i just finished season 1 and it was absolutely incredible.

  1. Envious, those reveals are amazing. Don't give up if season 2 seems slow in the first half, everyone seems to get stuck there the first time through.

  2. I actually quite loved season 2. I loved thé slower paced character and world development in the first episodes. Still have problems watching the puke scene though.

  3. Being in here for the final season weekly episode chats was easily some of the most fun ive ever had on the internet. This sub was absolutely teeming with energy and theories of what will happen.

  4. yea like the others said, get outta here until you finish the whole series. it’s so worth it. i ball my eyes out every time i rewatch

  5. Seriously hang in there for Season 2. It takes a little while to get to the big reveal, but it is 100% worth the wait. All four seasons are excellent IMO, people just complained a bit that Season 2 dragged a bit compared to how relentless the pacing in Season 1 was.

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