a competitive sailor growing up and I used to dream of going to SUNY Maritime for college (alas my life took another path) but I’m still so interested in the field!

  4. My dad was also a Merchant Mariner. In the 1980s he was pulling in 6 figures as a captain. It's a damned good job, but it can be hell on the family if the marriage isn't already a strong one.

  5. Global team manager at a pharmaceutical company. Some college, no degree. Been a manager for going on 4 years. Was an operations supervisor in marketing access at the same company for almost 3 years before taking this role.

  6. Gah, I wish I was capable of getting a PhD. I’m an LCSW, have been in practice since 2015 and will probably never make anywhere near that amount.

  7. I am looking to pivot from a support tech role to the implementation or product management side of our bob, how were you able to transition? Any tips or actions to take? Also, if it's okay, how much are you making now as a pm?

  8. I’m entry-level in comms, pivoted after a short career in journalism, any advice on experience that would be good for me to build if I was interested in moving up/management?

  9. Senior software engineer. I’ve been a software engineer for 7 years. Liberal arts degree. Career changer (nonprofits to tech).

  10. Sr. Data scientist, Bachelor ("average/good" school) and Master's (top ranking school), 7 years of experience (not including grad school).

  11. Did you do grad school immediately after your bs? And do you think you need it for a sr ds position? I'm trying to figure out if I've hit a cap in my career without a masters. ($105k + stock + bonuses so I don't quite meet OP's criteria, 5 years experience, DS job title)

  12. What were your degrees in? My cousin is finishing a phd analyzing networks among authors in published journals, and has decided there’s no future in academia, but doesn’t know how to position himself.

  13. I am an attorney (partner in a small firm) with 15 years experience. I have a BA, an MA and a JD, all from flagship state universities.

  14. Was it hard to land your job or would you say the political experience helped? I’m hoping to go in-house one day (currently government attorney).

  15. IT Program Director- Bachelors degree in Marketing , 10 years of project management experience, of which 6 years is on the technical side

  16. Senior acquisition manager. 155k northern va. Undergrad poly sci and masters in cyber security. 30 years old

  17. I am a Software Engineer with <1 yoe. I changed careers earlier this year (from fundraising/grant writing) and have unrelated Masters and Bachelors degrees. I definitely made the right choice.

  18. That sounds really interesting! Did you self learned coding? I’m looking to change careers from content writing to programming by learning on my own free time.

  19. I’m currently in grant writing and fundraising as well - how did you pivot from that to software engineer? Certifications? Courses? Very curious!

  20. Account director at an ad/marketing agency. BA in Communications and BA in International Studies. 8-12 years experience (depending if you want to count internships/on-campus work)

  21. VP in PR. Finance focused now but wasn’t always. Private liberal arts bachelors in marketing comms. Graduated in 2014 so eight years of experience. If you count internships and in-field jobs, experience closer to 9-10yrs. Started at 40k in 2015.

  22. Lead content strategist at a global consulting firm with 15+ years of experience. I have an unrelated liberal arts BA from an elite university and a liberal arts master’s degree that I am still paying off. I did not anticipate or plan for this career; I kind of fell into it.

  23. Can I ask what kind of hours you work? I work in strategy in government/healthcare and have been interested in the switch to private sector consulting but worry about the work load.

  24. Director of Technology at a biotech (basically both data science and IT), BS in chemistry, 10 years experience combined across my current role and a previous role with tangential experience in a related field

  25. I work in law firm administration at a regional law firm. Previously a lawyer for 10 years, so I have my BA and JD from state schools. I personally don’t think you need a law degree to do my job, but very few law firms would hire someone without a JD for this role.

  26. Salesforce Administrator, 4 years direct experience (10 years of total barely-related work experience). Bachelors degree in Business plus a bunch of fluffy, cheap certifications recruiters are impressed by to show continued education, but hold no real academic weight.

  27. Would you say your current role uses your IntDev experience? Interested to know if it's possible to reach that salary so quickly in service design without it.

  28. Clinical scientist. I have a PhD and about 10+ years in basic research ( this includes grad school and postdoc). This year I transitioned to pharma and have absolutely loved it. So much better than academia.

  29. 3yrs of experience as a mental health counselor at a group practice. MA in clinical mental health counseling. Just became independently licensed in March. Year two was a little over $150k after taxes etc.

  30. Would love to know about this transition from journalism to product! Exploring this now. How did you get your first project re? TY !

