We’re Back! 🤓 There’s some down time before the first NASCAR Heat Race at Bristol. What questions do you have?!

  1. What do you feel like was the determining factor between the speed you guys showed at the coliseum, versus some of the races where you’ve struggled (like Martinsville for example).

  2. Richmond and Martinsville have always been a little difficult for us. The Coliseum was a new track for everyone. It was an even playing field.

  3. I think the fans really love the dirt race. Last year, I’ve never seen more fans in the stands for practice before. There were some adjustments we had to make to the cars this year, learning curves from last year, but overall I think that the fans genuinely love the dirt race.

  4. I think the biggest challenge right now is not wanting to tear up race cars. Trying to avoid wrecks on the track and come home with a “clean” but muddy car is going to be key.

  5. Heard anything about changes around the rear toe link? That seems to be the weakest piece and can easily eliminate a car from a relatively mild impact.

  6. NASCAR’s taken the appropriate actions to try and help with that by making the toe links bigger. This is a learning process for everyone with the new car.

  7. Right now we have 4. I think every weekend we are just hoping to come home with clean complete cars. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re just in the wrong place at the wrong time 😕

  8. Those are a little hard to come by these days! Now that we are in post-COVID protocols there has been a huge presence of fans and sponsors coming back to the track, which is AWESOME!

  9. I have one, why are you still in the cup series. You have literally done nothing but race mid to back of the pack every race. Those iracing wins do not mean anything. You guys would be better off just running the xfinity series.

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