Why recommending anime is hard

  1. My coworker and I found out we like a lot of the same shows, but were not recommending them to each other because this exact reason.

  2. Japanese anime really cater towards the otakus in Japan who spend a lot of money on anime. That's why there is so many tropes everyone else is so sick of seeing. It sells in Japan.

  3. I absolutely adore the worldbuilding in Made in Abyss, but there is no way in hell i would recommend it to anyone i know.

  4. I was innocent at first and when people pointed it for the first season I was like, you are exaggerating. Then I red the Manga and.... But I also want to know what this fucking abyss is'

  5. Whoops I made my friends watch it. Took a 6+ month break after watching the first or second episode bc it made me really uncomfortable. Curiosity eventually took over after the great reviews & such & I love the abyss itself. We all agree we wish certain things weren't in it, but other parts of it are amazing.

  6. The funny thing a out the anime is they toned down the more creepy scenes. Yet somehow we have 3 instances of riko pooping in season 2 and were only 5 episodes in.

  7. It's even harder when you're trying to recommend visual novels, because everyone immediately associates them with dating simulators and toxic fandoms, despite having some of the most well written stories in anime (Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head, The Great Ace Attorney, Zero Escape)

  8. I put off Steins;Gate for the longest time after my brother recommended it to me for this reason. I finally got bored enough during the first year of the pandemic to watch it. While there is some amine bullshit, especially with the maid cafe, it's easily one of the best time travel stories I've ever seen.

  9. Ugh I tried to get my bf into Zero Escape but he just relegated each character to archetypes immediately (oh that's the hot one, that's the plain MC, ect...)

  10. I feel this. Code Geass is one of if not the best animr ever made, however, it has a lot of fanservicey moments and some parts that while they make sense innthe show might seem kind of BS in a vacuum.

  11. Every time I want to recommend Code Geass to someone I get war flashbacks to all the fan-servicey shots and scenes and decide it probably isn't worth it.

  12. I'm about 7 episodes in and so far CG is pretty trash. Super overpowered main character with the ability to make anyone do anything he wants is not super fun to watch for me. Plus a lot of bullshit filler like an entire episode where a cat stole his helmet that doesn't advance the plot or have any important info and is essentially the dumbest premise for an episode ever. Maybe it gets better but I don't know how people say stuff like this when there's shows like mushoku tensei and attack on Titan out there.

  13. I got into Anime after seeing Akira and Ghost in the Shell, and some other stuff around that era, and it was really hard finding good recommendations because at the time, it seemed like Anime forums were filled with people who watched tons of shows and movies, and would give EVERY SINGLE anime 5 out of 5 stars/A+++/100%, so I ended up sifting through loads of garbage that I couldn't believe anyone could enjoy.

  14. I remember asking my mom for Ghost in the Shell for my birthday one year and she said it looked like "cartoon porn"

  15. I recommend using Anime database/curators like AniDB, MyAnimeList, AniList or Anime-Planet. They are good at curating animes for you to watch based on your ratings.

  16. There is a handful of Anime that I consider among the best movies I’ve ever watched. Yet I would never call myself an Anime fan, because the vast majority of them are just full of insufferable garbage.

  17. reminds me of the weeb ass shit scale. idk where I heard of it, but weeb means stuff that you won’t find in western media, like Japanese or anime-specific stuff, ass means how much sexual fanservice there is, and shit is how bad it is. Each stat is rated from 0 to 10. For example, Jojo would be rated something like 1-4-0. My Hero Academia is probably 7-7-6, etc.

  18. I start watching a lot of anime but I don't like most. For reference, samurai champloo is the best anime I've ever watched.

  19. There should be a scale of the amount of awkward grunting, moaning and gasping sounds are made when there is no dialogue. Like, dudes, it's ok to not have sound for a few seconds.

  20. Weeb is short for weeaboo, which is the term for someone who isn't Japanese who is overly obsessed with Japanese otaku culture, and a romanticized, rose-tinted glasses version of Japan. Of course, it's fine to enjoy anime and manga, but weebs make it their whole personality.

  21. I'm far from an anime expert, but I did just finish watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (dubbed).

  22. I've always felt like FMAB is probably the one of the best at being a "gateway anime" for this exact reason. The tone mixed with the fact that the setting is very European-inspired with a lot of English names just makes it really easy to digest for people who aren't used to anime. Also helps that the show goes hard as fuck

  23. That is my favorite anime of all time. If I was going to recommend anime it would be that show. The only downside is there isn't a lot of anime that can beat it

  24. This is why I don't like anime at all. I tried, but very quickly found that my tolerance for any anime bullshit is zero.

