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  1. I dressed up as quailman from the cartoon Doug. It was awesome. Lol. And you're awesome for doing this give away. Even if I don't win, I know whoever does would be happy this holiday season.

  2. Ha I was also quailman.... that's my second fav costume (link to my fav posted in here). I keep my belt on a bookshelf (formed as the headgear) like a retired superhero.

  3. Ha, I dressed my infant son as Quailman. Getting that belt headband to curve was difficult. Ended up running an invisible thread through it. Good times.

  4. I dressed up as Mr. Rogers and went to a Coheed and Cambria concert with my best friend. It was a wonderful concert, the band came out dressed as the ghostbusters and the final song they played was the ghostbusters theme song. Really rad day.

  5. Good luck to you as well my friend. Was gonna be MGK but my gf wouldn’t be Megan fox. Hippie instead 😎🏳️‍🌈

  6. My 2 year old is going as donkey Kong (his request), so his 4 month sister is diddy kong and my husband and I are bananas.

  7. A couple years ago, my wife had us do our first family-themed Halloween outfits as Peter Pan (me), Wendy, and our daughter as Tinker Bell. I was super excited to be wearing tights, and not a big Halloween fan, but they enjoyed it and I was actually happy to see them laughing. I also had to do a pose like I was flying. It’s funny now looking back but felt silly.

  8. Is it called Thomas the Train instead of Thomas the Tank Engine in some parts of the world, or do people just call it that colloquially?

  9. My partner and I dressed up as an injured cyclist and the woman who held out the sign that caused a huge accident in this years Tour de France!

  10. Homemade costumes. My wife was a voodoo priestess and I was a voodoo doll; burlap from head to toe and a giant burlap covered head made of paper mache. I attached a tube inside the head and ran it down my arm so I could use it in my drinks for the night. I had more people buy me drinks that day than all others combined, probably. It was just a really big straw, but it probably looked pretty funny to see a giant voodoo doll grab a drink and have it disappear without ever coming close to a mouth.

  11. Holy hell this is some top shelf awesome... thanks for doing this. Would blow my kids mind for Christmas if I were that lucky.

  12. That’s pretty cute! We dressed my brother in a cookie costume and my cousin in an Oreo costume when they were like three years old and it was so cute!!

  13. My favorite was a basic alien costume I wore around my 10th birthday! Reason I loved it so much is because my aunt brought me and my friends on a limousine ride with us all dressed as aliens! She drove us downtown where office workers tend to have lunch breaks; wed open our windows and shout alien gibberish to any passerby lol. It was a lot of fun and it was great to see all these random people smiling and giggling at a bunch of silly kids.

  14. One time I was the ghost from Charlie Brown, with the sheet full of holes, and no one at my school got it.

  15. I don’t know if anyone really cares but I’ve been feeling really lonely for the past 8 years or so. It’s not that I’m not around people, I am. But when good or bad things happen, i have no one to share it with. Because if I did, the response either is dismissive or genuinely demeaning. I’ve convinced myself that being alone is fine it’s better than being put down mentally but it’s really hard. It’s gone to a point where I’d rather be around terrible people just for some interaction. I want to talk!!! I want to invite people over and laugh and offer them food!! I want to be invited and have genuine conversation. And have impromptu Sunday plans. All I have is me and my mind and nothing else. It’s really isolating.

  16. Sounds like you’re totally capable of making friends with strangers even in an awkward situation! A lot of the time our environment is a much bigger factor in our ability to be social/happy than who we actually are as a person. Of course, you could also have an undiagnosed mental health disorder but also you might just need to cut out the people in your life who are bringing you down. I hope you find peace soon. Best of luck with everything.

  17. Yo, just want to say that you’re on a very good place to meet people from all over on Reddit. We all need good people in our life’s, being it friends family or a love partner. So I wish the best for you and times will be better. Also feel free to reach out should you need. And happy Halloween!

  18. That's a horrible experience, but you shine through it all. You're a lovely person and I wish you all the best. Also, love the hot mess idea - sometimes I have that look - unintentionally.

