I don’t think Joe Hills a fan…

  1. Not gonna lie, the description isn’t wildly off the mark? “Had probably been in their high school marching band a few years earlier” made me laugh

  2. I could have sworn both Bob and Frank had eyebrow piercings at some point but Google is telling me otherwise. Feels like a bizarre Mandela effect lmao

  3. I think he was poking fun at the miserable fading rockstar persona who thinks anything popular is terrible more than MCR. I actually really enjoyed Heart Shaped Box. If you check out his later books, his prose definitely improves too.

  4. This is actually really funny because I have a distinct memory of an interview where Gerard said he was reading this book and really liked it so far. I'm guessing this part would have made him chuckle more than any other reaction.

  5. I love how he’s shitting on MCR’s stage bravado yet at the same time writing some of the laziest and uninteresting prose I’ve ever read. Like if you’re gonna shit on a band (which is a stupid defense mechanism most of us have/had) at least be creative in the way you do it. The funniest part is there is probably a lot of crossover between MCR and Hill fans.

  6. I’m enjoying the story but the writing is honestly terrible. I read “The stereo was on, and there should’ve been radio, but there was no radio.” earlier and laughed

  7. Has Joe Hill ever seen an MCR performance in his life or did he just pull a generic image of emos from his memory of 2006 and call it a day?

  8. This book came out in 2006, so pretty sure ir was literally from then. These thoughts stated here are coming from an old heavy metal rocker dude who thinks NIN are posers as well. Gerard even said in an interview he was excited to read this book all the way back then.

  9. Saying “this main character named Jude from this book” doesn’t sound as pleasing. And Joe is the one that described him that way, put that chosen band in the book, and wrote them as “a collection of chubby kids”.

  10. slightly unrelated tangent, but “you” by caroline kepnes (turned into a netflix series) went on for like a chapter about stephen king fans, and stephen king (joe hill’s father) himself actually gave the book praise XD

  11. What makes this even funnier is that Frank hyped up a Joe Hill book on that Bus Invaders video he did a few years ago

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