What is the “snake oil” of today?

  1. If you want to detox with food just eat undercooked chicken. Food poisoning does wonders at clearing out your digestive tract, especially your shitter

  2. I love how some of the same people who use clensing kits will turn around and drink their own urine in urine therapy. Like "Bitch, that is the detoxed products from your kidneys. Don't add it back to your body!"

  3. Or any detox procedures. Colon cleanses can do more harm to the body than good. Going to the sauna doesn't make you sweat out toxins, it's literally just something Finns do to relax.

  4. If it makes you feel better that crap has been going on since Victorian times. There is no gimmicky health thing the Victorians would not latch onto, they loved that shit.

  5. Doing experimental design and pseudoscience in class I used ear candles. Started by candling my own ear and showing them the results, then had them candle a non living ear model with no wax in it. As soon as they saw they got the same results as my demo, they knew it was all bullshit. That ah-ha moment was awesome to see.

  6. I think the reason that those stick around is that when you have an earache, the warmth and change in pressure is actually a huge relief. It doesn't do anything except maybe alleviate a little bit of the pain or serve as a distraction. Honestly, you'd get a much better outcome by putting a hot wet washcloth or tea towel on the ear.

  7. I saw a post the other day about a pastor in Africa who has tons of people come see him every day so that he can heal them by farting in their face. 😳👀

  8. Homeopathy: “water has memory and somehow remembers the long lost drop of onion juice but somehow forgets all the poo it’s had in it”

  9. Soo true - a german satirist made a show about this and explained in germany normally when you say "homeopathy isn't proven to help execpt for the placebo effect" you would be sued by a homeopathy company for about 5000€.

  10. I am so sick and tired of homeopathic trash being on the shelf right next to actual medicine. There have been multiple times I've been looking for something to give me relief from a specific issue, and I see the packaging of something that looks promising...then notice the small "homeopathic" label. The entire industry is a scam and should be illegal. How many people buy this shit without realizing it's useless? How many people don't even know what the word means? It's infuriating, and it causes harm.

  11. Some Swiss guy once made the experiment of spilling a litre of gasoline into the river Rhine in Basel. He then drove to Cologne in Germany and said: "If homoeopaths are correct the water of the river should remember the gasoline and fuel my car."

  12. this is like the third time ive seen salt lamps in this thread. i thought their purpose was just to look cute? do people think it actually does something? i am so out of touch with snake oils apparently

  13. I bought a salt lamp, but it wasn't for the "health benefits", I just like the warm glow it creates at night lol.

  14. I just saw “hydrogen infused” water. Like wtf. Now we’re doing acidic water? H+ ions = acid. I’m so confused.

  15. I remember the day we learned about buffers in chemistry class. We did the math of how much lemon juice would kill a person if there were no buffers in human blood.

  16. (sips water) Hmm... (squeeze a lemon into his water...sips again) Oh god this is terrible. (scoops a spoon full of baking soda into water, stirs...sips again) Mmm, that's the stuff.

  17. Came here to say this. I roll my eyes so hard they almost get lost in the back of my head every single time I hear people say “I only drink alkaline water” or preach the benefits of it.

  18. OMG, essential oils! My neighbor totally fell for them and believes that they can cure anything. She told my friend they can cure her congenital heart disease because they change your DNA. She's mad at her husband when he goes to the doctor because the best medicine is right in their house. She pretty much believes she is a doctor because she watched a few YouTube videos about oils... 😬

  19. Idk man I've got 400 points, towers, flames and spheres in the living room and I'm pretty sure I'm more relaxed when I get home than I am at work.

  20. i like peppermint oil for headaches, ginger oil for nausea, and lemongrass oil for bug repellents. but thats it.

  21. Essential oils sound important mostly because of the word essential. In reality it's just the essence of something - a distillation if you will. You can make essence of cow shit and cat piss if you put your mind to it. Essential Sewage can be a thing.

