🔥Hello there! Here's some of the many interesting rocks I found along my walk by the sea this morning, near the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, Canada! Hope you're enjoying your day!😀🥰💕

  1. My whole family comes from Gaspesie, but me. I'm the only weird one born and raised in Montreal. I went to Gaspesie only once like 25 years ago, but what an amazing place it is!

  2. Very nice rock, I am inexperienced in rockhounding but I love doing it. I am also inexperienced at identifying but I’m guessing this is some sort of agate and a very nice one at that. Or it also looks kind of similar to red jasper but it looks a bit too transparent for that. However it being wet may be the reason for this. Regardless of all the nonsense I just relayed, it’s a dandy of a rock. Congrats.

  3. Ontarian here. I’ve been to Gaspé twice now, driving out there for road and camping trip. Beautiful place, amazing camping. The people too.

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