Tenacious D — Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover) [Rock]

  1. The original video for this song was as close to porn as (most of) us 90s kids could get; right up there with scrambled videos

  2. What I remember is Chris I talking about how intense it was filming it, rolling around with a naked model. He was kinda caught up in it and at one point she just kinda asks “so when’s lunch?” and his little singer songwriter heart was broken.

  3. This is why i missed the point of the song. I don't always pay attention to lyrics and thought this was a super sexy song to add too a mix tape i gave my girlfriend at the time. I cringe so hard when i think about that.

  4. It's such a visceral memory when that video would come on when I was watching TV on a Sunday morning before church... I felt something weird and I didn't understand what for a few more years.

  5. I was living in san francisco when the super bowl came through a couple years back, it was a fucking shit few weeks, for a football loather especially, with all the added traffic and tourist fuckery. Only upside was all the big monied companies throwing parties and shit around town. Was walking by the embarcadero with a homie smoking joints one day and stumbled on a free Chris Isaak concert. It was just him but I got secondhand boners just from puberty nostalgia for that video.

  6. Tip of my tongue: There was a late-night show on VH1 that would play steamy videos. This was on regular rotation, along with Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted”. Can’t think of what it was called.

  7. There was a show on VH1 that would play very sexually charged videos for like an hour that would come on right after school would let out. Wicked Games would always play. Cradle of Love by Billy Idol too.

  8. It was a part of my sexual awakening. Too Funky by George Michael, Free Your Mind by En Vogue we’re two other videos I immediately remember.

  9. They’re honestly just 2 WILDLY talented musicians. It’s a shame they’re also too god damn sexy and get blacklisted by the music industry.

  10. If you ever get a chance to see the Kyle Gass Band I HIGHLY recommend it. They play in dive bars around LA a few times a year as well as tour occasionally and it is an absolutely fantastic show.

  11. It's been decades, good lord, since I wore their CD out in high school. It's been too easy in intervening years to look back a little dismissively on their obvious massive talent, passion (and of course dongs). Probably because of all the dong jokes. Which I used to love. I still do love a good dong joke (but I used to too).

  12. I hear that they bail on shows last minute fairly often (week of). This is very hard on ticket buyers, venues, staff, etc who were counting on the date happening.

  13. Right? He did a short War Pigs cover years ago on The Tonight Show that was pretty good - would love to see him do the full thing. This Wicked Game was much more raw and unplugged though!

  14. Agreed. Wicked Game is one of the best songs of all time and this is an 11/10 cover. Despite how the haunting chorus is the most identifiable part of the song, the verses are also spectacular and as a big Tenacious D fan I’d KILL to hear a full version of this

  15. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but this isn’t very good… it just sounds off and his voice is super corny…

  16. I got into an argument with a friend one time because he couldn't wrap his head around the idea that Jack Black was actually an incredible vocalist

  17. He is, but at the same time i hear his voice and i can't quite shake the feeling he's saying something funny.

  18. Ever since seeing the end of High Fidelity, when I made the exact same face as John Cusack when he sang uh, I wanna say Let’s Stay Together?

  19. He like didn’t miss a note and was on pitch the whole time… I always thought he was a goofy comedian vocalist but he really does have great control. This is amazing.

  20. With all the funny faces, it's easy to forget how talented a singer Jack Black is. One of my favorite covers is the one he did with Iimmy Fallon of

  21. Watching Jack Black slowly morph into Jerry Garcia has been a strange phenomena for this child of two Deadhead parents.

  22. Jack black has such an epic Rockstar voice. Tenacious D is awesome all around, but I love seeing them do stuff like this. Both are so talented

  23. Jack Black is a master of his range. He started an octave lower so he could hit the high note but it worked because it's so many small parts where he's an octave lower. Fukin A+

  24. Yup, they fuckin nailed it. Kyle's playing is smooth as fuck. Jack's voice and crisp and the tone perfect. Fuck I wish this was the whole song!!!

  25. Have seen him twice. First time was the Arizona state fair years ago. 3 tickets for a ride, one ticket to see him. A crime in my opinion. Second time was a couple months ago when he did a solo stop on his Lyle Lovett joint tour. It was fantastic, not quite the range anymore but a great show. He’s coming back through again soon and I think I have to go. Also check out some of his showtime show - dude is funny and charming and self effacing. Plus there is a naked mermaid.

  26. Holy shit, I can't believe this never occurred to me but I just realized these two have some real Dean and Gene Ween energy going on. Obviously KG is Deaner and JB is Gener. Not a brown song, but a very brown cover.

  27. This just makes me want to see them collab with Chris Isaak. He is a very funny guy himself. Too bad his TV show was on Showtime right after Tenacious D was on HBO.

  28. I remember hearing a story of tenacious D playing a ≈2ish hour set and jack black passed out from exhaustion, then got back up and kept playing. Is this true? Can anyone confirm so I don’t sound like a complete idiot trying to retell the story?

  29. Exhibit A for the truth that a song with “great bones” can be covered any way by anyone, and it retains its greatness.

  30. I haven’t even listened yet and my jaw dropped when I saw this — one of my favorite songs, sang by Jack Black. This is the best day ever. Thanks for sharing.

  31. I totally expect to be down voted for this but... I love TD and they have so much musical talent but I just can't get past the lyrics. I absolutely School of Rock and would love for them to put out a children's album or at least something I could listen to with the kid in the car.

  32. Are lyrics containing descriptions of slicing gigantic cockles with long and shiny blades not something you deem worthy of listening to with your kids?

  33. I'll never get over the fact that Jack's mom also worked at NASA. That story was almost more strange than fiction to me.

  34. There’s something about this song. It’s hauntingly beautiful song. They did it it justice. Great cover.

  35. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to compel me to watch 2 whole minutes of that song. Bravo to the D.

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