How yal feel about LGBTQ pushing their beliefs/agenda on little kids?

  1. This sub don’t fuck w LGBTQ. If you want a range of answers you better off talking to people privately. You basically getting an echo chamber here but idk maybe you want that.

  2. I disagree. Just because someone feels differently about the LGBTQ community and their beliefs, It doesn't make the opinion any less valid. It's about personal views, and mine are "traditional". I don't want anyone talking to my child about their sexual orientation under the age of 19. It's a conversation that should be handled by the parents, or guardian. Seriously, What does a 12 yr.old know about their body and sex? Not a damn thing! That's the way it should stay until they're old enough to both understand and grasp the topic on their own. Sorry but any grown person having this conversation with a minor or encouraging them to explore crazy shit like gender reassignment should be charged with child abuse and endangering the welfare of a child!

  3. Straight or gay, talking about sexuality to 9 year olds is crazy. They just trying to play Roblox. Sounds like some grooming shit to me.

  4. Cant lie I was beating my shit around the age I think these talks are actually important with how easy it is to come across porn etc on the internet

  5. Bruh when I was 6 I knew I liked girls and I’d get hard cus of girls. If that’s happening to a boy they should realize they’re not broken or whatever ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  6. Ngl folks it’s just education against hateful ass people who abnormalize people’s sexual preference. Anyone could be gay or straight, it doesn’t doesn’t matter- it’s what’s in your heart and what you wanna do with you life. Idk why anyone would give a fuck about who anyone else is attracted to. It simply doesn’t concern you- gender is beginning to play less and less of a part in anything cuz it’s all about what you accept. Young MA is gay as shit. I bet you know ppl around you who are low-key attracted to the same sex or are down to experiment but they’ll never say shit cuz of you, you hateful ass mothafucka. Mad fucking people are gay and you’re still into your feelings about who loves who and who fucks who. It really really doesn’t matter and if you give a shit, then it’s prob one of three things:

  7. It's funny cuz people think "more people are gay now because of this AGENDA". Nah bruh. More people are comfortable being openly gay because of acceptance. I also truly believe sexuality a spectrum and plenty of people are basically straight but like you said "experiment". Honestly it's wild to me that anyone would give a flying fuck what another man wants to do with his dick. And it's about men because nobody in here against lesbians. But gay men? "Omg someone call the ooters cuz I'm having a heart attack". Shit soft imo. Being afraid of gays that is

  8. First off, you posted a loaded question. It’s like asking you if your parents know you abuse your girlfriend or not, you’re getting one of two preprepared answers instead of asking an open question. You know the answer you already want.

  9. Kids are going through puberty by age 10. You are literally becoming aware of yourself and your sexuality at this time. The reason why it’s being spoken about early is to avoid kids being depressed in the closet and suicidal. Literally the same way you would learn shit in health class. You don’t teach someone to be gay 😂 that’s not how this works. Pick up a book.

  10. Ask a 10 year old if they even care about any of this sexuality stuff, they are going to say no, let kids be kids they can find out about that stuff later it’s plenty of shid nowadays promoting it

  11. Lol this whole post is fiction. Ain't no lgbt ppl forcing shit on kids. Just like any other adult topic kids pick it up on their own. So if adults are talking about gender identity, kids will talk about it. I haven't seen one real case where lgbt adults are "pushing their beliefs" on kids. Shit cap.

  12. Then why are they teaching kids about all this? They don’t teach about sex Ed in elementary, let kids be kids

  13. I have a different perspective on it. People figure out what gender they like at a young age, even before puberty. Everybody does, not just lgbt people. However with lgbt people they need some guidance due to stigma saying their feelings are "Immoral". Just like straight people they figure out what gender they are in to but for them they need some guidance due to societal stigma.

  14. From research and just the way we are socialized as a society, it gives way to hetronormative culture. Already from a young age we talk about sexuality exclusively related regarding straight couples as the result. While sustaining it in movies, TV, radio, film, everyday life. The supposed agenda is not new, if we take a look through out history gay people have always been here. To that degree we can go to the prosecution of gay people under the Abrahamic religions however in the old world and older cultures there is an acceptance for gay people. Rather you'll find things that in our culture we'll say isn't right has been the way of life or culture throughout time. In addition from a young age you start forming your own sexual identity whether you like women or men so it gets determined early and heavily influenced by society at the same time. Not leaving out how fetishism of lesbains or women & women relationships as hot, exotic, the perfect fantasy sustains men's sexual objection of women and devaluing that particular life. Inversely men who are gay get hated on and seen as immoral which is an odd matter. Long story short I know I sound like some egghead but I studied this in college and it was very insightful

  15. I feel like they do that so that they don’t be afraid to show that they gay or whatever it is ion think they pushing it. Ion be complaining Cuz we was 10 years old (atleast I was) bumpin chief keef.

  16. It’s okay to talk to kids about gay people it’s not okay to delve into sexuality and gender identity to people younger then 15 imo kids up to 18 are highly impressionable and why should adults that are essentially strangers to you teach you about sex other then puberty at such an age

  17. i mean… gay people exist. when i was in elementary school i had “ boyfriends “ and crushes and nobody said anything. i think things like this should be talked about because gay kids have different feelings. there is no agenda. y’all just weird.

  18. You don’t want ya kids to learn about normal things in life like sexuality, but you want them to learn from you that smacking womens ass is the pinnacle to manhood 😂 and traveling 1x a year makes you king of culture. Not you thinking you’re this positive role model for kids. Pure comedy.