  31. Chief Operating Officer. I have my JD but it’s not necessary for my position but very helpful. I’ve only been in the role a few years but prior to that I worked in compliance in the federal government.

  32. Masters in accounting. 8 years of experience. Worked my way up to VP and do mostly management role work now. The best part is that I love the work. The high part is a bonus.

  33. 38F, Executive Director of Project Management. Took a “demotion” from VP to move to a smaller company. I am in entertainment (streaming media localization and distribution; like the files you watch on Disney+).

  34. Oh, wow. Can I ask how you were able to get into PM as a sociology major? I'm also a sociology major in customer Success trying to pivot to PM.

  35. Senior Software Engineer, unrelated education but grew up around computers, just reached 5 years experience last week!

  36. Technical Writer at a large tech company with 5 YOE. I have a BA from a good but not great private research university. 180k total comp.

  37. Senior product marketing manager. 4 years experience and studied bachelor in business. Was making $60k fresh grad and now at $235k after jumping from Fortune 500 company to tech

  38. I’m just starting in product marketing and would love to learn more about your career progression

  39. Manager, advisory management consulting, bachelor's of science in economics, 8years in consulting w two years asa business analyst before that

  40. Data analyst team lead but doing more data science work, somewhat unrelated bachelor's in biology. 2 years of experience in this area but 5 at current company.

  41. Senior Talent Development Manager in healthcare technology. I have a dual degree in History and Politics and have worked in the space for 8 years.

  42. Business Systems Analyst at a FAANG company. I graduated 12 years ago with a Fashion Merchandising degree and have worked my way up by accepting a Planning Analyst role at the HQ for a department store and getting on the analyst path from there. It's been a wild ride, but glad I learned SQL and traditional business analyst techniques.

  43. 190k total comp. Product manager in tech. Less than 1 year of experience in PM, 9 years of total work experience. Degrees in social work and business.

  44. 35/PhD/ years of experience counting the PhD 12/ senior researcher. I did not know people in education could make this much. I do education research and am on edtech. The only other time i made this much was when i was an education research consultant and was self employed.

  45. In the company (banking and finance, IT division) address book, I am Vice President Delivery Lead. In reality I'm a project manager.

  46. Commodity trading consultant here. Have 20 years experience in oil & gas and flipped to a consultant 10 years ago. My original degree is in accounting which I used for maybe a few years. Recently received my 2nd degree in computer science so I can switch to be a developer. My income is around 200k.

  47. Can I ask what kind of company you work for? My husband is a video editor with 20+ years of experience and makes significantly less.

  48. Senior director of market research, about 14 years of experience. BA in Sociology from small, private liberal arts college, MPP from bigger name private university. Last year was my first year over $150k.

  49. Sr. Manager of Continuous Improvement. BS Chemical Engineering from a well-known private school. 8 years experience.

  50. Bachelors degree in Social Sciences. On the People Team and I am a career changer many times over. I am relatively new to the space but have been in an adjacent field for 14+ years.

  51. My title is Associate Director, Information Governance, I have a MS in library science, and I have been in the field professionally for 22 years.

  52. Marketing manager in pharma. Bachelors degree in a tangentially related field. Just under three years of experience. Roughly $190k total comp.

  53. Sr. Library manager in pharma. Majored in history/economics. 25+ years of experience in public, academic, and corporate libraries. $170K.

  54. If you own your own practice and charge 25%-30% of first year salary for your placements, and if you’re hiring for six figure salary roles, you could get to $150K relatively easy.

  55. Physician Associate. BA then masters degree. This is my 6th year working. Pay varies a little but will be above that 150k mark this year.

  56. 28 years old, consultant, PhD in psych (+ a MSc and BSc in psych), and ~1 year of full-time work experience (while not enrolled in school).

  57. I have a BSc in psych and have been in recruiting for 8 years but want to make a career change. Do you mind sharing the firm and what kind of consulting?

  58. Government advisory /tech. 10 years. >$300k total comp. Bachelors degree and a lot of switching jobs to climb the ladder.

  59. Travel Emergency Room/Crit Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. BSN, MSN, MPH. 7 years of experience. Depending on how much I work (typically around 9 months out of the year) I’ll make around 200k.

  60. Senior Account Director at marketing agency. 24 years experience in financial marketing. English major at State School, minors in studio art and the consumer and advertising. 170k salary/15kish bonus/8,500 profit sharing/safe harbor 401k

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