  25. That's because it's a seinen. It's targeted at adults, that's why it gets less of the bullshit. Unfortunately, seinen and josei manga rarely get anime adaptations. The industry seems to have found its main target group in certain young men.

  26. Whenever people ask me for reccs I ask what genres of other media they like. Then they say “give me a list of shows you watch I’m sure that will be fine”

  27. I wonder why are anime movies like the Studio Ghibli's ones more universally praised and popular in the West than (mainstream) anime series. My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and others are (rightfully) utterly acclaimed as some of the best productions in animation history across the world and great examples of female representation, with strong and three-dimensional female characters, but then you can count on your fingers the number of shonen shows without hyper-sexualization of women.

  28. Studio Ghibli movies are pretty much universally meant to be childrens movies. A lot of anime has very adult, mature themes and stories mixed in with some of the most nauseating immature shit I've ever seen.

  29. Ugh, I never noticed that until I read your comment :(. I just really like the fighting scenes. All Might vs. All for One, Endeavor vs. Nomu. So good.

  30. Right? Its really a good show and a fun concept. Its just so annoying that one of the main running jokes is pedo incest.

  31. I've recommended Kakegurui to people and they still talk to me. It's just so fucked up, it's special even by anime standards.

  32. I started watching Attack on Titan and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the amount of ridiculous, intense shouting during their casual conversations.

  33. Same - I feel bad because I’m certain there are great animes out there that I should enjoy, but I can’t get passed the weird bullshit

  34. Same here. The good ones don't indulge that bullshit whatsoever, like Akira and Studio Ghibli. They're just good movies that you can sit down and watch like a normal movie.

  35. I saw Akira when I was like 16 and thought it was pretty cool. That's about my limit and even that gets just too weird and anime bullshitty.

  36. That's why I've only watched One Punch Man, it makes fun of those stupid tropes, unfortunately i've heard season 2 is bad but i'm not watching it until they dub it in Italian as I can't stand Japanese voice-acting

  37. I like when an eternity is spent on showing the characters angry faces from various angles.

  38. I always disliked the excuse that "its not childish or immature!! its just a cultural difference!!" because when I went to japan I talked about anime a lot, and they were all well aware that those anime tropes are childish and immature, with varying degrees of acceptance. They also understand what anime bullshit is.

  39. I have a very low tolerance for Anime BS, and about 98% of Anime annoys the shit outta me. It’d be impossible for me to list all of the Anime bs that irks me, but a few major ones:

  40. I really wish I could enjoy more anime but yeah those things definitely keep me away from it. Like I enjoy One Piece but honestly they drag each episode so there’s like five minutes of actual story and the rest is filled with the intro, references to earlier episodes, and reactions.

  41. Scale from 1 to 10. 1 is Attack on Titan (no fanservice, no knowledge of Japanese culture/ anime tropes required, and engaging for a casual audience). 10 would probably be something like Saekano where there’s a ton of fanservice, there’s a harem, they expect you to have prior knowledge of otaku culture and anime tropes for a lot of the meta humor.

  42. Watching Shimoneta with my SO right now. She introduced it to me as "okay, so I liked this when I was 14 so it MIIIIGHT be a little much"

  43. I'd argue that the stoic lovesick mobster turning into an undying cowboy with comically oversized guns is a little bit anime bullshit.

  44. death note and aot are definitely the best anime to start with since it doesnt have cringey tropes and are pretty good to boot

  45. Definitely, oh my god, it is a cyberpunk action anime, what was the point of those annoying robots, who programmed them like that??

  46. WHY does anime have to have these ridiculous, cringy things?? I would absolutely watch anime if it dropped all the asinine bullshit.

  47. I mean that's like saying stop recommending comedies, dramas, or all animated movies. There's a ton of anime that don't rely on dumb anime bullshit that I can argue are some of the best shows I watched in general.

  48. Sure, but OP is talking about an anime they know a friend will like, but it also has a teacher/student relationship. Or has unnecessary fan service, especially with really young characters, etc. Shit like that which is common in anime but often far from necessary.