  19. Niggas talking shit about Afro Latinos because of ignorant old heads but would double down on that homophonic shit like it’s sweet y’all whole ass coons

  20. Nobodys pushing their agenda on anybody lmao. Even when I was way young I knew i liked girls, nothing wrong with making sure they know that it's normal to like the same gender before they have an identity crisis about it and try to change who they are. It's just as simple as saying "It's normal to like the same gender". It doesn't have to be any more than that

  21. I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about it in schools on a real level until like middle school but acknowledging the fact that gay people exists isn’t pushing it on kids we acknowledge that straight people exist to them so why not the opposite.

  22. Is it grooming if you tell a kid that people of opposite genders can like each other? Don’t you think the same rule applies to same-gender relationships? No need to hide the fact that gay people exist. Teach your kids. It’s not as extreme as you think. As long as you don’t try getting kids to date each other and shit.

  23. My brother in 4th grade and they were teaching em about transgenderism n shit. Shit is disgusting imo they tryna target kids yet people are defending it

  24. Im gon get downvoted but fuck it its weird how everyone preaches self love and you actually fw yourself thru your flaws yet we have 8-9 year olds trying to change genders.

  25. Shit sad and parents really gotta get active and hands on to make sure their kids not being manipulated, not even from just outside but on social media and stuff also, tiktok ruining these kids

  26. Sometimes it seems like people want the kid with a gay parent to demonize and hate their mom/dad for it. Thats why I think depending on the situation, it’s ok in some cases to tell kids it’s ok to be gay. They might have family at home that’s gay and it’s better than growing up listening to all the homophobes they might encounter. Rather a kid accept their relative than look at them as weird or bad. Just my opinion before anyone tries to argue lol

  27. Saying it’s ok to like who you like to a 9 year old is fine. We tend to ignore the regular grooming that happens by straight parents and adults to kids.

  28. Little kids should have time to be carefree and make their own decisions as they grow into adulthood not be fed any biases info

  29. Bias information? Everything is considered bias by one person or another. Kids should be informed about specific topics in regards to relationships, and gender early on. Safe sex can come a bit later but junior high school is already a bit late. Puberty hits and kids will respond biologically.

  30. Fuck it bro, freedom of religion, 1st amendment type shit. You just gotta teach your kids right from, ain’t nothing changed

  31. i feel like teaching kids about sexuality dont make everything suddenly sexual, that takes a weirdo adult. yall acting like kids dont ask why their moms and dads kiss, but its suddenly grooming if they ask why a dad and a dad kiss?

  32. When I was growing up 5th grade, we went on a field trip upstate for our senior trip, and than our parents could aor not decide to sign a slip so the teachers could talk about how babies are born to us the kids, that’s normal, but to talk and force lgbtq onto little kids is not it, they got lgbtq couples in Nickelodeon and Disney, like wtf is that, they grooming our kids to think that’s acceptable

  33. It’s like the internet and tv and shit is forcing us to like gays. it’s fucked up for the kids really tho cause they got the shit all over tv it’s getting out of hand if you gay bro cool but they draggin it . I remember last year I was watching the Bet Awards and this nigga lil nas X was kissing another male in front of my whole family like cmon

  34. It’s fucked up… simple as that. pushing an agenda to a kid that shouldn’t even really know about it is fucked up.. you could be the reason this kids thinks he’s something he’s not and then ends up getting confused, depressed, bullied etc. because you want to push this agenda to a child… seen that shit in a cartoon bro it’s sickening🤦‍♂️💯 just look at Dwayne wade son bro the nigga is like twelve and is getting a gender swapped like what. Listen and ion care how niggas feel about this, there’s a reason a man can’t reproduce with a man I’m just sayin you can’t argue that shit it’s FACTS but ay your entitled to like whatever gender you want I don’t have a problem that’s you bro but when it comes to the LGBTQ movement and etc fuck that fuck anyone who feels away about it just keeping it a band🤷‍♂️ shit it’s fucking up how kids think and society in general stop pushing shit on people let them find their self behalf their soul and own experience this world is getting softer by the day even going back to 2017 shit feels like it was 3 decades ago by how much the world has changed all shit aside tho hope niggas stop pushing that agenda shit getting scary💯🌈😵‍💫

  35. i think once kids are an appropriate age to be taught sex education they should be taught about different sexualities, but at 9 years old it’s not a thing of ‘agenda’, it’s a thing of don’t talk to 9 year olds about sexualities, let them play tag and hide and seek 💀

  36. I don’t know the logic of why age 9. I learned sex ed at age 10 and that was because some girls were going through puberty. The funny thing was they separated our class based on sex. So the boys always wondered what the girls learned about in their sex ed class.

  37. What in the entire fuck these niggas outta pocket kids are confused and impressionable at that age this is fucked up and wrong y’all should get a lawyer that’s nuts

  38. They wrong for pushing it just let the kids figure out later in life but personally I wouldn’t let my kid go and I wouldn’t push lgbtq

  39. Yeah i think there is a hidden agenda to groom kids into this LGBTQIA world. They want to start them from young it seem. Like it’s all over now i have to watch whatever my son watches these days. Just let kids be kids i feel, we don’t need to see lil nas x videos and him doing the most in his videos for example. It’s just a lot i liked it better when that movement was more underground and in there own world. Now it’s rampant and mostly gets more freedoms in cities like nyc and la, and you big tuna can downvote all u want. Boom Bye Bye

  40. Honest comment, don’t give a flannel fuck about the community but if they are showing kids how to get attention from it then it’s problem

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