  22. I absolutely love gems and minerals. When my family asks about their metaphysical properties I always have to say something like “well I’ve never had any experiences like that but I just think they’re neat!”. The scientific explanation for how these minerals are formed deep in the earth is far more magical than all of the metaphysical properties some attribute to them.

  23. My stepmother sells essential oils. I told her I couldn’t take them because I have certain allergies. So she told me that the tincture only contains a very small amount so it would not hurt me if it contains some thing I was allergic to. So I asked her if it contains so little of the ingredients that it can’t hurt me, how can it possibly help me. She was not amused.

  24. I actually like them. I love mixing the lavender and mint on my nightstand in the winter. I know it doesn't do anything but reminds of getting a massage. I'm a dude BTW.

  25. The amount of bullshit that man pushes literally kills people. I've heard horror stories of old folks detecting minor health problems far too late and dying because the pill with doctor Oz's cum flavored spit was supposed to make their immune system "A powerhouse of medical soldier that attack anything that isn't supposed to be in your body".

  26. Legit someone in my family was concerned for our kids drinking APPLE JUICE. (The great and powerful Oz was claiming it had high levels of arsenic and could be poisoning kids.)

  27. Ever heard of Multi Level Marketing? Argonne is MLM. Cult like status is in any MLM's blood.

  28. My dad once made me go to a 'ladies night' where this women was demonstrating and talking about Arbonne, Hated it, the free drink almost wasn't worth going

  29. I had a friend who claims she can treat cancer with juice fasting (can only have the juice of fruits for weeks on end) and also vibration therapy to treat cancer too. We're no longer friends. She's an idiot

  30. When my brother was diagnosed with cancer I organized a fundraiser with live bands and such. One or two people approached me about essential oils and juicing. I expected that but more than a dozen mostly normal looking morons desperately wanted to talk to me about drinking urine to cure cancer. Yes. Urine. First morning collection being best. It's a fairly small town so most of these piss drinking ding-dongs were vaguely familiar faces. I ran into one at the grocery store. The only joy I found in my brother having terminal cancer was laughing and telling that dollar store Stevie Nicks that he drank only morning piss... Until the very end. Idiot.

  31. The only way to treat autism is by shaking them while yelling in their face “Why can’t you just be normal”

  32. What?! That’s my favorite hand cleaner. I’ve been using it after working on cars for decades. It’s way better than soap.

  33. My partner does these. I don't think she really believes in the "cleansing" aspect, but it's something she craves when we've eaten too much delivery and junk food.

  34. No these are very effective. We use them here in Latin-america. The only difference is what we're cleansing is Tenias(tapeworms), and not "toxins".

  35. You know, I'm gonna go out on a limb and slightly stand up for one single anecdotal observation for a juice cleanse.

  36. I've seen a couple medical professionals interviews on the subject and according to them that's actually harmful to you because the butthole is, as you might expect, not made to receive UV light directly.

  37. I mean, I always suggest naked outside (sunshine!) time for diaper rash in babies. It really seems to help with the moisture balance. But that’s for like 15 minutes max, and you definitely don’t spread the cheeks. I can’t possibly imagine an adult doing that and saying “yeah, that feels way better.”

  38. Wow, I never heard of colloidal silver. I’m a nurse and the silvadene cream we put on wounds is great stuff. And it helps with burns, too. Desitin has zinc which is also an amazing cream, but no silver in it.

  39. My ex’s step Dad turned blue due to his obsession with Colloidal Silver. I heard he was blue long before I met him and I couldn’t wrap my head around a human being blue. Then I took a short course one day and in walks a blue man and I knew it was him instantly.

  40. the product labeled colloidal silver may be shite but colloidal silver along with copper, do actually have beneficial properties when used properly. however a bottle of colloidal silver may not contain colloidal silver, and it certainly won't treat cancer or covid.

  41. Getting harder to buy a single unit of something because lots of companies want you to subscribe so they have guaranteed money from you. There's one for gluten-free pasta advertised on TV here in the UK, for god's sake.

