As a teenager can I still build-a-bear?

  1. Did one at age 40, for the first time and nobody even looked twice. Besides you could tell people would think you’re buying it for a gift for a kid if you are a bit embarrassed about it.

  2. I still have my Superbear from a couple decades back. I’m amazed its laugh box still works. It’d be nice to take one of my nieces there one day.

  3. I work at a mall and currently THE young adult heteronormative date appears to be the man getting a Toothless/dark fury build a bear and the woman getting a light fury build a bear. Yes it is THAT common that exact setup. Dragons = romance.

  4. I worked at build-a-bear as my first job. Granted it's been a hot minute (almost 20 years, jeez I'm old!) but even back then, grown @$$ adults came in just as often as kids to build bears. Teen were frequent shoppers as well, getting gifts for their SO.

  5. I went with a girlfriend when I was 20, it was mildly awkward but the girl who worked there was about our age. there were no kids there either, so we cracked some more grown up jokes than we would have otherwise. my bear had an iron man 2 shirt, as was the style at the time.

  6. I'm 39. I have a Darth Vader build-a-bear on my shelf. A couple of years ago I asked my mother to make me a plushie of the Rust language mascot (

  7. I am 53 and I have 4 build-a-bears and one minibear. If you have the money, go and get your bear (or cat, which is what mine are). Just my $.02.

  8. You could be a 56 year old, tatted up, leather-clad biker named Brick... if you want to celebrate your birthday by eating a Dilly Bar, while making the most glamorous teddy bear in the world, I see no reason not to. Might even set a good example for the other bikers in your gang.

  9. A bunch of my friends and I went to build-a-bear together during a summer program field trip—we ranged in age from 15-17. I think I still have mine!

  10. I worked at build a bear when I was 22 to 25. All ages came in and we helped them out whenever we can. I personally always bought the Pokémon plushies and still have them

  11. Their whole deal is selling stuff. A creepy 35 year old man who clearly intends to later install a pocket pussy into Flippy the Dolphin could walk into the store. As long as he don’t bring said pocket pussy into the store, they will sell him Flippy

  12. The only build-a-bear I've ever made was when I was an adult, and I made it for my friend when she had her appendix removed (also an adult)!

  13. Of course you can! My husband and I got matching bears for our first valentines day together. I also have one in my car that I made with my best friend a few years ago. I was an adult for those.

  14. Absolutely. Build as many bears as you can pay for lol, these places are filled with adults, teenagers, children, and old people of all kinds.

  15. When we visit the Gold Coast, one nights routine is go to dinner, I have a couple of cocktails then I build a bear so of course you can

  16. I just did this a few months ago! It was super fun and they even let me and my bf put two hearts in one bear lol. I also have the springtime frog in green & pink. You’re never too old for fun stuff like build a bear. Find some homies who are down for it!

  17. In the U.K. you can order a build-a-bear online for delivery (though that defeats the object a little I’m aware!) my husband bought me one for Mother’s Day a few years ago to replace the teddy my kid decided was now his. I’m 39!

  18. a group of me and my friends went to build a bear for a friends 18th birthday and it was super fun! everyone had their own little buddies and the workers even seemed to get a little bit of amusement out of this pack of young adults/old teens personalizing their stuffed animals. go for it!

  19. Yes you can!! I’m 22 and my boyfriend took me to build-a-bear randomly because I’d never been, and the staff was so lovely, they don’t judge!

  20. Me and my 30 yr old bf went for v day one year. They were very kind to us and it was an awesome experience

  21. No one can tell you what to do champ go and live your life….. also they’re a business so they probably are happy to take your cash

  22. I went to a build-a-bear in London 4 years ago because they had pokemon build-a-bears. My mom got a charmander for my disabled brother and I got an Eevee. We bonded over pokemon as kids, he has autism (amongst other things) and he had a hard time connecting to anyone as a kid. But pokemon was something we both loved and I could connect with him over. I really wanted my Eevee and had decided that on our next trip to London I was going to get one at a build-a-bear shop.

