Are “Geniuses” born inherently smarter/able to learn better or is it more a thing that anyone could work towards with the right resources

  1. Genetics is about dispositions, not destiny. Some genes are activated in certain environments, other genes in other environments. So, it’s not just an individual thing. Every biological fact is situational.

  2. Honestly, it is both. There is sort of a ceiling for the amount of computation, knowledge, understanding, problem solving, etc., that each human has. Genetically this means some people are born with a better ability to do all those things than others. But it is like any other born talent, without the right resources, you can only get so far. Think of it like an athlete, no matter how much I strive towards, I will never be an NFL great, but if I was born with all the right traits genetically, I still wouldn't be an NFL great, because I am lazy and wouldn't put in the work. Or I could be an NFL great, but I don't have the resources, maybe my middle school cut the program, or I don't live in the US and will never be noticed. Same goes with genius.

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