  42. Gotta love things like doorbells that will require a subscription so that your data can go somewhere you have no control over and they will also probably sell it without your consent. And all that for something you could do with any old laptop laying around you don't use anymore. Great.

  43. What? I don’t need a subscription for toothbrushes and socks and car tires and charcoal and granola bars and bathroom cleaner and . . . But but but what if I run out?!! 😂

  44. I went to a chiropractor for years and got told constantly that I needed to come back more often to alleviate my pain. It finally got the the point where I could barely walk. I got on some poor people plan to get seen by a spine surgeon (no insurance as I was in college/working). I didn’t make the lottery for the spine surgeon but I did land an mri and found out my disc was severely herniated. so I lived with this pain for another year before finally getting insurance and after a long jump of hoops through the medical system just to get another MRI, I finally got back surgery. On like my 5th year after surgery and relatively no backpain. Our healthcare system is fucked.

  45. My work sent me to a "spa retreat". With a reiki healer. She told me that my energy was "too chaotic" and I needed to "keep my Libra energy in check".

  46. There's loads out there. Alkaline water (your stomach is filled with strong acids; it won't even notice a piddly bit of base tossed in), homeopathy, anything based on crystals, essential oils, aromatherapy ...

  47. If anything I’d wonder what salts and minerals are being precipitated out into your stomach, another glass of gallstones anyone?

  48. Penis pills, weight loss pills, weight gain pills, prostate support pills, anti-aging formulas, HGH support . . . The list goes on and on, and those are just the ones advertised on late night TV.

  49. Tretinoin is pretty heavily researched to reduce the effects of aging. It just accelerates your skin turn over rate. New skin cells = younger looking skin.

  50. “Natural” products. There are natural poisons and there are man made cures. People are so stupid sometimes. Just because it says it’s natural does not means you should believe it’s safe/good for you!!!

  51. I'm shocked at how people are buying into this junk. Even a guy who was in our friend group, a smart guy, believed in that junk. I told him it was a money laundering scam because you can't own a jpg link, but people still believe it's the next big thing. It's stupid. While bitcoin I can see becoming a real payment method, nfts are useless.

  52. HAHA been scrolling down for minutes finding this, finally. Every time I see someone I know on Facebook share a f*cking NFT post I laugh, but I don’t want to haha react as it would cause a shitstorm 😂

  53. Crystals, essential oils, and I’ve heard of horoscopes being in charge of ones healing. People will go through leaps and bounds of logic but won’t get a simple vaccine.

  54. I'm all for people loving cool rocks, but as soon as they start telling me that they emit healing energy, or that there are certain rocks to boost particular moods or increase luck etc.

  55. As someone in the industry, I really hate the claims made by so many people. CBD doesn't cure anything. At best, it alleviates some symptoms and can give a lot of people a better quality of life. It's also heavily dose dependant, with some people needing 1,000mg doses while most products sell 10mg doses.

  56. Online get rich quick courses. The creators get rich from selling a course not from doing what they actually teach.

  57. Ivermectin. I am a state licensed hearing care professional. I had a guy in for a full hearing exam. He had a severe hearing loss. I recommended hearing aids. He was honestly close for a cochlear implant. He said no, he's going to put ivermectin in his ears because it cures literally everything. "He knows" blind people that now see and people on their death beds for various ailments from heart disease to MS have been cured by ivermectin.

  58. Homeopathy! Still a huge deal in India and millions of people prefer homeopathic doctor over a doctor following evidence based medicine!

  59. Are you telling us that JFK and JFK Jr are not coming back from the dead to proclaim Trump the Righteous Leader of the Free World?

  60. A friend of mine went to one of those clinics because she had an actual diagnosed vitamin deficiency, and it was 1/4 the cost of getting it done at the hospital. US healthcare is insanity.

  61. Hey, to be fair - as a chronically ill person I LOVE going to the IV clinic as a treat. I’ve never tried the vitamin shit though and never will, I just always feel invincible for like a week after a saline drip.

  62. Astrology. So many people say they “know” it’s not real then proceed to make decisions based on theirs or someone else’s.

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