Do people actually check their toilet paper after wiping?

  1. Bro I’m dying and like you don’t have to pull it up to your face, there’s a distance guide I thought was just an unspoken rule

  2. Yeah, just the thought of someone doing a quick wipe with one ply of toilet paper, flushing, and then just going about their day with a buttcrack full of wet feces honestly grosses me out. Even imagining how it must feel makes me clinch cringe.

  3. This might be the reason he shits himself multiple times a year. (OP shitting yourself every few months is not normal and you should see a doctor or maybe check when you wipe!)

  4. If I only wiped once after every shit I took starting today, I’d be rotting in my own filth almost dead by next week.

  5. Well OP definitely is walking around with shit between his ass and just thinks that normal. When he says 1 wipe is enough, he probably means it's enough that he doesn't have shit falling down his pants the rest of the day. He likely thinks it's normal to have a nice layer of shit smeared between his ass cheeks.

  6. It is but depending on the age and health issues it can be common. Older people lose urinary and bowel control that starts out like this. Can also be other gi health issues including cancer. I had to have my colon removed and ended up with a bag that emptied from my small intestines. Then once everything healed I got reconnected but no large intestine. (Which is where your poo gets it’s solid formation). I had occasion accidents while my body remembered how to start functioning that way again. I wore a pad all the time. Thankfully it was never much and I could always get to a bathroom quick to dispose of and clean up. Possibly he has had some gi surgeries in the past. A lot of people have these issues. Roughly 150k people a year lose part of their intestines and those who don’t end up with a bag have these problems. I was lucky and my body remembered what it had forgotten to do, from lack of use, rather fast. I was never happier.

  7. There's many things that can cause you to shit yourself. I've never done it but I have been close many times due to IBS and/or stress, even with a healthy diet and exercise.

  8. I'm dying at your comment. But as a related note I knew a girl who had to take off her glasses (and every piece of clothing) when she shit. She'd leave her glasses in the bathroom, so I always knew how regular she was 🤦‍♀️🤣

  9. I find the weirdest part is that they ball their toilet paper up. Is this normal? I always fold mine neatly like a fancy little towel.

  10. Maybe you don't look at the first one okay I get it. At least go a second time to double check that there's no residual left? Now I'm just wondering how many people don't look at their toilet paper. Can we all please start wiping our butt properly? Or maybe just in general being clean when we go to the bathroom, as in washing her hands apparently people are missing that concept as well!

  11. This may surprise you, but OP is probably one of those people on the train that people avoid sitting next to.

  12. I wrap the paper around my finger then stick it in and out of my asshole. I repeat this assfucking with 4 more toilet papers. After that it is usually clean.

  13. ‘I’ll wipe and I’ll wipe and I’ll wipe. A hundred times and there’s still poop. It’s like I’m wiping a marker or something’

  14. I’ve always wondered why some grown ass people still deal with skid marks. Now it makes sense.

  15. Check his post history. He's an alcoholic. My uncle would constantly be shitting himself because he drank nonstop every day. Probably not in the best of health

  16. Ironically, they probably need to be looking at their poop more than most people. Poop is a great health indicator and there’s obviously something wrong

  17. what with the random shitting yourself and the extreme near-sightedness, i think you need a life coach and medical concierge to help you get back on track as a human.

  18. Not only is he not wiping his ass enough he mentions he balls it up. This is infuriating everytime I hear someone mention “balling up toilet paper” are you a fucking animal? Do you like getting shit everywhere? You fold it up and wipe my god so many parents have failed children evidently

  19. It's a good idea to check to make sure there's no discolouration (possibly caused by blood) that could be an indication of an internal problem. Doctors will sometimes ask depending on your complaint.

  20. Not only that but not being concerned about your bowels/general bodily health/cleanliness is a clear indicator of a much larger mental disorder.

  21. I like to take my used paper and line them up on the sink, then I grade them on how unique the designs are. Extra points for colors.

  22. But if you have colon cancer,blood may show up on your toilet paper and if you're not looking, you're not seeing the cancer evidence and getting closer to getting rid of that, instead of living another day with it... and one wipe is never enough, always go for two or three maybe even four, I can get four wipes out of eight squares no problem... time to get clean...

  23. dude if you are shitting yourself because of alcoholism it is time to quit. Get help man. You said that like it is the most normal thing. You have sunken very low and don't even realize it.

  24. Simple solution, just give it a quick second wipe with no paper. Raw dogging it gives you a much better sense of how clean you really are plus the added tactile sense will allow you to catch all the bits you did miss if any.

  25. Here in Thailand (perhaps all of Asia) we usually don't use toilet paper, instead we use water to clean out bottoms. Coming from Europe myself, I have used paper in the past and I can honestly say that I prefer water over paper, it's much cleaner.

  26. I bought a bidet attachment when morons were hoarding TP at the beginning of the (respiratory) pandemic (us).

  27. I swear I'll never understand how my fellow european citizens live without a bidet. In italy is just normal to have one .. I feel safer when going to Iran rather than to France ahahah (in Iran is normal to have a butt shower as well)

  28. No fucking chance you’ve only ever wiped once. I refuse to believe this. There are times where you shit, where you don’t even need to look for awhile. You just keep wiping and wiping, then finally start checking. No way every single time you’ve crapped you’ve wiped once, pulled up your pants, and thought everything was ok. For karma, ig it’s worth it to make people think you’re a sicko

  29. It’s funny because you’re the one believing it’s fake when it’s actually most likely real. People are actually this fucking naive and walk around with poopy butt because they don’t wanna check their TP post pooping

  30. You’re severely underestimating how many people have shitty hygiene. I commonly see people choose not wash their hands in public bathrooms.

