Is it unusual that my throat always feels a little strained after I sing?

  1. Singing shouldn't strain your voice or make your throat feel different afterwards. If it does, your technique needs work and you are putting yourself at risk of vocal chord strain or polyps. Spring for a couple vocal lessons to address this before it becomes a medical issue.

  2. Try to engage your diaphragm more when you sing. Imagine someone is about to punch you in the stomach -- that muscle you just clenched is your diaphragm. Keep it somewhat tight as you breathe in (diaphragm goes out) and as you sing (diaphragm comes in to help push the air out).

  3. And please do this under the supervision of an actual teacher because especially if misunderstood and therefore putting too much pressure on the voice or too much tension in the jaw, or opening incorrectly and putting pressure on the tongue (which is what most people do when told to open it) can just make the Problem worse.

  4. Get it checked by an ENT specialist. Most of the times its nothing but sometimes its something. My sis had some problems with her throat while singing, which was diagnosed to be vocal nodules, which would make her voice break, scratchy after singing. She was treated snd now it's all good. But, due to this ordeal she learnt she had been using her voice wrong, straining it too much during singing, putting too much pressure on it while hitting high notes and stuff. She learnt voice modulation techniques where you get the same result or sometimes even better than earlier, minus the vocal strain. This processes are truly helpful, most established singers swear by them regularly to protect their voices for a long. That's how they go about doing back to back shows using their voice cleverly. The metal singers use similar technique to screech, growl without harming their voices.

  5. You’re kind of asking two questions. 1. Should you be singing with a group of people during the pandemic? That’s iffy due to the amount of possible virus droplets that are being expelled while you are all singing together. Definitely monitor your symptoms.

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