do men typically like neck kisses?

  1. Yes It's hard to explain, but a random neck kiss, not like while having sex or making out, always gives me... Tingles, sort of ticklish, sensual.

  2. My husband doesn't like neck kisses unless we're having sex. I think he is ticklish if he's not turned on?

  3. You might be unusual in that, but nothing wrong with that :) One of the wonderful things in life is everyone has different things they like! All the folks who really hate smooching necks have folks like you, and all the ones who like smooching necks can find the folks that appreciate it!

  4. I like them for the intent, but they don't send shivers down my spine or anything. Certainly not going to shut them down, personally, even if they don't get me going.

  5. All the ones I’ve been with have, but everyone has different preferences. Asking your partners will give you the answers that matter

  6. Sad I had to scroll so far to find this answer. It doesn’t matter if every other guy in the world loves/hates them, it only matters what the guy you want to kiss thinks about them.

  7. Depends? For me, not in itself so much as a signal. Best used as a surprise from behind to announce intentions. Or as part of a progression southward. Otherwise it's just kind of a moist, tickly holding pattern.

  8. I love giving surprise neck kisses to announce intentions. But my current bf is really jumpy so if I snuck up and kissed him he'd probably jump back with a scare.

  9. I got kissed on my neck by a 76 year old lesbian, and it triggered things in me I didn't know existed. I very much liked it.

  10. Yup, nipples too! I've been participating in THE ACT since I was about 13 on a regular basis and it wasn't untill I was nearly 20 that a lady decided to mouth hug my nip nops. It was awesome don't be afraid to try shit

  11. Of course not. Affection? Pah. Everyone knows men don't need to be touched or cuddled. All we need is the cold feeling of life slowly draining from our bodies!

  12. I've had one girlfriend in my entire life who could do it well and it was amazing. Others have tried and I still generally like it but it's not the same as when she did it.

  13. Most people love neck kisses it’s just a given because all people view it as a vulnerable point so of course it’s considered attractive to get kissed there

  14. It’s kinda neutral for me. If you catch me in the right mood yeah, but usually it’s not gonna turn me on more than I already am if that makes sense. Also no hickeys

  15. I like giving neck kisses a lot. On me? Idk, I don’t think I remember getting one so can’t tell haha.

  16. 100% of the time kissing the side or back of my neck sends chill bumps up and down that side of my body from head to toe. It's like turbo-ASMR.

  17. My ex had no complaints. When we first started dating we had given each other hickeys once and his coworkers had a field day. I put makeup on mine, haha.

  18. I certainly do. Given the only partner who has done it (with many many requests from me since) was when I was a teenager in the late 90's.

  19. I can't speak for all men, but what I'll say is that I've never had a complaint about where someone I've wanted to kiss has kissed me.

  20. Those and back kisses make the happiest man ever. If I'm dating someone and they give me neck or back kisses, I'm the happiest I can physically be.

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