  19. Hello from Arizona. You've got a great sense of humor, and I really feel for you in your situation. I've often used the saying, "This too shall pass" from the bible. Heck, I've used it like a mantra. Seeing it from another point of view; not just as it is often used, in that 'this pain will also pass,' but that this time that we have is so fleeting. The evanescence of time in this life is so profoundly evident, and finding oneself not just alone, but lonely has to be deeply disconcerting. And the sadness can be intensified as the holidays draw near. It can, and as we both can probably attest, often feed on itself. In as much as you want someone to share in your not have to struggle in the mire alone has been as draining and stressful as any physical ailment. I write when I can, and actually need to. Music, as well, can be so heart-warming and uplifting. Laughter is the most important. And you appear to have a sense of humor. Know that there is always help for us. I finally had to seek counseling for my bipolar disorder, and I am prescribed medication. Thankfully, it usually works. There are many of us out here with ailments of the body, mind, and spirit. The world has really opened up in the past two decades. We have computers that keep us attached. Volunteering to help folks during this holiday season can be a great way to help folks who may just have it worse. And it's a good way to meet others in the process. Let's not forget that we owe ourselves the chance to share in a smile and a helping hand. If we don't get out and under that smiling sun, it makes it that much harder to meet anyone. Give of yourself, as your words today touched quite a few of us. Thank you for that.

  20. I dressed up as a giant and hung little action figures all over myself to make it look like they were climbing me.

  21. Don't really remember what I used to dress up as, but I'm going to start dressing my son up as Daniel Radcliffe every year (this year is Harry potter, next year is naked on a horse) or non clumping cat litter.

  22. Sadly I did not have a halloween costume this year, but when your face already scares small children there isn't much need for one.

  23. I spend a whole afternoon blowing up balloons and drawing smiley faces on them to dress up as member berries from South park.

  24. My favorite costume was when my friends and I dressed up as Scooby-Doo characters. I was Shaggy. We made a Msytery Machine out of cardboard it was awesome and so much fun. Thanks for doing the contest!

  25. Dressing up as a sexy witch this year! I was not allowed to celebrate Halloween growing up and have finally stepped away from those rules so I can actually enjoy this lovely, spooky season 🎃😊

  26. My fiancé and I are big dorks and we dressed up as Pikachu & Ash two years ago. He had a grand time throwing stuffed pokeballs at me lol 😆

  27. I came into this world on halloween night through a broken condom so for halloween I am going to go out as a broken condom

  28. I work at an elementary school so I dressed up as Alice from Alice in Wonderland this year, the staff were all Disney characters!

  29. Hope I win! Happy Halloween everybody. I usually just wear a Batman mask when I take my kids. But my favorite was a skin tight spiderman costume I wore going out with some buddies. Was a good night!

  30. I used to love dressing up as puns when I was a teen and my favorite I did was I was a dairy queen. So my mom made me some cow pajamas and I had a tiara and a scepter, it was a fun costume and made people laugh when I told them

  31. My wife and I are going to dress up as Zombies to help a friend with a haunted house this year. We are really excited.

  32. This is so great. If it’s real I could really use one. If it doesn’t go to me I still think you’re solid for doing this and I hope the recipients get a lot of enjoyment out of theirs. Thank you OP.

  33. My wife and I dressed as Victor and Emily from Corpse Bride. Wife went all in learning how to body paint us both, got some really cool photos

  34. My brother and I dressed up as the Mario Bros when we were kids. My mom made our costumes on her own. I wanted to be Mario because of the red but I was taller so I was Luigi. She did a great job on both of them regardless. Fun Halloween. :)

  35. I had a buzz cut for the majority of college. Probably my best costume ever was when I took advantage of this and painted my eyebrows white, made fake earring, and went as Mr. Clean!

  36. My favourite Halloween costume was going as the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins. As a little kid he was my favourite character in media.

  37. I dressed up as The Hamburglar. I went out with my friend and he was Wendy. You know, Wendy’s. I stole all his hamburgers. It was a good time. Cheeseburger.

