Are you looking to get into the NASCAR industry? We are currently looking for interns!

  1. Damn, I was thinking to myself "what a dumb question" then I read the official response ... yikes. Guess I'm fortunate that in my industry (tech) that's not a serious question.

  2. I would reconsider it being unpaid. I know I don’t work in racing/entertainment and understand the business is different from most industries but you could be limiting your pool of talent. I would think about paying NC minimum wage, or a stipend just below that. I just know from experience and friends from college that they couldn’t take internships or were made extremely miserable because they had classes and a part-time job as well. Some people will obviously work for free for experience and exposure but once again, I would reconsider it being unpaid. Especially since you’re a Cup organization who has also raced in IndyCar and Le Mans.

  3. Unpaid internships favor the wealthier students who can afford to work for free. When I was in school, I couldn't take any unpaid internships because I had a 9-5 that paid my bills during the day and school at night.

  4. Sounds like a great opportunity, but not one for me. I want to work in the racing industry badly, but there's no way I can relocate for an unpaid internship when I'm already working full time.

  5. Are there going to be summer opportunities available as well? I am currently a freshman in college, so I would like to get this semester's worth of classes under my belt before applying, especially since summer is more flexible since I would not be in class.

  6. If you ever need an intern driver, I'll be happy to volunteer, I don't know much about the tech stuff though, so it's a hard pass

  7. Unpaid internships and taking up charters that could go to teams that actually want to compete. RWR couldn't be more unlikeable if they tried.

  8. Do older (54) racing dreamers get internships? I actually work around the corner from the shop and have been feeling the itch for a change.

  9. it’s always funny when people act like life is as black and white as you just made it sound. it’s not like people have families or social responsibilities or random events taking their time and money away. and god forbid someone actually enjoy parts of their life by partaking in hobbies and other enjoyable activities. let’s dedicate our entire waking lives to working and nothing else because that’s how you make it, and that’s acceptable i suppose?

  10. What a great opportunity, I will send a resume in no question. As a college student looking for an internship, this fits great

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