In "Everything Everywhere All at Once" (2022) the IRS auditor (Jamie Lee Curtis) appears to be inspired by a stock photo of an actual IRS employee.

  1. So I'm an auditor (not for the IRS though) and the butt plug "best auditor" trophies were absolutely genius. Had me cracking up.

  2. My girlfriend and I watched it knowing pretty much nothing about it and I am so happy we did. I didn't even know the genre so I thought it was going to be along the lines of Parasite after the first few minutes.

  3. It is used as an algorithm to get a man closer to an alternate reality where he knows kung fu in order to have the combat skills needed to stop the main character by shoving it up his ass.

  4. It’s a shockingly juvenile attempt at humor. This shit movie’s filled with it. Idk why everyone loves it to death but whatever…

  5. I’m still confused what an IRS auditor is and why the awards look like butt plugs (I’m not American so be kind).

  6. In the US, we file taxes by essentially listing all of the income that we got for the year, and all the reasons why we shouldn’t have to pay taxes on some of it from a long list of approved reasons, and then send that paperwork to the IRS along with our payment of whatever is owed (or we wait for a check from them if our paperwork says we overpaid during the year, which is common).

  7. I watched this whole movie without realizing that was Jamie Lee Curtis. I thought it was a really good performance, and was impressed with the small time actor I assumed she was! I felt dumb when the credits rolled. I have seen Jamie Lee Curtis in everything from Halloween to Fish Called Wanda to Freaky Friday to Knives Out.

  8. Another interesting tidbit about Covington, KY. Shirtless season starts one month earlier than across the Licking River in Newport.

  9. How is that not creative? They found a picture of an actual IRS lady and thought 'how hilarious would it be to make Jamie Lee Curtis look like that?'.

  10. I mean it's not like anyone in the movie industry has ever met anyone who works at the Internal Revenue Service.

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