  49. My girlfriend recently said to me "so, since I know you like it, I checked out One Piece" and my brain immediately went "oh no"

  50. I'd say Death Note has a really low amount of anime bs, which is particularly impressive for a story set in japan. (Usually the shows with the least amount of anime bs are set elsewhere)

  51. Yeah. Mushishi, tatami Galaxy, march comes in like a lion, kino's journey, dororo, and to your eternity are my favorites.

  52. And then you get the people who absolutely hate anime and anything adjacent to it, but still stubbornly insist on watching it anyways even though it's obvious they'd be way happier watching Amphibia or something.

  53. Baccano, can't remember anything in that series that would be hard for non- viewers to stomach. Honestly can't think of too many other series that are such a safe pick, maybe LOGH.

  54. Post and thread is to the brim of the same genre within anime. Y'all need to try watching things that aren't designed for your specific demographic

  55. People recommending anime be like anti-gay people. "Oh, you don't like anime? You just haven't met the right anime yet."

  56. I have never heard something more true; I even asked in this thread if anyone can recommend anime for people who hate anime.

  57. One Punch Man is a fun casual watch while I play Dyson Sphere Program... except the extremely homophobic stereotype which is Puri-Puri Prisoner. Like who thought that it would be funny to have a ripped, gay, make-upped prisoner that loves to fight naked?

  58. I didn’t grow up watching anime and have only the tiniest bit of knowledge about it. Maybe you’ll like what I’ve liked: Pretty much anything by Miyazaki, One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Death Note (I didn’t like it toward the end, but enjoyed it up to that point), Metropolis, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Beck, Angel’s Egg (really weird, but I really loved how it looked), Paprika, Perfect Blue, Vampire Hunter D, Cowboy Beebop.

  59. I had a roommate that kept trying to get me into his shows but each one had this whiny little self loathing male protagonist. It happened like 4 times. There were other parts of the shows I kinda liked but could not tolerate this archetype. The fan service can get old pretty quick too.

  60. I can't recommend The Idaten Deities Know only Peace to anybody because of the depraved shit that gets done in it, but its genuinely really well animated and engaging to watch if you ignore the horrific shit the protagonists gloss iver because they're gods who font give much of a shit about individual humans.

  61. Mine is basically "if they fanservice the female characters than there should be some male characters who are fanserviced". One piece looped to damn far

  62. Here's three short series I never see anyone recommend or even reply that they watched them, but which all have high production values, great artistic vision, and none of the "Anime BS" repeatedly called out in this thread:

  63. So true XDXD. Every time i recommend something, i allways put a "Viewers warning" for these kind of things.

  64. A lot of people say OPM isn’t good for someone just getting into anime because they won’t get all the jokes/references. I LOVED it though and I don’t know much about anime at all.

  65. I typically don’t like anime, but I loved Death Note and Doro he Doro, Cowboy Bepop and Trigun are solid, hard pass on pretty much everything else

  66. My buddy asked for some anime recommendations cause he wanted to get into anime, I gave him my starter list and he had already watched every single one.

  67. I FEEL that. I had next to 0 issues getting over all the "fanservice" bullshit on an insane amount of anime, but some other "lighter" one got me so bad I hated the whole thing only for that.

  68. U need to know the person very well or ur recommendation will go to waste not every one came from the same background as u and they don’t have ur patient or understanding of plot structure etc… unless its One piece!!!

  69. And then you have Fist of The North Star which is just Ken wandering around making punks explode with absurd techniques hitting them in specific spots with incredibly long names

  70. I have this problem with Gate. Super cool concept of modern military vs medieval but there’s some harem shit thrown in there for some reason too

  71. It’s true. Attack on Titan is definitely not written well enough to justify watching it for the action. I just can’t get into it. I don’t need someone to say something, and then explain it again another way. They do that aaaaall the time.

  72. My "Anime Bullshit" is that there is too much filler. I remember telling a coworker that I could probably, with my sweet sweet internet skills, find literally any piece of media he could possibly want.

  73. Ranking of kings was good! No hyper sexualized characters, good overarching story and characters who subvert your expectations. It doesn't have a ton of fight scenes but the ones it has are done well.

  74. If someone likes anime. Then recommend them an anime. If they don’t like anime. Then don’t recommend them an anime.

  75. Recommended “Ninja Scroll” to 20 something female coworker when I saw it was on netflix. Forgot about sexual assault in first 10 mins. Thankfully she didn’t watch before I warned her.

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