  38. Halloween's not big where I live, but if I were to dress up, it would be as Spike Spiegel, Sam Bell or Mr. Bean

  39. I once dressed up as Carmen San Diego. Red trench coat and all! I carried around an old briefcase/messenger bag with “stolen” “artifacts” inside. I had a print of the Mona Lisa and a light-up torch from the state of liberty.

  40. I think the last costume I can remember was just a super basic budget ass Pirate. Nothing really flashy but I did have a cutlass and sheathe. It was a humid Halloween night, but I still plundered candy from home to home.

  41. My favorite costume was my Japanese samurai stuff I found in my late grandmas closet as a teen. I still wear the kimono as a robe to this day lol

  42. Awesome giveaway man. Hopefully I get picked. Unfortunately Halloween isn't all that celebrated in Korea so no costume for me :p

  43. How come only 9k upvotes for the post but over 30k comments? Seems like people commenting should at least take the time to upvote too.

  44. Sadly, I live in an area, where Halloween is not really a big thing, but I once went out with a bigger group of friends and we all dressed up a lot so it wouldn't be weird. I was a witch, painted my face, had contact lenses and everything. It's not really creative, but it was SO much fun and a great night out.

  45. My favorite Halloween costume was definitely a taco 😂 thanks for doing this, I wish you nothing but the best in life

  46. I dressed up as Spider-Man with the "Last Stand" outfit, the awesome one with the leather jacket. My cousins dressed up as Spider-Gwen and Miles Morales Spider-Man.

  47. In middeschool a friend of mine, went as spongebob. He fell on stage and was‘nt able to get up by himself. When he finally got up his nose, which was made out of a cup was complety mushed flat. I still have to laugh thinking about it.

  48. I once wore my everyday clothes to go trick or treating in Germany. It was very last minute and i'd never gone trick or treating before.

  49. Don't dress up, love seeing everyone else's costumes and giving out candy, then when it's all said and done throw a party for their parents, Halloween is for all ages after all!

  50. That's awesome of you. If my comment gets picked please drop it to the nearest children's hospital instead of sending to me. Thanks.

  51. halloween is not really a thing celebrated by my family so i’ve never really dressed up ?? i did dress up one year in college as (a very low effort) mantis from guardians of the galaxy but got told i looked more like shrek..... 🤷🏻‍♀️

  52. Kids and I dressed up as paw patrol last year. We won a family contest in the neighborhood. It was all virtual, but still fun!

  53. I dressed up as Father Time once. It was a priest outfit featuring a large clock on a chain necklace in the style of Flavor Flav.

  54. Back in high school everybody in my year went with regular clothes but with Hogwarts Houses colors and the day was basically pranking people from other houses.

  55. I dressed as a bat a few years ago and did drinking around the world at Epcot. My costume however was not the center of attention but rather my best friend who I had done gorgeous skull makeup on. People were asking if he worked for Disney. Proudest day of my life.

  56. My friends and I used to decorate his house with tarps and smoke machines to scare people when they walked up on Halloween. We always used to try to find the scariest masks or jump out at the right moment. It was fun for years.

  57. Me and my friend wore white plastic bags, went as "white trash". Added a fitted cap to seal the deal.

  58. Hey dude, just gotta take a second to let you know that you're going to make 3 people's entire holiday season a very happy one. Even if I don't win, you've reminded me it's always important to pay it forward! And for Halloween last year my younger brother who is 8 asked me and my girlfriend to be inklings from Splatoon with him!

  59. Haven't properly dressed up for Halloween in forever. I think my favorite might have been a ninja costume I wore as a kid.

  60. My son and I dressed up as Nook and Timmy from Animal Crossing last year. Adorable! And your generosity is incredible, we salute you!

  61. I dressed up as slender man once, around 2012. The thing is my costume was just an old suit and I put a white t shirt around my face, looking back, it was awful.

  62. Wow, dude just wow! Amazing stuff you're doing here! My favorite costume I did for Halloween was Taika Waititi (the director of Thor: Ragnarok) the dude has some sick style! Anyway thanks for doing this! Good luck everyone, cheers!

  63. Thanks for opportunity, favorite costume was Thor before the movie came out, so everybody thought I was a Viking hahaha

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