  23. I’m 28 and for my birthday last year I drank an entire bottle of wine and my husband took me to build a bear, so yes, you can

  24. Mate, I am 21 years old and my partner was 23 at the time we went to Build-A-Bear together. It was wonderful and I still have my sweet rainbow kitty. Becoming older means having the money and freedom to do all the things you wanted to do as a kid. Go for it

  25. I never had build a bear as a kid because I'm old and they didn't exist when I was a kid so for my 30th birthday about ten years ago I took myself there and had a blast building a dog and getting it a bunch of accessories. No one batted an eye. So...go ahead and have fun!

  26. I'm about 40 and I "built a bear" last year. They don't care or say anything about why you're getting the bear. You could be getting it for anyone.

  27. Do IT!! I’m 41, my 40 year old husband built me the cutest frog for Valentine’s Day this year. Don’t let anything stop you from going, if a worker there gives you a funny look, ignore it. People worry too much what others think, don’t let those types of worries take fun from your life. Go and have fun, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎁🎉🎈

  28. I went with my wife (me 25 and her 27 at the time) for a date, we built a cute $15 bunny with a Pokémon hoodie and it has been one of the best gifts she has gotten in the past year. we did the whole heart ceremony and everything. I say go for it.

  29. I did my first build a bear at 24 with my gf before Christmas this past year. It’s a little embarrassing since they still make you do the little dance and everything, but I got a moose with a plaid shirt so I think it was worth it

  30. Not weird!! my friend worked at build a bear for a bit and made me a frog! best present I’ve gotten in a LONG time 🥹

  31. This is so pure I’ll cry. I’m 18 and I went just a week ago, honestly don’t feel weird about it, just have as much fun doing the kid stuff. Kissing the heart, picking out a scent, getting your animal an outfit.

  32. I went to a build a bear in Chicago. I think it was at the Navy pier. I was kind of disappointed with the selection that was available.

  33. Yeah I made one for my girlfriend to ask her to homecoming. The person there thought it was really cute, and made me go through all the little steps like wishing on the heart and everything. I was a little embarrassed being a 17 year old guy but it was fun lol.

  34. I made my Build-A-Bear when I was 13. I’m 30 now, and I still have my pal Beary Potter. I say go for it. The staff won’t judge you. Customizable keepsakes like that are awesome and special no matter how old you are.

  35. The people who work there are gonna be thrilled to see you. They're probably the same age as you (if not older) and they love their build-a-bears. You're gonna make their day.

  36. former build a bear employee: ANYONE can build a bear!! i’ve made bears for unborn children and even like 100 year old people. enjoy the process, have fun with it!! do the silly things they tell you to! i still make build a bears and i’m 27, i love my collection 🥰

  37. I’m 23, my sister built one whenever she was 10. I still have that bear. The poodle I built fell apart months after I built it…. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it

  38. Dude I’m 22 and I went last week. Got a bear and bought him a cool hat. Also fun fact, most baby clothes fit your build a bears, and are cheaper too

  39. Dude my best friend and I are 25 and 30....we got build-a-bears together last year and the year before that

  40. build a bear can be quite fun and i honestly dont think judgemental feelings should be hurled towards any builders! i can remember building bear and dressing him in rainbow fashion and my mates made fun of it when they came over to the room at my house and made me feel less than which was totally unfair. i am still very pround of my build a bear to this day and will not tolerate being judged for him in any manner.

  41. I’m an adult and I still go to build a bear often. My friend gifts me a build a bear every year! I’ve learned there’s no such thing as too old for stuffed animals

  42. Having been to a Build-a-Bear and helped assemble a Toothless plushie with two other adults, yes, you can still build a bear at the store as a teen. They won't judge you for it; the whole point is to be a safe and fun space, and they're getting money out of it anyways.

  43. I plan on buying Jurassic Park dinosaurs and I'm 6 years older than you. You do whatever you want, don't put too much pressure on yourself.

  44. Glad you went. Former employee here and all ages are welcome judgment free! In fact teens were actually one of my favorite demographics. They always had interesting stories to go with them.

  45. You may enter the longing age of 99, and should you wish a custom stuffed animal and you shall have as.long as you can pay for it

  46. you will be in line with all the 8 year olds. try to go hard or you will look like a teenager trick or treating in a t shirt

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