  31. Hey OP, are you sure you arent lactose intolerant? I used to have a problem where I'd eat a meal and IMMEDIATELY feel like I was going to shit myself. My doctor asked me to cut out dairy. I've cut out (almost) all of it and I no longer have that problem. If I do decide to eat some dairy without taking enzymes I end up in the same boat again.

  32. Excuse me Sir, Ma’am, comrade: I regret to inform you that your poopoo does not just neatly deposit itself in the toilet every time, and you have on many occasions rolled out of the house with that same repulsive shit lingering on your butt crack, and in some situations smeared on your ass cheek (as will happen when one is not feeling their best and has slimy consistency.) Take note.

  33. I only get itchy if I take a dump at work because they have that one-ply truck stop TP. Sucks cause it'll get so bad that my heart starts pounding and I gotta breathe manually but the stalls are always taken up by youngpunks so I can't go in to itch my ass in private

  34. How do you have ZERO problem SHITTING YOURSELF every few months but think it's disgusting to look at your toilet paper? I bet you smell like dirty ass since you have a dirty ass.

  35. Fucking vile. I guarantee you OP smells like shit, not ass. Have you ever been intimate with anybody ever?

  36. I wipe, move the TP a few inches away from my butt, but still adjacent to my butt and nowhere near my face, turn my head to glance at the TP, while also turning my hand to reveal the portion of the TP I just wiped with, and then discard it.

  37. i don’t think it’s bad to check. if you’re not feeling well, it’s probably advised to check to see if there is any blood or something in it to talk to your doctor about. and if you’re pooing yourself that frequently i think you SHOULD go talk to your doctor!

  38. Essentially, you should check when you wipe. It is important to pay attention to your body, because you can find signs of ill health in your urine and feces.

  39. I know, from my job, that lots of grown adults don't check the paper after wiping. That being said, I read your post history and I feel like your whole account is for trolling purposes. Unless you're really out here admitting to fingering corpses on a public forum?

  40. I'm anxious about smelling like shit after wiping 12 times and then there's this guy who wipes once and considers "no skid marks" as clean

  41. I'm laughing my ass off at the mental image of OP walking around with a perpetually full of shit adult diaper.

  42. As a blind person I always lick it to make sure, but recently I found this app that calls in someone who has sight, to help by using the camera of my phone, so now I just show them my sheets of toilet paper and they tell me whether I'm done or not.

  43. So let me get this straight – visually checking marks on paper in a toilet bowl from 2 feet away is more gross than rubbing poop between your butt cheeks for a day? That is the oddest logic I have ever heard.

  44. That's disgusting. Start looking after every wipe and see how much shit is still on the paper after multiple wipes. Hopefully then you'll understand how gross you are. It's insane that you're old enough to be on reddit making posts and never figured that out.

  45. 1.6k comments on if you check your toilet roll after wiping your bottom. This is why i scroll reddit. For shit like this

  46. I wipe my baby’s ass more than once… and if you have to hold your toilet paper close enough it makes you uncomfortable you might need to see an eye doctor.

  47. so let me get this straight… you won’t check your tp after cleaning to make sure everything is gone (also who only wipes once ???) but you’re completely fine with pooping your pants every couple of months?? maybe i’m the odd one out but i haven’t pooped my pants in well over a decade, never mind doing that on the regular

  48. Do people actually guess and hope their butthole got clean and head on out of the toilet. Wipe twice and hope for the best….Fukin ill bro.

  49. It baffles me how people don't use bidets in this day and age, let alone someone only wiping once with a dry piece of toilet paper...

  50. I’m gonna skip over the wiping comment, and jump straight into saying I don’t think it’s normal to shit your pants every few months…

  51. The irony of thinking lookin at your toilet paper after wiping is disgusting, but not that you'd have shit residue between your crack. I bet if you got to smell your own ass, you'd pass out.

  52. I switched to a bidet. Never looked back. I'd even say, now the idea of cleaning myself with TP is absolutely ridiculous. To put it as it was said to me : do you use dry paper towel to clean shit off of your carpet ? Didn't think so. Anyways, if by accident I would end up with shit on any body part, I'd want to clean it with water or at least a wet towel or something. The fact that in North America the use of tp to clean yourself and nothing else is quite frankly disturbing. Does the paper industry need us to buy tp that much?

  53. Everyone is talking about other stuff but missed the fact this man said he wipes his ass once! It takes minimum 5+ wipes to make sure your clean.

  54. How do you know if you have no skidmark issue? You don’t look at the toilet paper but you do look at your undies after? What’s the difference? If I were going to inspect one of these, it’d definitely be the terly paper, before I pull up my pants.

  55. Check the dookie, find little seeds and other fibers in there. Inspect it to find the truth. A man not engaging with his own filth, not a man that can be trusted.

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